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  1. CjHuthmaker

    You know you are addicted to TCM if...

    you all have made me so happy with all of the responses!! I am going to collect them all with your screen names and if you want your real name and town and but them into a bound book and send it to the Network as a Thank you from us!!!
  2. CjHuthmaker

    You know you are addicted to TCM if...

    Ok PART TWO!!! You know you are addicted to TCM if.... ....Your husband feels jealous that I get more excited to see Robert than I do Him ....You take your husband to Hollywood to met RO and after just a couple of days amongst us He is now calling himself A Fan-atic: Fan-atic: to be a fan and enjoy the activity but can't give up certain pieces of his life for it ....I took my kids to a field trip to the "Old Mill" used in the movie "Gone With The Wind" and then spent 3 days discussing history, ecology, mathematics, and even a short stint on photography still and motion ....you are still watching this thread and have hound NOTHING that anyone has said that doesn't apply to me!!!
  3. CjHuthmaker

    Festival weather

    That is %100 better than Arkansas weather!! We have been NAILED by thunderstorms and tornadoes!! I am flying out of Memphis tomorrow 1:40pm I am gonna be SO UPSET if my flight is delayed!! Hopefully Arkansas will still be here tomorrow!!
  4. CjHuthmaker

    You know you are addicted to TCM if...

    @valentine I have over 400 DVD of stuff recorded off TCM but didn't want to put that on here for fear of getting them taken away AND I STILL CAN APPLY MYSELF TO EVERY ONE OF THE ONES LISTED SO FAR!!
  5. You know you are addicted to TCM if.... ....You look at movies and say "oh look it's in color" ....you feel a film is lacking unless Robert Osborne introduces it ....you try to get your husband to install a tv w/ cable above your bathtub ....when you turn on the tv it is automatically on TCM ....your 8 and 10 year old kids know who Bette Davis is ....your animais are named freddy, ginger, bogie and baby ....you can't sleep unless the tv is on ....you get up in the morning and check what is on for the day and THEN get your coffee ....you know the names of the films that roll behind the rating screen before a film comes on ....you notice something has been moved on the set ....your DVR is %90 full with TCM films ....your heart beats a little faster when you hear the "dum dum dum dum" of the rating screen ....you look at the clock and say oh it is 7pm, "lets see what Robert is doing" ....you really don't know what people are talking about when they talk about things on TV the night before ....your 2 year old watches "singing in the rain" everyday ....you think of Frank Sinatra's Oceans 11 as the "Real one" ....you call the people on TCM CFU "friends" ....your kids can name the classic movie stars depicted in "Looney Tunes" ....you would rather read an autobiography of a classic movie star than the NY Times bestseller ....people see an old movie and think of you ....you watched the "moguls and movie stars" series more than twice ....people think you only own 1 shirt the "TCM" shirt ....you know the difference between the Marx brothers ....you refer to sunday's as "silent sundays" and the kids think it means nap time ....you get up and TRY to dance with Fred Astaire ....you know Max Factor was a real person, not a cosmetic company ....you finish the crossword puzzle in the Now playing magazine a month in advance ....your LCD TV has burn marks from the Letterbox format on TCM and finally ....you are reading this and saying "I do that!!!" It is kinda scary but EVERY one of those things apply to me. I think I qualify!! Do you have any good ones?
  6. CjHuthmaker

    Vince Giordano at The Music Box Friday night

    I hope someone will dance with me, my husband is a wall flower and I am MOST certainly NOT!!! I am looking forward to it. I packed my dancing shoes today! Yea!!
  7. CjHuthmaker

    Ready for the APP!!

    I am so ready for them to release the festival app!! It will be much better than my 4 sheets of paper spread across the wall with pink highlighter and endless notes!! Any Idea when it may be released? I still have the one from last year will it just be an update of that one?
  8. CjHuthmaker

    To See or Not to See

    Ok, I've never seen Now, Voyager, it was on yesterday and is on my DVR. So should I watch it before I see it in the theater?
  9. I should be there, I am debating on taking the WB tour so if I don't I will be there with bells on!!
  10. For those of you who have been to both which would you choose? I don't think I will have the time to go to both. I haven't really found any good info on the Demille barn but saw that the Hollywood Museum in the old Max Factor building is offering a discount for pass holders. So what do you suggest?
  11. CjHuthmaker

    TCM Film Festival App

    Are they going to have a TCM FF app again like last year? Even though I didn't get to go I still downloaded the app so I could follow along. It was really neat.
  12. CjHuthmaker

    For us newbies...

    Ok those lucky ones of you who got to go to the film festival last year....answer please let us learn from you!! What is one thing that you did that you wouldn't do again? What one thing did you NOT do that you would do this time? ONE thing (not including movies) you must see? (can be hollywood landmark or a special presentation done by TCM) Would you spend all day in the theater or take breaks and not see a segment of movies? And Finally....One piece of advice to all the newbies...
  13. CjHuthmaker

    The Mingling Solution

    Listen up film festival goers here is our ultra cool very neat way we are going to know who each other are!! It is very easy and quite fun! AND DID I MENTION FREE!!! Step 1: Go to http://bighugelabs.com/badge.php Step 2: Upload your avatar, profile pic or whatever your profile is known as Step 3: Replace the Header text with TCM CFU (if you aren't in the CFU (you should be) Just put Forum Fan or something Step 4: Replace Footer text with MEMBER Step 5: For name put your SCREEN NAME Step 6: (This is the fun part) In the text put something about yourself or just follow my ideas (there isn't a lot of room) STATE- HOTEL- (if you are comfortable with that chances are we are all staying in one of 3 hotels anyway so maybe we could hook up to walk to a movie together or something) CAN'T WAIT TO SEE- (only the movies they are playing) FAV STAR HERE- HERE WITH- (so we know whether you are looking or not FAVORITE DRINK- (makes a great conversation starter, you buy me a drink i will talk to you all day Step 8: If you want you can fill in Member Since Expires and birthday Ive been playing around with it and I think I am just going to put Member Since Step 9: Click Create and then save and print, If you have the ability to laminate it I would do that I may just print mine and get one of those name badge holders I would show you one of the one I made so you could see how cool they are but I can't so just picture in your mind ! Everyone will want one, we will be the envy of everyone else!! Let's get the word around by cutting and pasting it in a blog or on one of the forums. Be nice on these we want to make a GOOD impression of the CFU or the Forum!! See how many we can get!! You can now applaud my great idea!!
  14. CjHuthmaker

    TCM Classic Film Festival - Who's going?

    For those of you who are worried about where the money goes and those of you who are interested in seeing the movies on the big screen I found a happy medium that is great for me because it is MUCH eaiser on the checkbook it is Robert Osborne's Classic Film Festival. You can get a pass to see 8 movies and have brunch with RO for $100 It is in Athens GA and it is non profit the funds go to the UGA journalism dept. See happy medium. They also have celebrity guest attending to introduce each movie as well as RO. You can check out the website at www.robertosbornefilmfestival.com
  15. CjHuthmaker

    King Solomons mines

    In the opening sequence of King Solomons Mines there are 2 elephants shot. It is a very real looking scene, Were there really elephants killed or were they very very trained elephants?

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