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  1. sineast

    Zacherle Chiller Theatre Host

    Yep, I remember ole Zach a bit. What North By Northwest is to TCM, The Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman was to Zach. Didn't he have his "wife" in a big cardboard box or something, that he would poke with a stick? When he turned up on WNEW-FM that was a head scratcher at the time. I don't remember listening to him, but I do remember listening to Alison Steele, The Nightbird.
  2. sineast

    "Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

    Webb Pierce singing In the Jailhouse Now, which had a brief revival after appearing in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  3. sineast

    Movie Rambles

    Oh yes, I adore the ladies and I love being romantic, but I'm afraid I must draw the line at ****. Sorry girls.
  4. sineast

    The [unwritten] Oscar Rules

    In her book Flesh and Fantasy, Penny Stallings has a short section taking a playful approach to this topic: Wear a Funny Nose: Lee Marvin, Cat Ballou and Jose Ferrer, Cyrano de Bergerac. If You're a Good Girl, Play a Bad Girl: Donna Reed, From Her to Eternity and Shirley Jones, Elmer Gantry. If You're a Bon Vivant: Play a Lush Ray Milland, The Lost Weekend ...or a Nerd, David Niven, Separate Tables.
  5. sineast

    "Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

    An iconoclastic bloke like the former Johnny Silver would likely point out that before there was Christmas, there was Saturnalia, and before that the celebration of the Winter Solstice, which is today, December 21st. John Lennon performing Happy Xmas (War is Over) Happy Holidays.
  6. sineast

    Sherlock Holmes through the decades

    That was just what the ad said. You know how they are. Every new movie is the greatest thing since...the previous one. That's one thing that hasn't changed much since the studio era. I'm still looking forward to the movie though.
  7. sineast

    Sherlock Holmes through the decades

    Well, well, it seems the good doctor will get a makeover and a definite upgrade in the looks department. I'll set the preliminary Hunkometer to an 8. Naturally, actors from different eras have to be judged differently, so I'll give Nigel a -1 on the H. However, on the Pip Pip, Cheerio, and All that Rot Ratings, he's way ahead of Law. Saw a TV ad for the new SH. It's a spectacular entertainment and one of the top ten of the year. All doubt is erased.
  8. sineast

    3 Word Critic

    Lady in a Cage: Joan Planned It Next: Caged
  9. sineast

    Movie Rambles

    Soft Corinthian leather, sir? Well, we don't have anything like that in our bro line at this time. Hmmmm. Let me talk to Dr. Van Nostrand about that. I'll get back to you. Good day, sir.
  10. sineast

    "Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

    We got eight inches of snow yesterday, and today everything is cozy and quiet. Have to see if it stays till Christmas. Gene Autry with an early sighting of you know who, Here Comes Santa Claus...right down Santa Claus Lane.
  11. sineast

    Sherlock Holmes through the decades

    No doubt Downey is a very talented actor, though in general I can take him or leave him. It will be interesting to see how he plays this role and how Holmes is presented. And don't forget the good doctor. Interested to see how he comes out. We'll know soon enough.
  12. sineast

    Movie Rambles

    Excuse me sir. I think you might be interested in our new specialized personal support garment, the senior bro.
  13. sineast

    A review of It's A Wonderful Life

    Charles Dickens was too busy being dead during the second half of TYOOL 1870 to do much writing. Fortunately for Tiny Tim, he had completed +A Christmas Carol+ many years before.
  14. sineast

    "Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

    Led Zeppelin singing that other Tangerine song.
  15. sineast

    "Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

    To balance all the nice, there has to be something just a tad naughty. Eartha Kitt, who passed away this year, performing her classic Santa Baby. Even sugar daddies like dig Santa man.

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