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  1. stjohnrv

    Your western top ten

    I like the idea of "Dusters" I watch over and over as opposed to the "Best": Run of the Arrow Rod Steiger A Man Called Horse Richard Harris Backlash RICHARD Widmark The Plainsman Gary Cooper Bugles in the Afternoon Ray Miland A Gunfight Kirk Douglas & Johnny Cash Two Mules for Sister Sara Clint Eastwood & Shirley McClain Red Sundown Rory Calhoun Alverez Kelly William Holden Major Dundee Charleton Heston, Richard Harris Saskatchewan Allan Ladd Warlock Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark Dark Command John Wayne Garden of Evil Gary Cooper, Richard Widmark Whispering Smith Allan Ladd Along Came Jones Gary Cooper The Sheepman Glen Ford The Bravados Gregory Peck Escape from Fort Bravo William Holden Maybe not the best but I watch them eveytime they are on.
  2. stjohnrv

    Favorite movie and actor

    The Best years of our lives (1946) Lawrence of Arabia (1962?) James Mason, Gregory Peck , William Holden Claudette Colbert, Shirley McClaine
  3. stjohnrv

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Gary Cooper was in North West Mounted with Paulette Goddard
  4. stjohnrv

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Paulette Goddard was in Unconquered with Gary Cooper
  5. stjohnrv

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Robert Preston was in North West Mounted with gary Cooper
  6. And nobody mentioned "The Ten commandments or Ben Hur" ?
  7. stjohnrv

    A to Z of Characters

    Tector and Lyle Gorch... Ben Johnson and Warren Oates "The Wild Bunch"
  8. stjohnrv

    A to Z of Characters

    Tector and Lyle Gorch... Ben Johnson and Warren Oates "The Wild Bunch"
  9. The "music" the soundtrack has been the bedrock of so many movies that became legion and in so many instances it is the music that stirs our memories of these great films. Here are a few that sit dormant in my mind always ready to reawaken and stir the blood and heighten the anticipation of experiencing them once again: Horst Buchholz rigs the bell in the village square and berates the villagers for their timidity in welcoming the arrival of he and and his companero's to rescue them from the clutches of Calverra. Charles Bronson turns to Yul Brenner and say "now were seven" ... The magnificent seven . A hauntingly sad song escorts "The wild bunch" as they ride slowly out of the Mexican Village with the villagers walking along side and wishing them good fortune, but knowing they will never see them again. you feel the "Bunch" senses it will be the last time they ever feel good about anything this is the beginning of their end and they are quietly OK with that Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, Woody strode and Robert Ryan disarm Ralph bellamy and his gunmen load the wounded Jack Palance and the beautiful Claudia cardinale aboard the wagon and head them back into Mexico. Bellamy calls Lee a "bastard" and Lee while mounting his horse say in reply "Yes sir in my case an accident of birth, but your Sir are a self-made man" in all these movies at this point the sountrack comes up to full blast and you can feel in your chest and it feels good.
  10. stjohnrv

    the quiet man

    I once read that The Quiet Man`` was John Ford`s vision of an Ireland that never was and maybe that's true, but for me this is a film that will never grow old ands leaves me cheering and asking for more every time I see it.
  11. stjohnrv

    In character with DaNnY KaYe

    I love Danny Kaye and have the PVR tuned up for "the Court Jester" and " Walter Mitty". Danny could sing, dance and do the most marvellous takes on foreign languages I ever heard. Great talent I never tire of watching.
  12. stjohnrv

    Your fave WWII movie made during WWII?

    The Canterville Ghost (1944) great fun with Charles Laughton and Robert Young with a bunch of great character actors of the era.
  13. Amusing thread being a Canadian there are only a few locations here Hollywood today ever seemed aware of Toronto, Montreal and off course Vancouver, but back in the 30's and 40's occasionally names like Medicine Hat, Moosejaw or Regina would show up in the dialogue. Here's a heads up for all you Civil War buffs in June 2012 a film company wrapped up the movie "COPPERHEAD" at Kings Landing Historical Village just a few miles up river from my home in Fredericton. The Director (name?) was the same fellow who directed Gettysburg and Gods and Generals should be interesting look forward to seeing it.
  14. Its always the "racist" card with you pompous lords of the message boards and i suppose I'll get another stern warning from the moderator.. who cares .

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