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  1. cody1949

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    ROCKET SHIP X-M probably the first aliens on another planet movie after WW2 that wasn't a movie serial like the Universal Flash Gordons of the 30's. Released by Lippert with neat music by Ferde Grofe of Grand Canyon Suite fame .
  2. God ... anybody ! Save my party, the Republican Party, from this tiny little man with a brain to match.
  3. IL DUCE American Judas !
  4. Today he abandoned a group of people, the Kurds, who helped us defeat Isis. Who knows what's next ! Alaska take note... he might sell you back to the Russians.
  5. Of course they are going to be made even if I think there are too many of them. Simple reason... it brings in the moola !
  6. The problem is there is just too much of them between January and September. The movies for adult adults are scheduled for Fall through Christmas to be fresh in the minds of Academy members for Oscar awards. The
  7. Mr. Scorsese is absolutely correct. Comic book movies are adrenal rushes for immature adults and children. They are designed to show off the technical achievements of computer graphics without wasting too much time on dialogue and character development. The great actors that are still around....DeNiro, Pacino, Nicholson, Hoffman, and Redford are retired or close to it. It's not actors or story that brings in the big bucks , and they are huge, but the technical wizardry of computer graphics.
  8. cody1949

    Lists of unavailable films

    Here's another one in limbo somewhere : VILLAGE TALE with Randolph Scott (1935 ) RKO Radio
  9. cody1949

    Lists of unavailable films

    Good people , you are forgetting some excellent films: FROM THIS DAY FORWARD (1946 ). RKO A MEDAL FOR BENNY (1945). PARAMOUNT WHITE BANNERS. (1938). WB BULLDOG DRUMMOND STRIKES BACK (1934) 20th Century - UA BACK STREET (1932) UNIVERSAL
  10. cody1949

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Many Republic Pictures films have never aired on TCM.
  11. cody1949

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    I think nobody has mentioned the grit and realism of William Wellman's THE STORY OF G.I. JOE. One of my favorites . Somehow the mud on this independent production seemed more realistic than what a major studio production could produce. Mitchum's performance brought him an Oscar nomination and the attention of the major studios. No more 'B' westerns ... bad guy or good guy.
  12. Some of you may know this already; some of you may not. THE MONKEY'S PAW is no longer a " lost" film. It has been found in France and not surprisingly dubbed in French. A famous movie aficianado and soundtrack film restoration expert,Ray Faiola has seen it. The ending of the original film has been eliminated. This is a good thing because the horror impact was totally diluted in the original film by making it all a dream . I sure wish this film was loaned to UCLA Film Restoration or any similar organization that could put sub-titles on the film and make it available for public viewing here in the country where it was originally produced.
  13. cody1949

    Treasures From The Disney Vault

    Let's just say if you were 2 in 1986 , I could be called "grandpa".😁
  14. cody1949

    Treasures From The Disney Vault

    How about Disney allowing TCM to screen the original SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON with Thomas Mitchell from 1940 which Disney acquired the rights to before their remake with John Mills, Dorothy McGuire and James MacArthur.

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