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  1. I love ABBOTT AND COSTELLO.....i have all there movies but one {ABBOTT&COSTELLO MEET CAPTAIN KID] i know the they have it on ebay but i do not trust them...and i do not have a credit card can anyone help please please i live in edmonton canada

  2. the truly GREAT comedians of all time {bob hope/abbott&Costello/lareul&hardy/marxs brothers/chaplin/] these and more of them from the 1930-1950tys realized you do not need swear words nudity or all that other stuff to get a LAUGH their movies where masterpieces and just say thanks and look at the CRAP we have to put up with now

  3. okay i seen a lot but here's 2 for you since tomorow [cat on a hot tin roof ] is on...when big mama is talking to Maggie in the bedroom a bag can be seen in the middle of the bed at the end of there talking the bag hase moved.....[2]....maggie goes out side to talk to brick[its raining real bad] she finishes talking to him goes back into the house..and 3 or 4 seconds later yup that's right guessed right same dress same makeup and same hair do completely dry

  4. this has to be the only forum category that i agree with everyone on there about ....ET i love that movie [ i remember the first time i went 2 see it i thought it was going to be a horror movie judging from the trailers boy was i wrong]

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