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    Noir Alley

    Yes, made it 'one of those mornings' didn't it ? No way to start the day. Yesterday I looked up what was scheduled for midnight (EST) and this mornings 'Noir Alley' and it wasn't the movie that was shown this morning. Freaked me out as I'm older and have memory problems. I'm running for the calendar, checking if today is really Sunday, questioning whether I had dreamed the title I thought I had read just yesterday in my guide (was it "L" something that was initially scheduled ?). I'm glad I checked here at least and found the answer. I didn't know about the 8 pm double feature tonight either. What was the occasion for the swap anyhow ?
  2. Mugs_Mahoney


    So watcha sayin', ya mean "*Zanjeer* " doesn't appropriately honor those who have sacrificed so much to protect and preserve our freedoms ? Seriously though, what the heck are/were they thinkin' ??
  3. Was looking forward to a ice lazy Sunday and watching a few movies here on TCM - one Cary Grant movie I don't ever remember seeing before ('Crisis'). Starting with an old favorite, 'The Caine Mutiny', begins the cable signal 'freeze'. I've seen TCM enough times that it was only irksome as the length of the 'freeze' was tolerable and I figured it would all be straightened out by the time 'Crisis' came on. Nope. And its completely ruined the movie for me. My fault for letting it get to me so much - a little immature to say its ruined my Sunday but thats how I'm feeling right this minute. The worst part is not knowing how long the picture is going to be froze there on my screen. 30 seconds, 10 minutes, half and hour ? Well they're long enough today to ruin the movie thats for sure. Who/what is responsible for this ? I have a hunch this is a weekend problem too. I don't recall this happening during the week, If they keep it up, I'm going to drop cable. How dumb am I to pay good money to be aggravated like this ? Some one somewhere needs to be held accountable !! I think the Time- Warner should have to reimburse customers the entire months bill for these failures. I pay over $70. a month and being reimbursed for the time I've wasted. the aggravation etc - that ain't much ! I feel bad for the people who only have Sundays off and wanted to relax and enjoy their one day off with a good 'ol classic movie only to have this BS happen. No, $70. is getting off easy ... Time for a change.
  4. Mugs_Mahoney

    FILM NOIR -Love it, Hate it, or not sure?

    "TCM has been showing a lot of this kind of film lately" It seems to me the opposite has been the case - to the point that I had given up on this channel. I've mentioned in other posts that it certainly seemed in years past 'Noir' was the genre one could count on finding simply by clicking on TCM. I've since wondered if this was just 'one of those things" - coincidental and MY own particular 'luck of the draw' ? If so, my luck has seemed to change lately - that is until I saw 'White Heat' and 'High Sierra' back to back the other night. I LIVE for and flat out LOVE film' noir'! !! In most areas of life, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing but when it comes to this genre.... I could live with a 'film noir' channel. A 24/7 rotation of the 400+ on 'list' would be fine with me as one has the option to pick and choose when one wants to indulge. The only way this wouldn't work for me would be if a '24/7 film noir channnel' was the ONLY channel available - then I could see myself getting burned out on them. I also enjoy 'cross overs' such as 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' and 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' (RIP Kevin McCarthy) even though I'm no longer a Sci/Fi fan - go figure. 50's cars, steam engine powered trains, 'woodies' (cars) and fins or not fins - the rounded shape of 50's cars or even the '49 Ford... the fashions - especially floppy hats, longer polkas dot dresses, red lip stick and babes in high heels with ankle straps, seemed stockings ... ooops, ummmm ... where was I ? Oh yes, fashion... dudes with fedoras and jacket/ties. Then theres the architecture - not exclusive to noir but its the choice of locations I guess. Streamline Moderne/Art Deco - train stations, bus stops/stations - especially at night. And oscillating fans, enameled table tops, red 'Coca Cola' coolers, tube powered radios and 'bakelite' !! A mix of noir and gangster flicks might be the ticket. BUT, what about movies like 'Bridge on the River Kwai', 'Kellys Heroes', 'The Dirty Dozen' along with older classics such as 'From Here to Eternity' and 'Sgt.York' ? Love 'em too. But then where do 'The African Queen' or 'Lolitta' fit in ? Then there are the 'holiday classics'. Christmas Eve/Day without 'A Christmas Story' or 'Its A Wonderful Life', 'A Christmas Carol' (Wha ? The Alastair Sim version of course !!) or even 'Christmas Vacation' ? Shoot me !! Guess its not so easy to figure me out, anticipate my wants and cater to my whims. So, whats a channel to do ?? I've got it !! The 'Everything BUT Musicals/ Sci/'Fi/Silent Films/Hope/Cosby Comedies Channel' !! I could live with this. No, wait. I haven't laughed at a Lloyd/Chaplin/Marx Bros. flick since I was 10 years old either - Gimme a Cary Grant comedy any day/night of the week ... Maybe I should just stick with the OP's question..."FILM NOIR -Love it, Hate it, or not sure?". Oh, I'm quite sure, I love 'em !! Now PLEASE ME damn it !! Thank you. * If Bob, Ben or Alec happen to stumble across this post - I enjoy you gentleman too ! Don't take the above as....ahhhh, like you guys have the time to read the have lives ! LOL !! Thank you for the question misswonderly.
  5. Mugs_Mahoney

    A good day 4 me...

    Like anyone cares right ? LOL ! But since I've done my share of neg. posting here, I at least owe it to say 'thanx TCM' when I've enjoyed the day - watched many of my old favs, back to back, starting last night at 11:30 pm ("Odd Man Out") right through the 6pm movie this evening with "Dark Passage". I did catch a few zzz's during 'The Third Man' but hey, a guy has to get his rest. And I'm not goin' to say a blessed negative thing here, I swear. "Credit where credits due', 'kudos' and all that. Now, I turn the dial over to all you "Gidget" fans...I need some rest now anyhow :-) I did it, I did it - YAY !!
  6. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    "J.K. Rowling has definitely replaced (and displaced) L. Frank Baum as THE quintessential childrens fantasy author." My kids loved these movies - they are the equivalent to TWOO for this generation for sure. I took them to see these movies and have to admit, the first one was pretty dang good up there on the big screen. I was thinking about the Easter vs 4th for 'TWOO'. Yes the 4th is a family holiday. But its an outdoors family holiday. I remember warm pop corn/hot chocolate and sitting on the rug with my pillow and a throw blanket - not too close to the screen though - I'd go blind... little bro and sis next to me. It was still dark early and chilly if not down right cold and raining outside. Of course those in So Cal probably can't relate to this. 'TWOO' was an Easter time tradition. In July a kid aint gonna have the blanket on him/her - how to cover the eyes when the witch/flying monkeys scare the living crap outta 'em ? My vote is for the early spring when its still cold outside. I'm not gonna watch it, my kids are grown and they're not gonna watch it either but someone has to keep tradition(s) going. Instant gratification/progress ain't all its cracked up to be for sure. "I guess progress isn't all it's cracked up to be". Instant gratification/progress ain't all its cracked up to be for sure. So many new/great posts today. Torn between watching Cagney and typing here ! Well, Cagney wins out... see all you mugs later - yeah you wise guy, wanna make sumpin' of it ? :-)
  7. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    "Alastair Sim's Scrooge" - YES !!!!!
  8. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    I have 2 kids and 6 nieces...I can tell you they would not be interested in watching "BBB" in the least !! I once tried to get them all to watch 'Its a Mad, Mad (how many 'Mads') World' - gave the old 'wait 'til you see how funny this is - you don't have to have swearing to be funny.." line. I forgot myself how dated this movie is. I was prepared to laugh myself silly. Not a single 'true' laugh in the room. They did a few forced 'chuckles' which I could tell was purely for my benefit and their own wanting to like it. I no longer found it funny - amusing at times but just not funny. I'll never forget the 'wait 'til you see this...' in anticipation of the 'kicked the bucket' gag. Coulda hearda pin drop. Hey, I tried. Not just for movie appreciation either, for a lame attempt at turning back the clock - trying to re capture my youth a bit. As kissing your first 'love' the first time was a thrill and huge turn on, once you go way beyond that point trying to be satisfied with the 'thrill'' of just a kiss and 'call it a night' just ain't gonna cut it ! I couldn't stand 'BBB' the 1st time I saw it 'back in the day' (as they say) ! Like music, if its good, its good - doesn't necessarily depend on the genre, the year it was recorded etc. I was ranting about film noir earlier but I enjoy all sorts of films both modern and old.They just have to be good - and not in just one area of (movie making) expertise ie the 'score'/sound track ,directing, camera work etc. Those in the business probably find such details fascinating. I'm interested in the 'whole'. There will always be disagreement about certain movies as to whether they were brilliant or steaming piles of....anyhow, there is a small list of 'em. By and large though there are so many movies that 10 strangers in a room would all agree were good, very good and great then those that are stinkers. When I see '2 stars' (**) next to a movie title in my local listings, you can bet theres a reason they earned only 2 stars. There are exceptions - I watched the Michael Douglas flick 'A Perfect Murder' again the other day and can't for the life of me understand why only 2 star rating - I really enjoyed it the 1st time around. Even after knowing how it was going to end though I still enjoyed it almost as much as the 1st time 'round. But I digress.... most times the ratings are accurate (more than not). So you can pee on my leg and try to convince me its raining...if you get my drift.Lets say I enjoy Roberts input on background when hes introducing a good movie.And maybe he does enjoy Esther Willams still as well as 'BBB' but IMHO I just don' believe it. But hey, he has a job to do and he does it well. If it weren't for him I'd really be candid about how I feel ! I hold back only because I feel like I'm going into his home and criticizing his wall paper ! To those that took the time to 'write back in support' I really appreciate it. As the page loaded just now I had my hand over my eyes, squinting and peeking through my fingers anticipating a flame fest ! I can not type - physically impossible 'cept for my index finger so, I have to 'write' in incomplete sentences just to keep my finger moving at the speed of my thoughts - and I'm always playing 'catch up' :-) I'm amazed anyone understood what I was trying to say earlier. Most things in life end up coming down to dollars and cents. No doubt the current state of things has to do with 'the bottom line'. Its a tough economy right now and the cable companies were ranting only a few months back in what I perceived as their battle tactic to deflect criticism when our cable bill goes up yet again. I don't want to 'hurt' TCM (not that I have the power to) as I am typically 'brand loyal'. TCM remains my favorite movie channel ... I want them to be the best they can be. However, life is short and I don't like wasting a minute of it on sub standard junk. I've recently had no choice but to turn to other channels - as much as I hate to ! I mean how can I turn my back on 'The Shootist' ?". Come back TCM, come back !!"
  9. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    True. And they don't have Robert or Ben. Robert = my '00's Disney/Sullivan/Cronkite !! Luv ya big guy !!
  10. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    Sorry, meant "The Wild One'. Thanx for the 'heads up' :-)
  11. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    Glad to hear I'm not alone... Thing is, my life has changed considerably in the past year and I have much more time to watch movies. I can't tell if it was just an off perception of mine that TCM aired these films I luv much more often a year ago (and prior) than today or not (?). In '98 I was at work 8 hours each day so maybe I never noticed what movies were scheduled during the work day as I never paid attention - I was at work. It does seem though that the weekend schedule has changed considerably but then again, my kids are now older and out on their own - maybe I was busy with them most weekends and, again, didn't notice how many times movies that I find less than enjoyable were in the line up ? I'm now home alone 24/7 and constantly jonesin' for noir. I do know that when I look at the upcoming schedule I find myself scrolling past weeks and weeks of listings before I see one that gets me thinking 'YES !!' Probably sez a lot about me that I'm so dependent on movies for my happiness :-) LOL !! I enjoy modern movies too but there are other channels that play some of the better ones - over and over and over.... I know every line of 'Pulp Fiction' forward and backwards. GF I and II are all but ruined for me (again yesterday) but I have to watch them when TCM is airing Esther Williams gems. No doubt fans of Esther feel the same as me and no doubt for them, finding Esthers flix in the line up is just as much fun for them. I don't require others to have my taste in movies and I'm not demanding that I be catered to. Its just that I seem to remember a better mix a few years back ? And I don't get the airing of 3/4 star movies at 3am - whats that about ? The list of noir flix has hardly been exhausted - it seems TCM repeats the same list of 10 or so and ignores the 300 rest. In fairness though I have seen some that I never know existed and I was thankful to TCM for this. I also know they can't all be 3/4 star movies but it seems like there are more and more ** (2 or 21/2) recently ?? My reason for posting this is 2 fold. I guess I wanted to know if 'its just me' and also want to advocate for the type of movies I enjoy. Its impossible to lump them all in one category so I use 'film noir' as it covers the vast majority of films I luv. I can get 'Young Frankenstein', 'Jaws' ...(hell, with all that ranting, I even luv 'Cold Mountain' - go figure !) on 'the other channels'. The Marx Bros films are instructive as far as the history and development of comedies goes but really....I mean, how many times have I watched their movies and bellied laughed ? They were cutting edge over 1/2 a century ago. I guess its that noir is no longer 'done'. Yes, much of the dialogue in noir is as dated as the Marx Bros. comedy bits are but 'film noir' was done right back then and it IS that dialogue that holds much of the attraction where as the older comedies...well, not so much (and I detest the filth that the comedy channel pumps out these days). Its just occurred to me that maybe I've answered my own question by trying to organize my thought here (seems impossible to do for some reason). Of course for anyone one channel to anticipate and cater to my needs is asking the impossible - its what that 'movie in the mail' service is for (trying to avoid plugging 'em here). This 'service' completely negates the joy of the 'spontaneity'/joy though which comes with discovering a fav flic is in the line up for today/tomorrow (I suffer too much from 'instant gratification' to get excited about finding a fav will be on next weekend :-). OK, so now everyone knows I'm weird and inarticulate as hell !! As if this mornings post didn't already demonstrate that ('tis what happens when you get only 4 hours sleep due to very late night airing of fav(s) thank you). And to think I could have summed this all up by typing/requesting: "More film noir between the hours of 9am and 11pm please...thank you" Have a great 4th !!
  12. Mugs_Mahoney

    Wizard of Oz on 2 days in a row???

    Having grown up in the 60's I like the 'Easter' routine. The 4th IMHO is about this countries history. Although I can't say what 'TWOO' and Easter have in common !! AND you mentioned TNT....I'm on here now to see if anyone else is as furious with them as I am right now !!! They scheduled 'Misery' for I set an alarm in case I fell asleep before it started... got up at 1:30am, made a STRONG cup 'o Joe and at 1:45 I click on TNT only to find that 'US Marshalls' is playing instead !!!!! Every listing shows it for 1:45am !!! I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER right now... and its scheduled again for 11:45am this morning. Do I get myself psyched up for it again hhhmmmmmm ???? If anyone mentions 'serves ya right for not being 'faithful' (jokingly of course) I have to say "I didn't leave TCM, TCM left me !!!" It seems to be all song and dance, 'chic flix' , kiddy movies (no offense intended) all the time (well, during waking hours). What the heck is up with this ??? 'Film Noir' suddenly become a dirty word ??? Wheres Cagney (NOT YDD), Bogart, Garfield, Edward G., Mitchum, Bacall and Hepburn even ... or all the others ?? What happened to waking up on a Saturday morning to 'The Post Man...", or even 'Treasure of the Sierra...", The African Queen', '.... or a string of Hitch/Stewart or even 'Invasion of the Body...', 'The Thing', 'The Day the Earth...' etc., etc ?????? 3 movies in June....I'm beside myself .... having Noir withdrawals (and TCM got me hooked in the 1st place !!). I had to set an alarm last night/morning just to see 'Hot Rods to Hell' and 'The Wild Bunch'....snoozed half of the daylight away today... I feel soooo...sooooo, so ABANDONED !!!!! OK, hopefully just a temp.break from the 'cycle'... but if I have to see ONE MORE tap dance/actors breaking out in to song/fluffy/gooey romance flick I'm gonna junk all 3 4 (forgot the 4th one I set up out on the patio so I could watch TCM morning/noon/night outdoors all summer long) TV"s !! NO, no Tivo or whatever... I like hunting for the listing and the 'rush' I (used to) get when I see my fav movie (or 2 or 3) will be on... Last months (or was it May ?) 'Stalig 17', 'NBNW' and a few others were a treat but man, is my memory playing trix on me ?? It seemed that there was a time... OK, I apologize for my ranting - I'm just so disappointed right now ... inarticulate too I know...and don't mean to offend the good people at TCM... I really don't, I'm being partly tongue in cheek right now and part angry - working on having a laugh at myself and calming down. BUT, I am serious about what I perceive to be a change in things here at TCM. Am I alone ?? I ask wondering if they take cues from the message boards - put me down for a 'Occasinal Musical, Occasional Romance and heavy on the NOIR PLEASE !!" ....and thats my 2 cents for what its worth. Oh, and one more suggestion: I forgot to say how it made my night to see 'Blackboard Jungle' the other night ....ooooops, my bad....anyhow, would it be a cool idea if when showing 'BBJ' that it be followed up with 'To Sir With Love' ? Or the 'Edison' movies (Rooney/Treacy) be shown back to back ? i luve both of them and it occurred to me how nice it would have been to see that theTreacy/Edison movie was coming right after. There are several others (combos) that would make the list also but I'm sure I've about worn out my welcome by about right now.....(he says sheepishly as he considers just deleting the entire post). Well, I'm feeling a bit better now.... thank you TCM for helping me lower my elevated b/ could have been a true medical emergency if I had no where to vent... And a HAPPY 4th to all here in the States (and all of you that happen to be abroad/ away from home on this great day) !! Ughhhh...its now 3am.
  13. Mugs_Mahoney


    Speaking of "Breaking Bad" - I'm watching 'Little Miss Sunshine" right now and I just noticed for the 1st time that the motorcycle cop who discovers the porn magazine stash in the back of the VW wagon is 'Hank" from 'Breaking Bad' .... that is 'I think'. I need to investigate. "Now back to your regular programing..."
  14. Mugs_Mahoney


    As for "Breaking Bad" over on that other channel.... well, not even sure that its 'that good' anymore. What to compare it to ? Up against the rest of the drivel out there, yes. its good. But I fear that I've become 'dumbed down' - I wonder at times. In a 'serial/soap' kinda a way I'm hooked. I have to say - when I first learned the premise of the show I was horrified. I wondered if 'Walt' would be held up as some kind of hero just because he was dedicated to his family and 'the end justified the means' would be the 'message'.No telling what would go through my head if given his Dx but I certainly like to think that my values/morals wouldn't be corrupted. After a few seasons of watching the show I have to say, up to the last episode, my fears were pretty much unwarranted. Hes a flawed hero and I can deal with that. Now, the reason for my post here: I just turned on my TV for the 1st time today - its 4:15pm and half the channels below 20 are 'frozen'. Everything above 20 is frozen, including TCM which is 58 on TW here. Obviously NOT a 'TCM' problem. ***I delayed posting the above, its now 5:30pm - I went out to the library for awhile and just returned to find nothing has changed. I live in upstate NY, about 60 miles due north of Albany. I wonder if anyone else in other regions are experiencing the same ? And, if so, is it just with Time-Warner Cable ? clearskies - are ya out there ??
  15. Mugs_Mahoney


    Thanx for responding. I think I'm gonna sit tight now. I don't like being taken to the cleaners - this is something thats never changed ! Just the fact that TW Cable actually lies in their commercial p*sses me off to know end. I know, what company doesn't bs us but to me, this is the most brazen lie I've ever heard in a commercial. Some clown(s) actually sat in a meeting and suggested "Hey, why don't we tell people that DSL is actually the old 'dial up' ? The people we're trying to reach don't have DSL yet but probably started off with dial up. They will remember what a nightmare that was... I've already checked with Legal and they say that since DSL runs through a phone line and the term 'dial up' is ill defined anyhow - 'slang' - we can make the claim with out worries". You know that conversation had to take place. Why the hell Verizon doesn't 'counter' this message beats the hell outta me. Like you, I do not trust these companies at all. They were supposed to end cables lock on things and here we are now with no choice, no competition causing prices to drop as true competition is supposed to bring to bear on the market. From 'free' to almost 2 bills a month no matter where you turn. These 'gotcha' deals get me just as steamed. They don't say what the cost will be after the 'special' ends. They all want us to convert to these 'all in one' packages as they know most people will not cancel - theres a nice fee for trying to switch back to your old service. The a saying: 'you get what you accept' - most people these days will just accept/tolerate being used and abused. Sad, my belly achin' ain't helping things either, I know. I guess I'm hoping to see that others maybe are 'at the end of their rope' too and maybe willing to do something about it. These companies are arrogant as hell. If they sense they've overplayed their hand, I do believe they will back off. Right now they are looking for that 'line' - what is the publics threshold/tolerance. TW Cable started a 'grass roots' campaign against the production companies saying it will be those companies fault if cable prices rise. Yeah, you're on my side fightin' the good fight for me - right. "Dumb question of the week": Is there anything preventing some enterprising individuals from broadcasting TV shows in analog over the air waves like in the old days ? At one time we were all so eager to get cable - new and exciting. Now that its proved to be underwhelming, I miss what I had. I can live without the smut these companies put out - yeah, I'm old !! LOL !! Its a sad commentary that the only innovation is 'we can say the word f*ck now and show partial nudity and simulated sex'. Its like a bunch of 14 year olds produce the shows these days. The only show I regularly watch besides TCM is 'Breaking Bad'. It only occurred to me recently that what I enjoy about the show is that its not filled with profanity and every joke sex related. I can't even sit in the same room with my kids when anything else is on. OK, 'nuff of my crabbin'.

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