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  1. Ascotrudgeracer

    "Jews Control Hollywood, Media." Don't Deny It; CELEBRATE!

    The TCM mighty message board trumps the Bill of Rights. OK! Are you quite sure (ask yourself this; be honest) if you were living in Germany in 1937 YOU wouldn't be the one throwing books in The Dr. Joe Goebbels bonfire? Are you not a modern day equal of a bookburner? You don't like someone's "words" or "ideas" so you hold the threat of censorship? Someone posted a thread about how wonderful it is to be "old and that had something to do with cinema! Where was your outrage there? The world is afraid of the word "jew." But they are not afraid of "Greek" or "Pole." And let's not forget, a man who dreams of sleeping in the White House recently famously said "The Palestinians are an invented people." No outrage. Because the Palestinian is powerless and has no nuclear bomb, like your friends in Israel. Goodbye, fellow cinema nerds. Good luck!
  2. Ascotrudgeracer

    "Jews Control Hollywood, Media." Don't Deny It; CELEBRATE!

    I believe what you have described was covered iconically in Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt. Nothing wrong with networking for personal gain, but what happened to the "fraternal" part?
  3. Ascotrudgeracer

    "Jews Control Hollywood, Media." Don't Deny It; CELEBRATE!

    Freemasons. Or the Loyal Order of Raccoons. Or any other "club" or "gang." What the hokey heck IS IT in the humanoid DNA they makes people "join up?" I guess everybody needs to "belong" to something. Unless you're the type that would never join a club that would have you as a member (stale joke). Little boys are fond of building a clubhouse; first thing they do is hang a sign: "No Girls Allowded" Then they get older and join more clubs. I think it has much to do with the theory that most people are terrified of being alone. Now I have offended the Freemasons and, I guess, everyone in Israel. I did not have that intention. The most important thing is this: that we are all FREE to say anything. Edited by: Ascotrudgeracer on Dec 16, 2011 3:25 PM
  4. Ascotrudgeracer

    "Jews Control Hollywood, Media." Don't Deny It; CELEBRATE!

    We all know those great Jewish names. Men who had been glove manufacturers and junkmen created a golden industry that has brought entertainment to billions by now. We our much to these Jewish visionaries. They were geniuses and patriots!
  5. Firstly, it isn't true, but I can't understand why a Jewish person would take offense at the charge. Wouldn't "control" of entities so vast and influential be a major accomplishment? Success?
  6. Ascotrudgeracer

    Kurutta ipp?ji (1926) Wednesday afternoon

    titles alone got me jonesing for sushi. yellowtail.
  7. Ascotrudgeracer

    British Seem So Murderous, So Comfortable With Homicide.

    Yesss, the British; so civilized. Gaggle of Her Majesty's officers swilling gimlets after the battle: "Did I hear you actually lost 9,000 men today?" "Hmmm, yes, blast it...bad luck." "Sorry." "Thank you. You are so very kind. They all died well."
  8. Ascotrudgeracer

    "East Side, West Side" (1949) Controversy

    The actor reprises his comic-drunk and becomes instantly repellent. Drunks don't try to act drunk; drunks try to act sober.
  9. Ascotrudgeracer

    "East Side, West Side" (1949) Controversy

    Looks like Cyd Charisse, Barbara Stanwyck and Ava Gardner were having an anorexia contest...never seen them so thin.
  10. Ascotrudgeracer

    Anyone Catch "Obsession" (1949) Saturday Night?

    Frisky dogge as "Deus ex machina." A Brit version of Lassie...or Flipper.
  11. It's more than fare such as "Obsession" (1949) the way, "10 Rillington Place" (1971) gets my vote for the finest of these English murder thrillers. It can't just be cinema. The British as a whole seem to look at the most dastardly sin possible -- killing -- with nothing more than detached curiosity. I apologize sincerely in advance to anyone I have offended, but the British to me are one big death cult. "You've seen too many movies!" I know...but I don't know if I could ever be comfortable in an old house with an English man or woman lurking about, slurping that tea.
  12. Wherein an obnoxious rodent is the star. (And here Durante previously complained about following trained seals on the Keith Circuit!) Does there exist a record of the meeting when this concept was pitched? Who greenlighted it?
  13. Ascotrudgeracer

    Anyone Catch "Obsession" (1949) Saturday Night?

    Had no idea he could portray a sophisticate so very adeptly. I could not avert my eyes for a single second.
  14. I could not stop watching that chesnut for one second. First, I'll watch anything directed by Dmytryk; he may be the greatest of them all. Robert Newton, the acid bath, the references to Crippen, London in rubble after the war, Scotland Yard, cheating wife, the dog who saves the day. Yes, plot holes with enough girth to swallow Godzilla, but it was some potboiler. Dialogue was crackling.
  15. That homewrecker is cherished by The Academy and has the trophies to prove it. She had/has legions of fans, apparently. Wonder how Ingrid Bergman felt about that?

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