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  1. pastdue74

    Houston fans

    II am not in Huston but I am also at a loss about going. I have decided to go but will not go in the grand style I would like to. You know, Spotlight Pass and Roosvelt Hotel. I am going Essentials and Super 8. Sheesh...What a drag...See you there
  2. pastdue74

    Vintage clothes

    Anyone wearing their finest vintage clothing?? How about not so fine vintage clothing If so, is it sentimental, got at Goodwill, handmade, got from Gramma...Whats the story???
  3. pastdue74

    spotlight pass or Roosvelt Hotel

    Hi! Thanks for the advice!! I am going to get the Essentials Pass and stay somewhere else as well. There seems to be alot of chatter about Riff Raff on some of the other posts....Guess that would include me !! Uncle Sam pays me soon, then I will book. In the meantime. if anyone knows a less expensive option for lodging within walking distance of the happenings, please let me know.
  4. Should I get the spotlight pass and stay at a less expensive motel or get the Roosvelt Hotel and the less expensive film festival pass?? I can't do both...Just way to much money. I plan to drive from Las Vegas so I will have a car. I gotta come tho, been watching TCM when they only had 3 movies!!! Robert and I have spent 15 of so New Years together and oh the stories I could tell...

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