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  1. Inge also wrote "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs." That was also made into a movie with Robert Preston. I know Angela Lansbury had a small part in it too. Shirley Knight got an Oscar nomination for it.
  2. cmkrcwi

    "A Chorus Line" - a singular sensation?

    It's been a while since I saw the movie too. I liked it but I understand many people who have seen it onstage do not. One thing I see mentioned often is the fact that they turned "What I Did for Love" into a romantic love song when it's really about the love of dance and how dancers will do anything for the chance to dance. One thing I found fascinating in the documentary was just how long the audition process was. It seemed like it was six or seven months between the original audtions and the callbacks
  3. cmkrcwi

    "A Chorus Line" - a singular sensation?

    Have you seen the documentary "Every Little Step?" It's on STARZ and it's about the audition process for the "A Chorus Line" revival. It features several of the auditioners juxtaposed with reminiscences from some of the people involved in the original production along with the taped recordings that were the basis for the show. Jacque D'Amboise also makes an appearance in it; his daughter Charlotte is one of the auditioners.
  4. cmkrcwi

    "Flower Drum Song" (1961)

    It was redone back around 2000 with an entirely new book by David Hwang and starring Lea Salonga. It was very well-received and ran about a year or so I believe. Maybe longer.
  5. cmkrcwi

    "Flower Drum Song" (1961)

    Yes, Miyoshi Umeki was in the movie version of The Flower Drum Song, reprising the role of Mei Lee which she originated on Broadway.
  6. cmkrcwi

    For the holidays... Put on a Happy Face

    It's a bit of stunt casting that works really well for the show. He doesn't have a huge part, but he gets some good lines in.
  7. cmkrcwi

    For the holidays... Put on a Happy Face

    Have you been watching Robert Morse on "Mad Men"?
  8. cmkrcwi

    Little Women

    At the point in the book where the movie ends, Jo is 25. However, the actual book ends 5 years later when the family has gathered for Marmee's 60th birthday so Jo is 30 then.
  9. cmkrcwi

    Little Women

    Margaret O'Brien has said Elizabeth Taylor celebrated her 18th birthday during the filming of the movie. Also, back in 1972 when she was getting all that publicity regarding turning 40 and being the new "world's most glamorous grandmother", my dad said that she had turned 40 two years before. According to him, he remembered that she was always his age and then suddenly she was 2 years younger. And if you ever check studio bios with obits, it looks like many actors had their ages shaved by about 2 years by their studios.
  10. cmkrcwi

    Your Top 3 Disney Features (1937-1967)

    Fantasia Snow White and the Seven Dwarves The Jungle Book
  11. cmkrcwi

    Jane Mansfield

    One of her daughters is Mariska Hargitay.

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