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  1. chiscotheque

    new classic Hollywood tarot deck

    yes - they seem to be derived from old movie posters - or done in that style anyhow. very colorful.
  2. Interesting and really well made tarot deck based on classic Hollywood available to support on Indiegogo for anyone interested - worth checking out!
  3. chiscotheque

    2 in 1 MOVIE TITLES

    nanook of the north by northwest next: bend
  4. chiscotheque


    the desperate hours next: ant ire headspace
  5. chiscotheque

    The Seven Degrees of Paul Newman

    no next... how about: clifton webb
  6. finally - a subject worth replying to! i'd just like to broaden the scope a little: say, a list of the 10 worst actors. notably those who somehow or other eked out a career. anyone can be wretched in one or two flics - it's an impressive feat to be consistently dreadful and get your contract picked up (singers turned actor - like bing crosby, elvis, sinatra - don't count; nor do comics). also, with special emphasis on those actors who - on some base biological level - rankle and offend the senses. i submit the following partial list for your consideration: john wayne dick powell robert ryan charles boyer james garner clint eastwood van johnson adolphe menjou john barrymore micky rooney pat o'brien ok - a partial list, so many more, but a start.

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