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  1. I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Cat  

  2. looney4tcm

    TCM Backlot San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

    How many members did you get AND what are your favorite cereals? I prefer the ones that look and taste like Frosted Flakes without the BHT "In the 90's I'd plop myself down on my couch on Sunday mornings with a bowl of my favorite cereal and watch all morning"
  3. looney4tcm

    Ted Turner

    I didn't realize AT&T was connected to Time Warner. I do NOT say the following lightly or recklessly: I have observed first hand AT&T incrementally, systematically break down, ruin and now destroy Directv. I've spoken to many of the Directv employees and contractors to confirm my suspicions. Hopefully TCM will give the higher level bosses a chance to redeem themselves.
  4. looney4tcm

    Ted Turner

    Thanks Ted and thanks Time Warner for keeping it commercial free. Keep supporting TCM merchandise.
  5. looney4tcm

    Does anyone know

    Wait ........ was it A Night to Remember? Bad guess.
  6. looney4tcm

    Does anyone know

    Robert Osborne would know so hopefully there is currently a TCM employee who knows, and can answer this. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone had a job to offer clarity for all the cool questions that us common folk are able to ask yet not able to answer yet drive us a bit batty?
  7. looney4tcm

    Name of Character Actor

    You got it! This qualifies you as an expert!
  8. looney4tcm

    Name of Character Actor

    There was an actor who stuttered mightily and they used him for "comic effect" in the 30's or 40's ... does anybody know his name?
  9. I keep typing in my password twice then my new password. Message says my passwords don't match. I try doing the same steps except I leave out my new password. It says I must enter my new password. I try again with typing in current password twice then the new password. It says my passwords don't match. Total time wasted is 90 minutes. I'll check back in a week. Geeeez
  10. looney4tcm

    I Might Be Stupid

    Just spent an hour trying to log in. First on my cell phone. "Invalid login credentials" is the message from TCM. Tried from my computer: got in then it kicked me right out instantaneously. Tried three more times from my computer hitting the keys real slow to confirm accuracy. TCM message says it doesn't recognize my id. Got in on the next sign in try doing the exact same steps. So I'm in on my computer now but still dysfunctional on the cell phone. I could have baked a vegan turkey by now if I wasn't wasting so much time
  11. looney4tcm

    Ben Mankiewicz

    Yes Ben's interview with his Dad was definitely a TCM Highlight! Happy Thanksgiving
  12. looney4tcm

    Ben Mankiewicz

    Who dressed Ben this past Saturday afternoon? Surely the TCM wardrobe consultant was out of town. The only way that could possibly have made sense is if the scruffy was allowed back.
  13. looney4tcm

    Ben Mankiewicz

    Geez Miss Wonderly ... I doubt anybody should hate Ben just for hosting It's more likely he's the guy in high school who might have encountered a tad bit of animosity (mild to moderate) for having a smart allecky attitude

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