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  1. cody1949

    Kings of the B's

    Perhaps the best director to graduate from making 'B' films to superior first class productions was Anthony Mann. His expertise was most noted in gritty adult westerns of the '50s ; many of which starred James Stewart. Another director of note who was less successful in transitioning to class A films was Phil Karlson. Check for the filmography of these two men.
  2. Does it make sense to change the name of the airport on the basis of which political party is gaining control ? The Highway Department could prepare signs for liberal and conservative personalities years before their death. Of and
  3. Don't know how those first two words got into my reply. Please ignore its appearance.
  4. Universal is I am not a liberal or a right wing fanatic, but keep your politics out of it. John Wayne was a legend in the movie industry for almost half of a century and he brought joy and excitement to the everyday man who put their money down to see his films. Don't strip him of the honor. Remember his final scene in THE SHOOTIST when Ron Howard avenges his murder and throws the gun away and JW approves with his last breath.
  5. cody1949

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    As part of the Universal Vault Series, a DVD of PRIVATE WORLDS is available for purchase at Amazon.
  6. cody1949

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    At one time TCM posted that they were going to screen an early Joan Bennett Fox Film from 1932 directed by Raoul Walsh called WILD GIRL. Well,like other early postings it never happened. Leonard Maltin reviewed it favorably and it is certainly a film I would love to see. Another rare JB film would be Paramount's PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS from 1934 with Francis Lederer.
  7. Two films that Fredric March starred in that TCM will never show are Death of a Salesman and Victory (1940). On the first one , you can blame Arthur Miller who for some reason detested Fredric March's wonderful performance. On Victory with Betty Field and Sir Cedric Hardwicke, I am not very sure. I doubt it was Joseph Conrad.
  8. cody1949

    1949-one opinion

    The love I have always had WHITE HEAT and James Cagney goes back to Fall,1949 at the long gone RKO Chester in the Bronx. My Dad's favorite going back to PUBLIC ENEMY and ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES became my lifelong favorite.
  9. cody1949

    R.I.P. Janet

    So sorry to read about Janet's passing. She was in distress for many years, but she found joy in old movies. I sent her my favorite songs on CD-R's and she and her husband Marshall sent me movies that you couldn't find elsewhere. RIP Janet.
  10. cody1949

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    Mitchum was at his best when he was evil. The calm exterior of a psychopath; you knew the fuse was lit but you didn't know what second it would blow.
  11. cody1949

    Still no November schedule?

    It may be two months away, but it is definitely something that we delight in seeing.
  12. cody1949

    Paramount & 20th Century Fox Films

    The Many of the older Paramount titles from the 30's and the 40's are available for purchase as part of their Universal Vault Series of DVD's. If you are so inclined,check the Amazon website.
  13. cody1949

    Paramount & 20th Century Fox Films

    When the Fox Movie Channel cut back on showing their older films and interrupted for commercials, there was a noticeable increase of 20CF films at TCM. Paramount,on the otherhand,rarely premieres older films from their vault on TCM these days.
  14. cody1949

    Paramount & 20th Century Fox Films

    Most of the pre-48 Paramount films that TCM shows have been screened many times in the past. There is a vast library of Paramount pre-48 and Universal films that have never been shown on TCM. The last new old Paramount film to screen on TCM was DEAR RUTH during the William Holden Star of the Month.
  15. cody1949

    Nonagenarian birthdays in September

    Happy Birthday,Allene Roberts. I remember you most from THE RED HOUSE and KNOCK ON ANY DOOR. Of course you were never lost,but most of us never new what happened to you after you left the silver screen to marry and have a family. Thanks to Classic Images magazine we found out what a fullfiling life you have had. Thanks for the memories.

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