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    Another in the periodic TV movie threads.

    Guilty Conscience (1985) It is Anthony Hopkins as a powerful and successful defense attorney who is contemplating an alternative to an expensive divorce. Blythe Danner is the wife who has made the situation difficult for him by collecting information of his activities and arranging for that information to go to a prosecuting attorney in the event of her death. I love very much the style of the storytelling as it reveals past actions and the complications of possible future actions in a manner uniquely natural to the situation. It delves into his psyche through his psyche. The low point for me is Swoosie Kurtz as the mistress. I rank this as one of the top ten miscastings of the decade. The teleplay was written by Richard Levinson and William Link who were masters of television mysteries. These creators of Columbo and Murder, She Wrote were at the top of their game here.
  2. I can not attest that this is complete list: Going Hollywood (1933) Pennies From Heaven (1936) Road to Singapore (1940) Road to Zanzibar (1941) High Society (1956) Road to Morocco (1942) The Road to Utopia (1946) Road to Bali (1952) A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1949) Going My Way (1944) The Bells Of St. Mary's (1945) Here Comes the Groom (1951) Man On Fire (1957) The Country Girl (1954)
  3. I believe that most people have heard the name: Douglas Fairbanks and might have an interest in seeing some of his work. You may wish to introduce him to a young audience via his sophisticated and genteel comedy-mystery movie: The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (1916).
  4. SansFin

    The worst possible cast selection.....

    The GEICO Gecko as Godzilla (1954).
  5. SansFin

    I Just Watched...

    Your reviews are helpful, interesting and a joy to read. It will be a serious loss to this forum if you do not post more. Our tastes often coincide but your writing is such that I understand and appreciate your opinion and taste even when you are lauding total dreck. I urge you to set aside whatever incident prompted your statement and soon return to giving us your insights, sharing your experiences and disseminating your knowledge.
  6. I would tend to chose light comedies as an introduction to classic movies because young viewers may not relate well to heavy drama concerning issues which are unfamiliar to them. Jewel Robbery (1932) I Love You Again (1940) Love Crazy (1941) The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936) Love in the Afternoon (1957) The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937)
  7. SansFin

    How do they do those car chases?!

    I do not know if this will help in any way but CBS has a video concerning a new movie. There is an interesting shot of a boom used in filming at approx. 1:24. At approx. 3:24 is approx. thirty seconds showing a rig for filming action. I am sorry to say that all other parts of the video are simply hype for the movie.
  8. I believe it was in an episode of: M*A*S*H in which one man says approximately: If my dog had your face I would shave his rear and teach him to walk backwards.
  9. I'm struggling successfully against the gout, I'm waging a terrific battle with my liver, and I'm holding my own against asthma, but I doubt if I have strength enough to survive your jokes. Crime? I'm afraid I can't think of any, but I can safely say my whole life was one continuous misdemeanor. I would not be surprised if all of a sudden Claudia got a fondness for heliotropes. About time the police department did something with the Irish. I've always wanted to be considered obstinate! If you think that's ugly, it's a good thing you can't read me thoughts! We both stink of dead bodies. And it's all your fault!
  10. They have now identified a probable cause: Vitamin E Acetate is one of those low-cost chemicals sometimes used by unreliable manufacturers. You never find it in quality vape products.
  11. SansFin

    Contest! Days Won

  12. SansFin

    Movie quotes you use all the time...

    I believe that you may wish to reconsider using that term in the future. I would urge you in the name of all that you hold dear that you do not Google: "flesh light" and or "fleshlight".
  13. SansFin

    Contest! Days Won

    I believe that the connotations are that 'humans' refers to us as biological entities and 'people' refers to us as social entities. "Humans are competitive" indicates a psychologically hard-wired trait while "people are greedy" indicates how we act within society. Please understand that this analysis comes from someone who once believed that the English "people" meant those whom you do not know and the English "person" meant an individual whom you do know and the English "perple" meant those you know only a little.
  14. SansFin

    Contest! Days Won

    I am more concerned that the profile page with that information shows also that The Moderator looked at my information. I do not know if I had done a bad thing that day or if they were trying to remember which who I am. Neither is a good thing. I would hate to think that I had been unintentionally bad because being intentionally bad is so much more fun. I know that I have not been very active in this forum of late but I would feel deeply grieved if The Moderator had to think: "Who is that?" rather than: "What did she do this time?"
  15. SansFin

    Movie quotes you use all the time...

    I use this line when some person is eavesdropping on a private conversation which I am having with my insignificant duhther. We will then lapse into a discussion of the difficulty in disposing of a fresh corpse.
  16. SansFin

    I Just Watched...

    I love Blade Runner (1982) very much but I doubt you would be fond of it. It is full of anger. Overcrowding is a substantial motif. I can not speak towards the gore as I am fairly immune to it as long as it is done well. The special effects enhance the setting rather than being a dominant element. I find it more than a little sad that you will not experience the "tears in rain" soliloquy. It is one of the most powerful speeches in any movie. I am sure that there are clips of it on: YouTube and other sources but it can not be truly appreciated out-of-context. It is as if the entire movie builds to it. It moves his death away from being a personal concern and takes it into the realm of a loss to all mankind. The true meaning is not in the words themselves. It is in all the things which brought him to that point.
  17. SansFin

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    Attempting to remember the title of a movie led me to some others which I believe are liked only by me: The Pillow Book (1996) Few movies explore the sensuous delight of calligraphy. Life Tastes Good (1999) The cast is perfection. This was early in the career of Greg Watanabe. Sugar & Spice (2001) I fully realize that I am condemning my immoral soul for liking this movie but it is such trashy good fun!
  18. I chanced upon a mention of Turner Classic Movies in a setting which was neither commenting on classic movies nor denoting the channel within the television industry. I am sorry to say that that was some time ago and I did not think to make a note so that I might find it once more. The October 28, 2019 installment of the rerun of the 2000-2005 series: Raising Duncan by Chris Browne on has Adelle stating: "Last night, we stayed up to watch 'The Thin Man' and 'After the Thin Man' on Turner Classic Movies ..." The humor involved does not rely upon the reference to the channel nor are the movies exclusive to TCM. This leads me to wonder how prevalent awareness of the channel is to the general public. How frequent are references to the channel outside of classic movie forums or discussions of specialty channels in the television industry? I should perhaps note that Raising Duncan is a comic strip dear to my heart because of its gentle nature. It relies on warm feelings rather than overt jokes and on daily life rather than outrageous situations. Chris Browne also pens: Hägar the Horrible.
  19. SansFin

    Short & Sweet Favorites

    Of those scheduled: Wednesday, October 30, 2019: The Saint in New York (1938) I feel this movie is a little more hardcore than the later Saint movies made by RKO. Louis Hayward is so boyishly charming and yet so very believable as a cold and calculating murderer. Perhaps that is wrong because he is less 'murderer' than he is 'assassin'. The contrast between soft and stark scenes is amazing. It is of passing interest to me that this is the earliest movie in which I have seen the set used as Hutch's office. It appears in several other movies of the era. Penguin Pool Murder (1932) and Murder on a Honeymoon (1935) are quite wonderful. Edna May Oliver and James Gleason had great chemistry and were truly equals in being able to dish it out and to take it. I believe that all of the Hildegarde Withers movies were quite short and sweet. Fog Over Frisco (1934) is one of my favorite Bette Davis movies. She clearly shows why she became a star. Cat People (1942) I do not know what to say of this because I doubt any person who loves classic movies has not watched it and formed their own opinion. Mark of the Vampire (1935) I love fun little murder mysteries and I feel that this is one of the best.
  20. SansFin

    Double Indemnity Query

    It is my understanding that it is standard practice that an actor on a soap opera coughs when their contract negotiations are not going well.
  21. SansFin

    Bill Macy has passed He is perhaps best known as Maude's husband but I will for all time remember him as Sy Benson in: My Favorite Year (1982).
  22. SansFin

    Double Indemnity Query

  23. Doctor Who episode: "Twice Upon a Time" (2017) The Captain: Is this madness? Am I going mad? The Doctor: Madness? Well, you're an officer from World War One at the South Pole, being pursued by an alien through frozen time. Madness was never this good. The Doctor: Oh! It's not an evil plan! I - I don't really know what to do when it isn't an evil plan!
  24. Doctor Who: Rose: If you're an alien, how come you sound like you're from the north? The Doctor: Lots of planets have a north! Amy Pond: I thought ... well, I started to think you were just a madman with a box. The Doctor: Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me, 'cause it's important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a madman with a box. Rory Williams: He'll be fine. He's a Time Lord! Amy Pond: It's just what they're called. It doesn't mean he actually knows what he's doing. Melody Malone: I sat with my feet up on my desk and started to make a mental list of the people who'd want me dead. Once I got to fifty, I decided this wasn't helping. The Doctor: You need to start trusting me. It's never been more important. Amy Pond: But you don't always tell me the truth. The Doctor: If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to trust me. Firefly: Zoë: Captain will come up with a plan. Kaylee: That's good. Right? Zoë: Possibly you're not recalling some of his previous plans. Simon: I'm trying to put this as delicately as I can: how do I know you won't kill me in my sleep? Mal: Listen, you don't know me, son, so I'm gonna say this once: if I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed. Simon: Are you always this sentimental? Mal: I had a good day. Gunslinger Girl: Dr. Bianchi: Be clever like a snake but simple like a pigeon. There's nothing wrong with thinking things over delicately. There's no need to feel shame in acting shrewdly.

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