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    A tribute to Vivien Leigh

    It was wonderful to see, not only all of the films of Vivien Leigh, during her TCM Month, but all of the lovely tributes to her that were posted on this website. I found it fascinating that the trauma she suffered as a young child, separated from her parents, could have caused total destruction in her life. Instead, she developed into an extremely talented actress, who shared her deep emotions with everyone who had the wisdom to watch her work. In my novel, "Whispers from St. Mary's Well," which is available on, the young child born in 1851 in St. Mary's County, Maryland, suffers a traumatic childhood, and the story reveals how she struggles, with the help of spiritual allies and a supportive community, to break free from the cycle of terror, abuse, and depression that threatens to destroy her life. My novel, like all novels, is strictly fiction, and it's a treat to connect with an artist, like Vivien Leigh, on Turner Classic Movies, and see both struggle and survival in the life of a real, and deeply-honored human being.

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