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    Warren Beatty: The Tough Guys

    Have you look at the trading card. He's sillouetted with a white collar and a brown gun. That's Actor Warren Beatty. We just saw Vivian Leigh in The Roman Spring Of Mrs' Stone. In all of 42 films, Beatty is one of the tough guys. Mobster, Romantic Lover, a Kid who saw a girl and Criminal King of all human vegas casino. A regular Bugsy Malone is TCM's Summer Under The Stars' Actor and a Tough Guy to follow him. Are you gonna tell us about Beatty? Here are a list of films. The Founainhead an oscarworthy, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Breaking Point,Operation Pacific, Bright Leaf, Three Secrets, Raton Pass, Diplomatic Courier, Washington Story, Something For The Birds, Your Woman, Stranger From Venus, A Face in A Crowd and Breakfast At Tiffany's. She had 3 strokes at 39, 3 walks and of course back on the set with oscars and emmys. Her name is Patricia Neal. And she died last night at a hospital at aged 84. An end of an era for an actress. That's why we're adding another Summer Under The Stars icon to say, we missed her dearly. That is why Summer Under The Stars remembers Patricia Neal on her passing. More Please.
  2. tcmfanatic1

    Dennis Hopper gone at 74

    Hi Ben Mankowicz, I pause today from Memorial Day Movie Marathon to tell you that your friend and collague Dennis Hopper the yungest star who guest star on 'The Medic' with Richard Boone and Warner Bros.' leading man in the film 'Giant' died today in his 74 years while taking turn for the worse for having prostate cancer. Bob show us a film about Giant and aired on TCM last month starring the late James Dean, The Late Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and Carroll Baker in that epic story about the 1920's right up to the 1950s which is 58'. Dennis was a familiar face to viewers but only starred in one episode as told on tv of the medic. Hopper build his success in movies like this and Rebel without a cause. In the late 60s, he starred in the film easy rider in which was good in a scene with peter fonda. Next, the 80s gave us The Osterman Weekend, Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet and Hoosiers. He even garnered an oscar for best supporting actor in the film and that was followed by his only directorial inColors and Sandra Bullock's latest film Speed plying a villian who tried to pull a gun at the bus. He wasborn Dennis Lee Hopper and grew up in Dodge City, Kansas the son of Majorie Mae. Are a marathon of Dennis Hopper's film of the 60s and 70s start with you at 6am followed by the eesential special 'Easy Rider' at 8pm and then at 10pm Osborne continue remembering Dennis Hopper. So after his success of the medic playing the epileptic paitent, What is 'rebel without a cause' that made him a star? Let's hope is in this tribute as tcm roll the this promo. Ronnie Peterson
  3. tcmfanatic1

    A Note about Ginny Sims

    The Film 'Brodaway Rhythym' made her the most singable star in the world. Although, George Murphy was axed from MGM musical he went on to other Movie project for RKO. For Ginny Sims was the last straw and Ginny Sims axed from MGM after just one film. She was back to Kay Kyser and to make more song before her depature from radio and records. Now Ginny Sims alone before Warner Bros ever do Night and Day. That was all she can make for Night and Day with Cary Grant and Alexis Smith. Now Ginny Sims left the studio and her recordings That could be sad. Edited by: tcmfanatic1 on Apr 21, 2010 9:26 PM
  4. Hi Ben Makowicz, Next week they'll be eulogies for an actor and the other actor and wine collector. Actor Peter Graves who starred in 65 films you'll share first with During your morning and afternoon shift and A&E's longtime Biography host succumb to a heart attack last week. On March 17th, they were having a family dinner. They were going to have a birthday tomorrow with friends at their driveway telling what's on with the infomercial on hearing and retirement plan and how he was doing til monday morning. When their family got to the floor they heard the collapse when he suffered a heart attack and yesterday, the news was on and After a good night sleep we woke up monday morning when Robin Meade told about the death sunday march 17th of Peter Graves long gone too soon at 83. The one we saw was the 1951 film Stalag 17th. So what's the set aside of the loss of James Arness' son, the Mission: Impossible man. Goodbye Mr. Phelps and Goodbye, Mr. Graves. We also heard on thursday as I woke the next day, the friday passing of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone star Fess Parker. Actor, Singer, Congressman and Wine Owner. He has died in california of natural causes. His 23 films for morning and afternoon with you and nighttime with robert osborne and his tv series lasted most of his 84 years. Peter Graves and Fess Parker would've celebrated their birthday according to entertainment tonight. So what the sad part about Fess Parker and by the way. RKO and Walt Disney had these Davy Crockett movie while RTN is paying tribute to Fess with a dainel boone marathon. I hope i'll be there. Peter Graves is being remembered with The American Life Network's Mission: Impossible Marathon. I hope you tell us you two and by the way. The Essentials has a movie Stalag 17 in honor of the Mission: Impossible man. Condolences, Ronnie Peterson Cary, N.C.
  5. tcmfanatic1

    Telling about Teresa Wright

    Actress Teresa Wright died on March 6th, 2005 of cancer she was 78. We saw her as Grace Cummings on Guiding Light. But did you know besides movies to her credit that she stars in two dramas like 'Shadow Of A Doubt' and 'The Pride of The Yankees'? She left us because she lived her legacy among one of hollywood's biggest starring with her. Edited by: tcmfanatic1 on Feb 19, 2010 11:50 PM

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