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  1. Stoopnagle

    Noir Alley

    She mentions knowing Skip since he was a kid. Maybe, he considered her "family". Yeah, no kidding. i always enjoyed seeing her in those wisecracking housekeeper roles, but here, she really took it up a notch playing such a sad and interesting character.
  2. Stoopnagle

    Films that seem too long

    Interesting idea, but how would you end the first film?
  3. Stoopnagle

    Your three favorite male actors of all time

    My three: Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart and Alec Guinness.
  4. Stoopnagle

    Legendary actress and singer Doris Day dead at 97

    Decades is showing Mod Squad this weekend. The Doris Day Show will be part of their weekend binge for May 25th/26th. For Tim Conway, Antenna TV has a "McHale's Navy" marathon going on.
  5. Stoopnagle

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    I guess I contributed in veering off-topic, so to get back on-topic, I will say that, so far, COCKEYED CAVALIERS and HIPS, HIPS, HOORAY! are favorite Wheeler and Woolsey films. That Thelma happens to be in both of them may or may not be a coincidence 😀. Not only were Wheeler and Woolsey in GIRL CRAZY, where the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland remake is better known, but they were also in RIO RITA, which is better known by the remake with Abbott and Costello. Tom, thank you for posting the BOHEMIAN GIRL stills. I had never seen those before.
  6. Stoopnagle

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    BOGUS BANDITS isn't a short. It's an alternate title for their feature length film, THE DEVIL'S BROTHER. Thelma was in Laurel and Hardy's first sound short, UNACCUSTOMED AS WE ARE. She also was in the shorts, ANOTHER FINE MESS and CHICKENS COME HOME. Her final film was with Laurel and Hardy, THE BOHEMIAN GIRL. Originally, she had a bigger role, but she died before it was released, and because of the scandal surrounding her death, they cut her role down to one musical number shown early in the film.
  7. Stoopnagle

    What's The Funniest Movie You Ever Saw?

    Speaking of Benigni, I remember laughing out loud at his movie, Johnny Stecchino. I haven't seen Monster. But it would be hard for me to beat the Marx Brothers for laugh out loud comedy - I give A Night At The Opera the edge as an overall film, but Duck Soup may be their purest comedy - they don't even stop for the harp and piano solos. Laurel & Hardy have brought me lots of laughs: I'll go with Our Wife, The Music Box, Two Tars, Helpmates, County Hospital and Way Out West as their funniest but that just scratches the surface. I always thought Airplane! was a very funny film.
  8. Stoopnagle

    Highly Unlikely Pairings!

    Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante. MGM put them in 3 films: Speak Easily (1932), The Passionate Plumber (1932) and What! No Beer? (1933)
  9. Stoopnagle

    Disliked Movie Settings or Story Types

    I once went to a quaint little restaurant that had singing waiters. For this night, they decided to sing selections from the opera, "il trovatore". (True story, BTW). The singing was wonderful, but I was disappointed that they didn't perform the most popular song from this opera - "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".
  10. Rear Window is also my favorite Hitchcock film. It's good to see some underrated Hitchcock films, such as Rope and Young And Innocent, get some love in this thread, so I'll offer two from the silent era that I thought were enjoyable: The Lodger: The Story of the London Fog - Hitch's take on Jack The Ripper. It has a strong Nosferatu vibe to it, and I would recommend it to those that like that film. The Farmer's Wife - And now for something completely different: this is about a widower who decides he wants to remarry but finds that this is not as easy as he expected. It's a rarity in his catalog in that it's a real charmer.
  11. Stoopnagle

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    ...or they would think Gwen Stefani is in the movie. Billed as Lady Gaga, there's No Doubt who's in it.
  12. Stoopnagle


    While the PSYCHO remake may have been pointless, I would love to see another Hitchcock film be remade: SUSPICION (but only if they include the ending that Hitch originally wanted). At the end of the day, I think remakes are worthwhile if they bring something interesting to the table. After all, it took Hollywood three tries to perfect THE MALTESE FALCON ?.
  13. Here are my favorite classic movie comedians: The Marx Brothers didn't make many films but some of them are among my favorite films of all time. I love the combination of verbal comedy and sight gags. Laurel & Hardy have an incredible body of work. Their chemistry is great, and they had the ability to make comic gold out of the simplest situations. Their reactions to what happens on screen are often funnier than the gags. W.C. Fields was a grower for me - I didn't get him at first, but he has gradually become on of my favorites as well. "It's A Gift" is one of the all time great comedies and just scratches the surface. I can thank Buster Keaton for getting me into classic film. His short "Cops" was the first film I ever owned (in Super Eight). He's remained my favorite silent movie comedian. Harold Lloyd is just a couple notches below Buster. I think his feature films are as great as Buster's, but his short films are very hit and miss (of course, he made a lot more of them than Keaton). Charlie Chaplin is, no doubt, an important figure in film history. I enjoy most of his features and he's had some brilliant short films, but he's had quite a few films that I found underwhelming. Charley Chase is a movie comedian I discovered much later - his films come off like an early take on sitcoms. Dick Van Dyke might have been a Stan Laurel fan, but his Rob Petrie character is much closer to Chase than Laurel. Rounding it out: The Three Stooges, Abbott & Costello and Jerry Lewis were childhood faves, but I would say I just like them rather than love them now. All three can be hysterically funny, but as I've gotten older, I found that their humor is best seen in small doses. That said, there's quite a few Stooges shorts I can never get tired of seeing, and "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" and "The Nutty Professor" are definitely keepers for me.
  14. Stoopnagle

    Actors/Actresses in dual roles.....

    Laurel & Hardy played dual roles several times in their films: BRATS (1930) - They play Stan & Ollie and their young sons. TWICE TWO (1933) - They play Stan and Ollie and their sisters - with Stan married to Ollie's sister and Ollie married to Stan's sister (whew!) OUR RELATIONS (1936) - They each play twin brothers. I'm not sure if this counts, but in A CHUMP AT OXFORD (1940), Laurel plays Stan, but when he gets hit on the head, he becomes the boorish Lord Paddington.
  15. The Charley Chase talkies set by Sprocket Vault has now been released. Here are the details:

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