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  1. tayloranalu

    Need name of movie. In last week of

    i agree w/ hollywood golightly...panic in yrear zero...
  2. tayloranalu

    Anybody out there know & love "The Phantom of the Paradise"

    Thank u so much for your reply..oh how i wish i got fox movie chan,,but alas.. no. So i guess it seems that so far i am the only critter out there who is wild about this movie,,,,sokay..thanks for the acknowledgement anyway!!!
  3. OMG, I am new to site & have been dying to know if anyone knows/loves this flik w/ Paul Williams as "SWAN" & Jesscia...Jessica....? as his unrequited love. It's a remake/retake on Phantom of the Opera. But its soundtrack is all written by Paul himself & really , in my humble opinion is awesome, especially"The Hell of It", a & "Old Souls".
  4. tayloranalu

    New to site; question on the movie schedules

    Thank you so much Fred C Dobbs (great name)! You are so kind to break it down for this novice! Thank you again! tayloranalu
  5. Hi all.. REDS is going to show, but I do not know how to interpet the movie time. It says 2:30 AM east coast time; Tuesday Nite/ Weds morning on the daily one schedule I looked at, then I went to the monthly schedule , and changed to pacific time & it showed REDS coming on 11:30pm Wednesday nite/Thursday Morning. I am sure I am not reading this right, and my 80yr old mother is looking forward to seeing this movie. I will be as well , looking for my faves. Can anyone offer me the best way to look up the movies using PST?? Thank you all & looking forward to chats w/ all my TCM friends & fans!!!! tayloranlu

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