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  1. Actor Harry Anderson (1952-2018)

    Thanks to local tv with more classic tv, I've been watching Night Court more, and I thought the show was funny. I thought his character was played wonderfully. It is sad to see him go, but then I am thinking about Selma Diamond who died three years younger and the actor following Selma who died near the same age. Is it a Night Court curse? I don't know- I'm just sad because 65 seems young, but I didn't have a mortality moment in a bar last night thinking about Harry Anderson if I didn't feel like he didn't contribute to my life somehow. Rest In Peace.
  2. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    The real irony is that Ryan Murphy could down the line, do a Feud around Olivia and Joan Fontaine. Because that's a different layer of Hollywood ageism/sexism, and Old Hollywood screwing people over psychologically.
  3. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    This is good to know. If only Olivia had someone to talk to. If feuds are about pain, what pain is she expressing with her feud with Ryan Murphy? Pain over her relationship to Joan? Pain of her survivorship of her contemporaries and her BFF?
  4. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    It was, according to the article.
  5. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I agree, Hibi. I think this is the article, if not I will keep looking. https://scarletthefilmmagazine.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/joan-fontaine-the-lioness-in-winter/
  6. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I will have to look it up- but I read an article recently about Joan Fontaine's professional friendship with an author whom she wanted him to look up her favorite performance as Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion In Winter in Europe, and he asked her about her feelings towards Olivia (this was in 2011), and she said that she "loves [her] sister, even though [they] don't talk." The blog post I think was from two years ago. I will try to find it.
  7. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I've read No Bed Of Roses, and this is just my take on it- the pain comes from their mother pitting them against each other. Joan's high IQ picked up on that, and Olivia really didn't refute outside of the "No Shred of Truth" thing, and this came up during the first trial by the defendant- "If there is something to disprove, why isn't the plantifff disproving it?" In my heart of hearts, I believe the guilt and pain may come from not being in communication with her in the final days of Joan's life. I think they resolved their feud ages ago, and only maintained it to the public to maintain their names to the public. I know they met for lunch in 2003 around the time of the 75th Oscars. I know Joan said in recently released communications of years past that "[she] loves [her sister,] regardless of how [they] don't talk." There is record of Olivia calling Joan long distance. Maybe its my own belief in humanity's good nature overpowering healthy speculation, but there is survivor guilt when you outlive your younger siblings. I've seen it happen in my extended family. I feel that Olivia doesn't know what to do to bide her time.
  8. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I don't believe Joan Fontaine wouldn't have passed away without making peace with Olivia. I worry about Olivia's health though, because even if she is publicly pursuing this until she can't, what is her life right now? Her BFF, Robert Osbourne can't call her on Sundays anymore because he's passed. Her only sister Joan can't be her scapegoat for whatever reason (I've always suspected the feud was kept up to keep them both public regardless of private scruples), because it's going to be five years. She is secluded in Paris because of her age, and I don't know what her relationship with her living child is (her son Ben Goodrich died of Hogkin's lymphoma in 1991) is like right now. I feel for her. But, then again, the inner Joan (Fontaine, not Crawford) in me is like "one last push, sister. You leave them with one last push."
  9. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    She's contesting the decision and possibly bringing it to the CA Supreme Court. My GIF choices also makes me think that maybe the series brought up pain from her abusive relationship with her sister, Joan Fontaine.
  10. I wonder if the recent decision regarding Olivia De Havilland's Feud case was Joan's revenge. 

    1. hepclassic


      Love to them both still- because I am not their mother. 

  11. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    I just read about the decision, as I have been tracking the case since the beginning. I talked to one of my friends about this, and my friend said: "You know, maybe what she saw of herself she didn't really like seeing, and given her age, she is concerned about her legacy." I thought a lot about what my friend said reading the news today. My thoughts on the case when I've seen clips of Feud and do want to watch it, since its up my alley anyway (Bette Davis wanted Susan Sarandon to portray her and that was my hook-in, so to speak and Joan Crawford's grandson did approve of how Feud was going to respect Joan's legacy that was tarnished by his aunt that made his mother not even touch Mommie Dearest (1981)). That being said, I am surprised that Olivia didn't allow her lawyer to reveal the truth that the defendant did qualify by her own treatment of Joan, which the series did touch on in creative license. I mean- having read No Bed Of Roses (1978), there is a series right there exploring stage mothers' effects on sibling relationships in show business. That isn't to say I don't love them both any less equally, I am not their mother, who pitted her daughters against each other and who favored Olivia. Joan was smart and her book is eloquently written. But, I digress. As a playwright, I guess I should be happy since I can take anyone in show business history and write about them and not get sued, but since I do love Joan Fontaine, Olivia de Havilland, Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford, I feel glad that Ryan Murphy could explore age-old Hollywood sexism through Feud. Now, on to age-old royal drama in Feud: Charles and Diana (which oddly, de Havilland portrayed the Queen Mother in an early 80s television movie).
  12. Sad News for Judy's Family- Friends and Fans

    So sad to hear! I hope the brain tumor isn't just metastasized from the breast cancer. I just hope her family is doing okay. If they have their grandmother/mother's strength, they will come through.
  13. loving the deals at TCM Shop. 

  14. I think in the case of Natalie Wood the full recalling of what took place on the boat after many years gives me individual cause to question the predisposed innocent until proven guilty white Americans are prone to thinking about themselves, and white American men are prone to thinking about themselves. And regarding my point about cops, its more systemic than it is individual, like sexual violence towards women is also systemic than it is individual. I think right now in Hollywood there are a lot of unearthed stories about Hollywood's past getting credence whether the victim is still alive or physically transitioned. The point is the power maintained through sexual violence is the same of the power maintained through racial violence. For example, of all the women who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein, Harvey at the time only responded to Lupita Nyong'o. What does that say?
  15. And, why would he flee suddenly? Questions remain.

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