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  1. WhitSt

    Frank Sinatra-Actor or no Actor?

    Let's pick a few he didn't sing in: The Naked Runner Von Ryan's Express The Manchurian Candidate The Joker Is Wild The Man with the Golden Arm From Here to Eternity ?
  2. WhitSt

    The Bowery Boys on Saturday mornings... thanks TCM!

    Where I lived I didn't get Channel 11 only 5 and 9
  3. I tried to search for "The Walking Stick" and couldn't find anything. Then as I was going thought the thread I found it in Samantha Eggar... Why is that? Since I'm started this thread I will ask the same question about TWS. If anyone seen "The Walking Stick". Can you comment in how do you think "she" was going to get away with it after the letter?
  4. WhitSt

    Samantha Eggar tribute on Friday morning/afternoon

    > {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote} +++ Spoiler in the description +++ I removed > The Walking Stick (1970) 6:15pm ET A beautiful ....Cast: David Hemmings, Samantha Eggar, Emlyn Williams, Phyllis Calvert Dir: Eric Till C-101 mins, TV-14 If anyone seen "The Walking Stick". Can you comment in how do you think "she" was going to get away with it after the letter?
  5. WhitSt

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    There is a Tyrone Power film called *The Luck of the Irish* which is fun. Thanks for showing me how to re-size the image. If you right click on the image and View Image is should be twice the size. I forgot they said it won't show in General Discussions but it Previews OK. Just cut an paste the url
  6. WhitSt

    Image Size

    Dear TCMWebAdmin What is the image size *recommendation* for posting, some of them are unyielding. Maybe you can explain how to make them smaller.
  7. WhitSt

    Remains of the Day

    "Remains of the Day" is that a Merchant Ivory snooze fest
  8. WhitSt

    The Bowery Boys on Saturday mornings... thanks TCM!

    Looking forward to seeing the boys. But I must admit I didn't like the shows as much as my dad did. I think it was a generational thing for him. Maybe this time I can appreciate them more.
  9. WhitSt

    How about your favorite newspaper movies

    > {quote:title=CharlieT wrote:}{quote} > My favorite is *His Girl Friday*, but I'm surprised no one's mentioned *All the President's Men*. At least there in the fiction category
  10. > {quote:title=scsu1975 wrote:}{quote} > The first film is The Little Fugitive. If you liked that film check out The Window (1949) it's has the same feel a little earlier but same atmosphere
  11. WhitSt

    Stuart Rosenberg's COOL HAND LUKE

    > {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote} > He was also a voice actor in Pixar's Cars, and the performance turned out to be surprisingly moving. no I feel old - pixar is needed explain who Newman is
  12. WhitSt

    Favorite San Francisco movies?

    > {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote} > Again, in no particular order: > > 1. *Vertigo* > 2. *Time After Time* > 3. *Dirty Harry* > 4. *Bullitt* > 5. *D.O.A.* > 6. *The Towering Inferno* > 7. *Pal Joey* > 8. *It Came From Beneath the Sea* > 9. *The Conversation* > 10. *The Maltese Falcon* I liked Dark Passage but that is from another era when they didn't do as much location shooting. There is a Don Seigel film he did in the 50s that is good and TCM showed a Blake Edwards film with Lee Remick a bout a year ago, very good. But your list is a very good start for people who want to watch SF films.
  13. WhitSt

    Stuart Rosenberg's COOL HAND LUKE

    Moving to Los Angeles in the 80s I didn't realize the Channel 7 news theme was from CHL.
  14. WhitSt

    John Garfield's Birthday tribute (3/4)

    > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote} > Garfield might have received a lot more recognition had he lived longer and not been de-facto blacklisted. I still don't get the blacklisted stuff when you look at the last 3-4 films he did. All were good.

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