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  1. I think the U.S. Postal Service is fed-up with the problems in getting The Legends of Hollywood stamps out to the public. It seems like relatives of the deceased actors and actresses make unnecessary demands. The last Legends of Hollywood stamp to be issued was Shirley Temple and that was two years ago. That year it was supposed to be Elizabeth Taylor but who knows why it was never issued. Some relative no doubt.
  2. cody1949

    Why TCM Runs The Same Films Over And Over?

    Yours is the best answer yet. They don't want to spend money. They want [ YOU ] us to spend money. Think Wine Club, Film Festival and Cruises. I think with the passing of the great Robert Osborne the current management made their move.
  3. cody1949

    Why TCM Runs The Same Films Over And Over?

    When we are lucky we might get 5 or 6 Paramount or Universal premieres in one year. I wish Ted Turner had purchased the pre'48 Paramount library and the Universal library years ago. Right now, even Universal Home Video seems to have lost interest in releasing more DVD's in their Universal Vault Series. Here is my list of titles that I would like to see released on DVD or shown on TCM : A MEDAL FOR BENNY APPLAUSE THE REMARKABLE ANDREW ROYAL FAMILY OF BROADWAY THE BISCUIT EATER AMONG THE LIVING CRIME OF THE CENTURY KING OF THE JUNGLE CRIME WITHOUT PASSION TRUE TO LIFE THE FOREST RANGERS THE WILD PARTY MARY BURNS, FUGITIVE NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE THE MAN WHO RECLAIMED HIS HEAD CORVETTE K-225 WHITE SAVAGE THE RUNAROUND THE SUSPECT WHITE TIE AND TAILS ONCE MORE, MY DARLING LOUISA FORBIDDEN [1953] SIGN OF THE PAGAN SIX BRIDGES TO CROSS WORLD IN MY CORNER MISTER COREY
  4. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    I will say this,Spencer Tracy,a great actor,was much more convincing as a "good" guy; whether he be a fisherman,priest or newspaperman.
  5. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

  6. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    Yes, I remember that from the AFI tribute to James Cagney in 1973.
  7. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    The 3 great gangster films of the early 30's are LITTLE CAESAR, THE PUBLIC ENEMY and SCARFACE: THE SHAME OF A NATION. Each one made a star out of its leading man and deservingly so. For me , however, the best film production of the 3 was SCARFACE: THE SHAME OF A NATION.
  8. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    That's how natural his acting was. You didn't know he was acting. Thanks for this information TomJH.
  9. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    Never laughed so hard. Bogie sure can take it. Can't picture anyone doing that to Jimmy. Well, maybe Bette Davis.
  10. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    I wish I knew how to post the prison scene in the mess-hall. It's another classic scene from this classic movie. " Ask him how my mother is" and then what comes next in a few seconds is like a jolt of electricity in the film as well as in the audience watching the film. I wonder how many takes it took to film that scene. The " choreography" of that scene was brilliant.
  11. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    As Gabby would say, "you're darn tootin". What a natural actor ! If you've read any of the books about him, of which I am sure you have, you would know that he was quite a mild fellow. To some friends he was known as the "faraway guy". Like Jimmy I was a kid from the tenements of New York. By your TCM name and photo I can tell he is something special to you also. Wish TCM or WB would clear the rights issue to CEILING ZERO and COME FILL THE CUP. My Dad took me to see WHITE HEAT at the RKO Chester when I was 7 years old and I have been hooked ever since.
  12. cody1949

    Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    Mama's boy or not Cagney's Cody Jarrett was the most memorable and frightening because you never knew what could take place within a few seconds. Remember what takes place when Cody is munching on a drumstick and he approaches the trunk of the car with his fellow escapee inside ? " You need some air ? "
  13. cody1949

    April 2018 Schedule is Up

    Too bad TCM couldn't get some Paramount oldie premieres like THE REMARKABLE ANDREW, I WANTED WINGS or BLAZE OF NOON for their William Holden tribute. Maybe they didn't even try. With their Universal Vault Series dead in the water for over a year now, it looks like those films are ripe for decomposition. What a pity !

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