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  1. flash70

    Casting against type

    How about John Wayne as Ghengis Khan in "The Conqueror"?
  2. flash70

    Evil Dead (2013)

    I agree with your statement about hideous remakes with the exception of Fright Night. I thought that was very well done and compares favorably to the original.
  3. flash70

    "Oz The Great and Powerfull" (2013)

    As I understand it, Disney has the rights to all of L. Frank Baum's Oz books with the exception of "The Wizard Of Oz". I dont know who, if anyone has the film rights to Wicked...but if it IS made into a movie, im sure Disney AND MGM (or whoever currently has the rights to the Wizard of Oz) will be watching pretty closely.
  4. flash70

    The Amazing Spiderman

    I didnt think re doing the origin was necessary and I thought there was a bit less fun in the New verison...Spidey seemed to enjoy himself more in the Raimi films...still, I am getting pretty excited about the new film though!
  5. flash70

    "Iron Man 3" (2013)

    I suppose it adds a touch of realism.
  6. flash70

    Richard Matheson (1926-2013)

    ..plus some classic twilight zone episodes and some delightful Roger Corman Edgar Allen Poe films!!!
  7. flash70

    " Man of Steel" (2013)

    Im thinking this was in part a response to "Superman Returns"...that was modelled after the first two movies but didnt really have any action...saving that plane was nice and all but a lot of people wanted to see Superman cut loose....He certainly did that!
  8. flash70

    "Star Trek: Into Darkness" (2014)

    My only quibble was their using Leonard Nimoy again. Its not that I dont like seeing him but his cameo served no real purpose and he was used to much better effect in the last film.
  9. flash70

    "7 Faces of Dr Lao"

    ...and Tony Randall's finest big screen performance...showing he could do more then light comedy.
  10. flash70

    Saving Mr. Banks

    Im looking forward to the upcoming movie, "Saving Mr. Banks"-which tells how Walt Disney came to make "Mary Poppins". Im a sucker for hollywood history and im fairly certain this movie should get a wider release then "Hitchcock" did. Is anyone else looking forward to this?
  11. flash70

    "The Hobbit" (2012)

    Its odd how Hollywood is doing this. The Hobbit was a single volume and quite good...Tolkein followed it with the Lord of the Rings,which came in three parts and was truly epic. I would have made the Hobbit into a movie first and followed it with the Rings trilogy, but the powers that be decided to do Lord of the Rings first because that was the movie(movies) they were more concerned about. I suppose they thought if the Hobbit didnt do well they would never be able to produce LOTR. So the movie were made and were major hits..so NOW they want to do the Hobbit but decide it has to be done as a trilogy of films....I dont know how thats going to work. They will have to add a lot of stuff to the book for that to happen but I guess we'll have to wait and see how they all turn out.
  12. Both are important of course but I guess it depends on the film. A great director can elevate a movie to a whole new level but some movies are desinged to be star vehicles and are made soley to showcase a particular actor or actors...
  13. flash70

    Don Knotts

    I would add two more movies to that list. One is Shakiest Gun In The West- a pretty funny remake of The Paleface. The other is Gus the Pigskin Mule...ijust for the very idea of casting Don as the head coach of an NFL team! LOL
  14. flash70

    Smith and Dale

    They did filmed some of their sketeches for Paramount and did a few shorts for Warner Bros. in the early sound era. They did "The Heart of New York" for WB in 1932. they did two shorts for Columbia in the late 30's- A Nag In The Bag and Mutiny On The Body. Years later they appeared in Two Tickets To Broadway(1951) for Howard Hughes. I got this info from Leonard Maltin's book "Movie Comedy Teams"
  15. flash70

    Laughing my @$$ off to Laurel Hardy Abbott & Costello :D

    From what ive read,A & C's relationship wasnt that bad..Yes they had their fights but that is to be expected..considering how long they worked together...as for Stan & Ollie- that was a bit different. Bud & Lou saw each other a lot...they performed live constantly as well as doing their radio shows, movies and tv programs. In contrast, Stan & Ollie-during their heyday only did their films...Stan was involved behind the scenes and Ollie was not. After filming was done, they went their separate ways. the two of them didnt really become close friends untill their later years when they did personal appearances together. So the circumstances were very different.
  16. flash70

    The funniest Drama you have ever seen.

    Cruel Intentions is my choice. its a contemporary version of Dangerous Liasions. When I saw it, i thought it was really funny but for the life of me-I dont know if it was intended to be funny or not. Thats why it gets my vote.
  17. flash70

    Ghost Catchers (1944)

    Ive heard mixed things about it. Leonard Maltin gives it a really good review but in the book "Universal Horrors"..they slam it pretty hard. Maybe it depends on how you like the comedy of Olsen and Johnson.
  18. flash70

    Jerry Lewis

    Interesting you should say that hes playing against type...since many believe he is actually playing himself in that film and in his Buddy Love character....or at least one aspect of his personality. Still, he is a major talent regardless and its a shame more film fans and critics dont take him more seriously
  19. flash70

    Jerry Lewis

    I concur! I would love to have a set of his movies with Tish!!!
  20. flash70

    3 Stooges

    Whats interesting about "Have Rocket,Will Travel" is how good it is, considering that the writer and director were not people who have worked with the Stooges in the past. Maybe the director let Moe and the boys have more of a free hand in the comedy sequences.
  21. flash70


    I dont think it would hurt TCM if they had a monthly timeslot where they would show classic documenataries...like Woodstock or what have you.
  22. flash70


    I cant agree with that statement about the interest in Hank Williams kinescopes...The man IS a musical legend and anyone with a serious interest in music and its history would obviously want to see them. However, Country music has changed a lot over the years.....If you went to a country music festival and asked the fans there what they thought of Hank WIlliams, I would guess that 90% of the people under 40 would have either never heard of him or think that he's Hank WIlliams Jr. I dont see Current country music fans being as interested in the music's history as older fans might.
  23. flash70


    Don't feel bad! You are helping keep the people at the Asylum employed! LOL
  24. flash70

    It's a mad mad mad mad world onTCM soon??

    that dvd time listing might be a mistake..I have the dvd and I know it's longer then that.
  25. flash70

    Dr. Strangelove....A comedy?!!!

    Dr.Strangelove IS a comedy..it is very dark and satirical...modern audiences probably don't respond to the humour the same way it;s original audience would..Time may have dulled it's impact...as for Hunchback......I think that's a case of guilt by association. The first film version was a silent movie starring Lon Chaney..who was known as an early horror film star..and the make-up he devised was pretty memorable and the movie was a big hit. Books on Horror films often mention it because it was a re-make of a Lon Chaney classic. It's like if a Boris Karloff movie was re-done...it might not be a horror film but would probably be regarded as a horror film anyway.

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