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  1. cody1949

    Still no November schedule?

    It may be two months away, but it is definitely something that we delight in seeing.
  2. cody1949

    Paramount & 20th Century Fox Films

    The Many of the older Paramount titles from the 30's and the 40's are available for purchase as part of their Universal Vault Series of DVD's. If you are so inclined,check the Amazon website.
  3. cody1949

    Paramount & 20th Century Fox Films

    When the Fox Movie Channel cut back on showing their older films and interrupted for commercials, there was a noticeable increase of 20CF films at TCM. Paramount,on the otherhand,rarely premieres older films from their vault on TCM these days.
  4. cody1949

    Paramount & 20th Century Fox Films

    Most of the pre-48 Paramount films that TCM shows have been screened many times in the past. There is a vast library of Paramount pre-48 and Universal films that have never been shown on TCM. The last new old Paramount film to screen on TCM was DEAR RUTH during the William Holden Star of the Month.
  5. cody1949

    Nonagenarian birthdays in September

    Happy Birthday,Allene Roberts. I remember you most from THE RED HOUSE and KNOCK ON ANY DOOR. Of course you were never lost,but most of us never new what happened to you after you left the silver screen to marry and have a family. Thanks to Classic Images magazine we found out what a fullfiling life you have had. Thanks for the memories.
  6. cody1949


    Yes I do ! The one I count on the most is Leonard Maltin. 90 percent of the time he is right on. I have disagreed with him on films like APACHE, MAKE MINE MUSIC, MELODY TIME and MY SISTER EILEEN (1942) . There are some others of course, but those are the ones that come to mind as I write this. Everyone who loves older movies should have his most recent Classic Movie Guide which he updates every 4 or 5 years. Looking forward to his next edition. Sometimes certain titles are omitted like PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (1934). Rain
  7. Two Ealing Studios classic comedies from England PASSPORT TO PIMLICO TIGHT LITTLE ISLAND aka WHISKY GALORE
  8. cody1949

    Changes Coming for the Academy Awards

    Somebody wanted to know what I consider "schlock". "Schlock" is a movie that depends on visual graphics rather than an interesting story with intelligent dialogue. The big box office winners usually depend on the former. Youth makes up the majority of today's audiences and they have little interest in sitting through intelligent dialogue. They want action and if it can come with violence and graphic bloodletting all the better. This unfortunately is big box office today. That is why I am a fan of TCM and have been for years.
  9. cody1949

    Changes Coming for the Academy Awards

    What piece of schlock took in the most money from the masses in 2018 ? Now which presenter will have the courage to say it.😁
  10. I wonder if Janis is still in contact with Doris Day. ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS from1948 is probably the oldest film where it's 2 major players are still alive. More power to them !
  11. I think the U.S. Postal Service is fed-up with the problems in getting The Legends of Hollywood stamps out to the public. It seems like relatives of the deceased actors and actresses make unnecessary demands. The last Legends of Hollywood stamp to be issued was Shirley Temple and that was two years ago. That year it was supposed to be Elizabeth Taylor but who knows why it was never issued. Some relative no doubt.
  12. cody1949

    Why TCM Runs The Same Films Over And Over?

    Yours is the best answer yet. They don't want to spend money. They want [ YOU ] us to spend money. Think Wine Club, Film Festival and Cruises. I think with the passing of the great Robert Osborne the current management made their move.
  13. cody1949

    Why TCM Runs The Same Films Over And Over?

    When we are lucky we might get 5 or 6 Paramount or Universal premieres in one year. I wish Ted Turner had purchased the pre'48 Paramount library and the Universal library years ago. Right now, even Universal Home Video seems to have lost interest in releasing more DVD's in their Universal Vault Series. Here is my list of titles that I would like to see released on DVD or shown on TCM : A MEDAL FOR BENNY APPLAUSE THE REMARKABLE ANDREW ROYAL FAMILY OF BROADWAY THE BISCUIT EATER AMONG THE LIVING CRIME OF THE CENTURY KING OF THE JUNGLE CRIME WITHOUT PASSION TRUE TO LIFE THE FOREST RANGERS THE WILD PARTY MARY BURNS, FUGITIVE NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE THE MAN WHO RECLAIMED HIS HEAD CORVETTE K-225 WHITE SAVAGE THE RUNAROUND THE SUSPECT WHITE TIE AND TAILS ONCE MORE, MY DARLING LOUISA FORBIDDEN [1953] SIGN OF THE PAGAN SIX BRIDGES TO CROSS WORLD IN MY CORNER MISTER COREY
  14. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    I will say this,Spencer Tracy,a great actor,was much more convincing as a "good" guy; whether he be a fisherman,priest or newspaperman.
  15. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....


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