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  1. For me it's Billy Wilder and George Stevens. Although I am a big Hitchcock fan, I love Wilder and Stevens for the both the length and breadth of their careers. They could direct classics in various genres like musicals, comedies and dramas and I also like that Wilder was also a writer. As good as Astaire & Rogers were I, like many, feel their best or one of their best films was Swing Time directed by Stevens, who could also direct Giant, A Place in the Sun, Diary of Anne Frank. I also admire Elia Kazan with classics like Streetcar and On the Waterfront. When there's a movie I can watch a million times and never get tired of it for me that is a classic which stands the test of time.
  2. I would take West Side Story. It was the first contemporary musical I saw as a child and growing up in NY in the 1960s the location and scenes felt very familiar to me so I related to it. Plus I've seen it a gazillion times and have never gotten tired of it.

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