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  1. In the novel the teleportation caused something like AIDS. Yes, really. The screenplay properly disposed of this.
  2. kingrat

    TCM FILM FEST 2019

    I thought about saying that no, I'm not the one in the black & white skirt.
  3. I liked The Prestige and thought it was even better than the novel it was based on. Like Lawrence, I don't recall it closely in detail, but thought it was well made and enjoyable. I thought it was far better than other Christopher Nolan films like Batman Begins and Dunkirk.
  4. kingrat

    TCM FILM FEST 2019

    Hey, thanks for posting my picture.
  5. kingrat

    Obscure films with well-known stars

    This Angry Age (aka The Sea Wall, aka Barrage contre le Pacifique), directed by Rene Clement, based on a novel by Marguerite Duras. Jo Van Fleet plays a Frenchwoman trying to make a go of a rice plantation in Vietnam, then a French colony; Anthony Perkins and Silvana Mangano are her children; Richard Conte falls in love with Silvana; Alida Valli has an affair with Perkins; and Nehemiah Persoff is also, understandably, hot for Silvana. I've seen a version online which is black and white, with color only in the first scene. What a good color print in the proper ratios would look like, I can only imagine. It is, at the very least, very well acted and equally well directed.
  6. Thursday evening's A Woman of Affairs is beautifully directed by Clarence Brown.
  7. For Wednesday evening, if you are willing to read subtitles, I recommend Carnival in Flanders (La kermesse heroique). When the Spanish invade a town in Flanders, the men hide and the women have their own methods of dealing with the would-be conquerors. One of the French classics of the pre-New Wave period.
  8. kingrat

    George Segal night

    I agree, Sergeant. For several years I have written suggesting that TCM show King Rat at the festival, especially if George Segal and/or/ James Fox and/or Tom Courtenay could be induced to come. KR and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with Segal, KR and perhaps Thoroughly Modern Millie for Fox, and KR and (fill in one of many films) for Courtenay. All three have still been acting in recent years. Bryan Forbes is, alas, gone, but his widow, Nanette Newman, is alive, and they have two daughters who have acted as well. James, any interviewee would, I am sure, have to be paid, and so would the interviewer, the cameraman, the editor, and everyone else involved in making the interview happen. This is the department that the powers that be axed, or at least that is my understanding.
  9. kingrat

    George Segal night

    When the administration of TCM changed--I'm talking about the changes that would bring us Backlot and the Wine Club--the corporate powers that be (from Time Warner, I think) axed the original programming as a money-saving matter. One major interview is filmed each year at the festival, and the short interviews before films shown at the festival are also taped. I agree completely that it would be great to have an extended interview taking George Segal through his career. If TCM had enough money, they would certainly do this. In the early years when Ted Turner was involved, they did interview stars from the studio era. I wish more of those interviews were shown on the network, and not just to Backlot members.
  10. kingrat

    "King Rat"

    The Key, like King Rat, is one of those films not mentioned in the usual cinema histories or the 1001 Films You Must See nonsense, but TCM does show them and people who see them often think very highly of them.
  11. kingrat

    "King Rat"

    Forbes had a nice supporting role in The Key, shown last night, as the second in command on the boat. He's also in a number of WWII movies. I believe it's The Colditz Story where he plays the prisoner small enough to try one particular escape route. Forbes was short for most leading man roles.
  12. kingrat

    Batman at 80: Who's your favorite?

    There's a Batman other than Adam West??
  13. In two hours The Key is starting. This is a fine film about what we would now call PTSD set in the grim days of WWII before the United States had entered the war, and the German submarines are attacking the convoys of food and weapons sent from America. William Holden, Sophia Loren, and Trevor Howard star. Saturday evening has a pretty bizarre double feature when the grim noir Border Incident is followed by the very funny This Is Spinal Tap.
  14. kingrat

    "King Rat"

    Forbes cut the scenes from the novel where King has an involvement with a native girl who lives just outside the prison compound. This aspect of the novel has a very Hollywoodish, and the film feels more realistic with all male characters. The novel doesn't suggest homosexual overtones between King and Marlow, but the film does. If you listen carefully, you'll hear that King rents out a space to guys who want some privacy. As rayban says, the casting of James Fox certainly underlines the homoerotic aspect, and Fox plays the separation scene this way, as he talks about "what we had." Forbes, one of the best screenwriters ever, writes dialogue that some will understand, yet will go over the heads of others, which is how things had to be done at the time. It was acceptable to show minor characters who are openly homosexual, like the one played by John Ronane and the one who helps the doctor, but not major characters like King. Gay and lesbian characters are usually portrayed sympathetically in Bryan Forbes' films, like the ones played by Brock Peters and Cicely Courtneidge in The L-Shaped Room. Forbes himself was heterosexual, but sympathetic to the many gay men he met in the theater. His agent inquired if the young Forbes liked boys or girls, but did not pursue when the answer was girls. Obviously this agent wasn't much like Hollywood's Henry Willson. In his very engaging memoirs Forbes recounts how as a naive young man he unwittingly gave Terence Rattigan reason to hope for more.
  15. kingrat

    Movies for Dummies

    Dead of Night and Magic should appeal to you, too.

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