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  1. ClassicBecky

    Favorite African-American stars?

    Don't forget incredibly masculine and handsome Laurence Fishburne and my favorite old-time comedian Willie Best. Best was in The Ghostbreakers, and as far as I'm concerned he stole the show from Bob Hope. Message was edited by: ClassicBecky
  2. Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I set up a group for Errol Flynn, but have not been able to do a blog. It just throws me to an error page. Could you look into this? Thanks. ClassicBecky
  3. ClassicBecky

    The Children's Hour 1961

    Oh good, my reply DID post this time. Originally I had written in response to hamradio's discussion of the suicide scene, etc. I bet it would have seemed more powerful if you had not seen that commercial. I remember seeing a commercial a few years ago that had Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner. It made me sick, and took me a while to get it out of my head! I just hate that. I think that for its time, the concept of Martha's shame and suicide were right on ther money. I know this movie is considered a dinosaur in the gay community because of those very things, but as classic film lovers know, you have to see the movie in the context of its own time. People seem to have trouble with that anymore, and many are absolutely unable to view a film with any concept of its history and era. That's a shame.
  4. ClassicBecky

    The Children's Hour 1961

    In response to hamradio's discussion, I posted a reply but it did not get on the forum. I'm just trying this as a test to see if it works.

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