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  1. JimBlue

    Why I don't like 40s movies

    Why I like 40's movies.....the cars! And the acting was good.
  2. JimBlue

    Who was the best Mike Hammer?

    Stacy Keatch...who played him on TV.. He did a great job, thought he really was Mike!
  3. JimBlue

    Lousy summer movies

    Oh, I don't know I found myself watching TCM a lot more than I use to. I have had a gutful of the over abundance of commercials on other channels (TNT wins that award!) So I stopped watching TNT and a couple of others alltogether! I really enjoyed the John Agar movies; but wow does John have bad luck. In every movie of his I saw the poor guy dies a horrible death, is maimed, loses everything etc and so forth. Good flicks but the endings......ugh.
  4. JimBlue

    Vic Morrow

    I really enjoyed the "Combat" series, Vic did a GREAT bit of acting in that series. It was on again about 2 years ago. Watched it every day. I remember him in Blackboard Jungle, wow could he be a mean SOB. Very sad and tragic how he met his end.
  5. JimBlue

    The Best Years of Our Lives

    Amen to that MrStewart. But......you know they will! This is ONE of my MOST favorite movies. Very well done and says it all. I remember my Uncle Steve coming home from WWII, he was a medic with Patton's 3rd Army. So he was a busy medic! He did not talk about it or did he have a difficult time getting a job. Oddly enough he went to work for Felins Meat Packing Company in Philadelphia. Hmmmm........now was that utilizing the Army Training received? Could be!!!!
  6. JimBlue

    Thank you TCM

    I just wanted to say "Thank You." Your station is a Beacon in the darkness of (and ever increasingly getting worse) commercial television! Thanks for all the great movies. I love your Station. Edited by: JimBlue on Aug 1, 2011 11:45 AM
  7. JimBlue

    what is everyone's favorite war film and why?

    Oh let's see a few of mine are:: _Sink The Bismarck_ - Three of my grandparents came from England. This was a very well done movie and stuck close to the truth! _Green Berets_ Fairly accurate, it was at least one flick that did not downgrade the Vietnam War. _Dam Busters_ Well done, albeit a bit inaccurate. The actual attack did not do much at all. _The Sullivans_ Good flick, albeit, again, a bit inaccurate. _The Bunker_ About my favorite, very well done and very close to being accurate. _The Light Horse_ About Austrailain mounted infantry in WWI. Great flick and very accurate. _Fly Boys_ Good flick, albeit, again, too much Hollywood BS. _Tora, Tora, Tora_ Good movie, close to accurate, less Hollywood BS! _Task Force_ Good old Gary Cooper, good close to accurate flick _Memphis Belle_ Good flick with great acting.
  8. JimBlue

    World War II Film

    Love that movie. It is one of my favorites, superb acting and very good story line.
  9. JimBlue

    *A to Z of Movies*

    A Wedding on Walton's Mountain
  10. JimBlue

    Kirk Douglas SOTM September 2011

    Kirk Douglas is one of my very favorites. I never saw Town Without Pity; do remember that Gene Pitney had a song of the same title.
  11. Yes my hands up! See it!! Love this channel. Love the fact they show the good old movies. Love the fact they have none of those intelligence insulting and monotous commercials. I also like the two Hosts. All in all this is one great station. Edited by: JimBlue on Jun 14, 2011 1:44 PM
  12. JimBlue

    The Bowery Boys on Saturday mornings... thanks TCM!

    I have always liked the Bowery Boys. There films still make me smile.
  13. JimBlue

    Top three stars

    I love Humphrey Bogart. Don't know exactly what it is but Bogie does it for me. Also like Gary Cooper and Deena Durbin. I have several others I like but you just asked for three. Love TCM, I hope they never change it.

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