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    I enjoy classic film noir. Some of my favorite
    comedies are Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, and
    Duck Soup. I enjoy classic tv such as The Odd
    Couple and Batman.

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  1. I love how offbeat The Lady from Shanghai is. Rita Hayworth gives one of her best performances and Everett Sloane are brilliant. I believe that Joseph Cotton makes a quick cameo in a scene as Rita's Elsa is running down the street.
  2. wewink

    Rod Taylor has died

    I was sad to hear about Mr. Taylor's death. There was something special about this actor. Taylor was an actor of depth. An actor who always brought intelligence, honesty, and heart to his performances.
  3. wewink

    Your top ten favorite noirs.

    1. The Maltese Falcon 2. Gun Crazy 3. Double Indemnity 4. The Lady from Shanghai 5. The Big Sleep 6. Detour 7. The Asphalt Jungle 8. The Postman Always Rings Twice 9. The Killers 10. The Killing
  4. wewink

    Tired Old Queen videos

    I discovered Hayes a few years ago. I love his love and enthusiam for classic movies. His reviews are always fun to watch.
  5. wewink

    Best Raymond Chandler Adaption Ever

    The Bogart and Bacall version on The Big Sleep is a personal favorite of mine. But I also think that Murder,My Sweet is also excellent with a break out performance by Dick Powell. Although Lady in the Lake is not in the same level as the other Chandler adaptations, there is a brilliant scene where an injured Marlowe is dragging himself towards a phone booth. It is done through his perspective. It adds a dramatic grittiness that the otherwise gimmicky but entertaining movie lacks. I think that Bogart's Sam Spade is darker and more corrupt than Bogart's Phillip Marlowe.
  6. I would love to go to the set of The Maltese Falcon. I would want to observe Bogart and see how he worked. I would want to see how the scenes were set up and listen to the behind the scenes conversations.
  7. I hope the problems will be resolved soon. I think this is probably just a temporary glitch.
  8. The situation is getting frustrating. I just wish I knew how long this problem will last. This situation won't bring new members to the CFU. Hopefully they are working on the problem and it will be resolved.
  9. wewink

    ?The Fountainhead?, best comedy of 1949

    This movie is so over the top that grand sweeping music is played when Raymond Massey walks across the room to get his coat and hat.

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