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  1. ken12

    Bus Stop

    Marilyn is so lovable.
  2. ken12

    ?The Mortal Storm?....

    IMHO The Mortal Storm & Three Comrades, both directed by Frank Borzage, are two of the finest films ever made .
  3. ken12

    What 10 films define America?

    In no special order: The Searchers Fury Citizen Kane The Sweet Smell of Success Fort Apache The Grapes of Wrath Our Vines Have Tender grapes The Best Years of Our Lives The Last Hurrah The Ox - Bow Incident
  4. ken12

    Civil War Westerns- Worth Fighting For?

    Shenandoah starring Jimmy Stewart as a Virginia farmer who opposes the War because he doesnt believe in slavery. Glenn Corbitt, Paul Fix, Doug McClure, Pat Wayne, James Best. Andrew McLaglen directed in the John Ford style.
  5. ken12

    "HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS" (1947)

    I thought it stunk.
  6. ken12

    "DR. SOCRATES" (1935)

    Ann Dvorak is one of the great, ( & forgotten ? ) actresses of the American Motion Picturies of the 1930's.
  7. ken12

    Our Favorite Brunettes

    Thank you MissG & Jack for the the great pics of Linda, Merle, & Joan. i would have thanked you both sooner, but I havent been at the thread for a few days.
  8. ken12

    Our Favorite Brunettes

    My picks are Joan Bennett,Linda Darnell, Merle Oberon.

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