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    Need variety in movies

    I have been watching TCM for nearly 40 years and while some movies were repeated it was never this bad. When Robert Osborne became ill it started going down hill and once he passed it got worse. For example, they have shown Places In The Heart, Age of Innocence several times this year, usually in the same month and sometimes in the same week; these are just two examples and I could list many more. Another example is Rear Window, it was the repeat of the Essential that had aired about three months ago and then shown again the next Wednesday as part of the line-up for the star of the month Jimmy Stewart. The same thing has happened several times this month with their Backlot and Veterans Day guest programmers. The movies are all good, but the repeated airings are making it become just like ACM. (More about this on paragraph 3). The Essentials are being repeated and they barely aired for three months. Is this going to be a permanent thing? I realize that Alec Baldwin is extremely popular right now and he also had three young children and another on the way but if he doesn't have the time then they need to find someone who does. Would Illena Douglas, Drew Barrymore, Keith Carradine or many of the excellent other guest hosts consider it if AB cannot commit? Does Ben not want to do more? We might as well face it, no one will ever be able to replace Robert Osborne, we the longtime fans can only hope for someone to honor his memory and legacy and not destroy the network! I had hoped that it would get better, unfortunately it's gotten worse. Seems like all they care bout now is Backlot, the Wine Club, Festival and cruise; they care more about money and have neglected quality. An experienced, good programmer could take all these different hosts and their movie choices into account; they could tape or for the Skype hosts sound them out in advance or even tape them and plan accordingly so the excessive repeats stop. This would allow TCM to have their Backlot members and all the other special guest programmers to air their favorites. As I am writing this they are airing I Remember Mama and this is either the third or fourth time just this month; Mrs. Miniver just aired for the third time this month; this is not counting all the other times they have aired this year. I realize that they were showing family movies for Thanksgiving but there are many other choices that could have been selected and that the programmer should have caught. I just caught Ben's introduction for Cheaper By the Dozen and except for the first few sentences referencing the holiday and family he repeated almost verbatim what he said earlier this month when they aired the movie. I'm beginning to believe that not only was Robert Osborne the host and face of the network as well as the historian, I think he was also the programmer! It doesn't matter, it's obvious that they need someone that can do the job and offer the variety that he did! Like so many others, I was disappointed by their choice of Tiffany Vazquez as the Saturday Host but I just muted the TV when she was on and watched the movie. Now there is no Saturday Host and while I don't mind it seems odd because they have had one for so very long. I own most of these movies in my extensive collection, I prefer watching TCM instead of repeatedly having to put a new movie in but if it doesn't get better soon I am planning on getting rid of this channel and watching my collection. If I did this I wouldn't repeat the moves as frequently as they have been for almost two years. Until I do cancel, I am going to compile the schedules for each month and see how many times they show all the movies, especially those first two listed in paragraph one which has been repeated ad nauseam this year. I will take into account Summer Under the Stars, the Oscar salute and Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4th and all the other holidays as I have done for many years. I have also contacted TCM several times over the last three years without a response, this just shows that they don't care bout the viewers unless they are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on their "extras"!
  2. I like that they have chosen some stars that have never been on the lsit before, although I will miss a day of Katherine Hepburn and Greer Garson films. My only complaint with the programming is with the choice of movies that showed on Bette Dais's day. I know that they have shown The Letter at least times in the last 3 months, it was one of Cloris Leachman's picks, it was the pick on one of the guest commentators from Atlanta, I saw it one Saturday and also another time. Also, it seems like Jezebel has been shown quite a bit lately. Could they not have shown Mr. Skeffington or another movies of hers that is rarely seen? I love the choices they made for Cary Grant. They blended comedy, drama and suspense and showed his last few movies including his last, "Walk Don't Run.", which is not seen that much. I guess it because Grant is not the man the gets the girl; he's trying to help what he sees as a "younger" version of hisself in this movie get the girl.

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