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  1. Roberta109

    Joel McCrea for Star of the Month

    Thank you TCM for making Joel McCrea SOTM!
  2. Roberta109

    World's Oldest Profession in movies

    *Irma la Douce,* 1963: Shirley MacLaine plays a prostitute. Billy Wilder gem. Edited by: Roberta109 on Jan 8, 2012 8:14 PM
  3. Roberta109

    World's Oldest Profession in movies

    *The Red Lily,* 1924: Enid Bennett becomes separated from her lover, becomes a prostitute to survive. Great film. *Waterloo Bridge*, 1931: Mae Clarke becomes a prostitute during World War I when she loses her job as a chorus girl and thinks her fiance on the war front, has been killed. Same for Vivien Leigh in the 1940 remake, with changes to sanitize because of the Hays code. She is a ballerina in a prestigious company. Then becomes a prostitute after losing her job and finding no other means to survive thinking her fiance has been killed. *The World of Suzy Wong*, 1960: Nancy Kwan plays a Chinese prostitute. William Holden falls for her. *BUtterfield 8*, 1960: Elizabeth Taylor plays a high class call girl. Won Best Actress. Edited by: Roberta109 on Jan 7, 2012 10:25 PM
  4. Roberta109

    A Complaint ! What a way to start the New Year!

    misswonderly, enjoy your comments. Agree with you and like your wit.
  5. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    > {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote} > > > > > My friend Louie is also a MAJOR Janet Gaynor fan. > If you do a little searching through older posts on his blog, you can find some great rare Gaynor stills and info: > > > Thanks. Nice to know. Good blog with great b&w pics.Maybe some color pics, but just took a quick look. Back to the redhead beauty contest
  6. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    Nice to know Janet Gaynor has another fan here, musicalnovelty. Thanks for the comment.
  7. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    Any Janet Gaynor fans? While not a classic beauty, she was a wonderful Academy Award Best Actress from silents to talkies. One of my favorites is A Star is Born, 1937, with Fredric March: janet gaynor
  8. Roberta109

    Poll: Top 5 Favorite Actors!

    Cary Grant Errol Flynn Clark Gable Charlie Chaplin Burt Lancaster and so many more...
  9. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    alexis smith
  10. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    jeanne crain
  11. Roberta109

    Miscegenation in Hollywood

    The World of Suzie Wong, 1960, is a beautiful love story set Hong Kong between a Caucasian American (William Holden) and a Chinese prostitute (Nancy Kwan). The relationship blossoms with a bittersweet ending. But the couple are deeply in love and committed to each other.
  12. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    Another Man Men fan here. But prefer to watch it on Netflix to avoid commercials. I don't like the Christina Hendricks character at all. Yes, she's beautiful and sexy but empty-headed and thinks she's Queen Bee of the secretary pool. Am a big fan of redhead Betty (Elizabeth Moss). My favorite of the Mad Men females. I love the way she puts up with so much garbage from the executives. She be a CEO if it weren't the 50's. elisabeth moss
  13. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    Sorry Lana pic is so large. Try using scroll bar at the bottom.
  14. Roberta109

    "Best 100 Jewish Films of All Time"

    I'd also add Exodus, 1960, and Gentleman's Agreement, 1947.
  15. Roberta109

    Most beautiful redhead?

    I thought Lana Turner was a natural brunette. Whatever.. to me she was a beauty regardless of hair color and an under-rated actress. She gave an Oscar worthy performance in Madame X, 1966 (age 45) looking very drab and unglamorous. Here she is auburn hair at age 18 (1939): Madame X scene:

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