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  1. TalkTalk123

    Democratic Debate

    Chris Lucas19 hours ago If Hillary wants to hurt Gabbard, all she needs to do is campaign for her. Richard Williams5 hours ago "You're a Russian asset" is Hillary's standard attack on anybody she dont like. She's got more ties to Russia than anybody that she's accusing lol. ramon alfaro13 hours ago "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." - JFK
  2. TalkTalk123

    Hillary Clinton - take 4

  3. TalkTalk123

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Apparently fools never learn, or some fools just think they're above the law. The review did not encompass a separate collection of emails that Clinton’s lawyers withheld from the State Department and that she later destroyed, saying they were private and did not pertain to government business — a determination that was not verified by State Department officials.
  4. TalkTalk123

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    A map of American bases near Iran.
  5. TalkTalk123

    Draft evasion

  6. TalkTalk123

    Draft evasion

    The military could not meet its quotas. The draft was failing. Volunteers could not fill the ranks. In response, Robert McNamara devised a solution: draft low-IQ men who could not read or write. The military drafted over 300,000 of them. Over 10% of the men who died in Vietnam could not read their own dog tags. They died at rates three times higher than IQ 85+ troops. Meanwhile, back in America, the keg parties went on.

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