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  1. Rockules


    Is anyone actually planning on sleeping during the festival? I don't know if I can fit it in my schedule.
  2. Rockules


    I wonder if there are any plans to try to replace him with others who worked on the King of Comedy?
  3. Rockules

    L.A. Tourismo Beyond the Fest

    I was thinking about doing this:
  4. Rockules

    Club TCM

    Will there be drinks available? If so, what will the prices be like?
  5. Rockules

    More guests & restored films announced 4/8!!

    I'm glad I didn't pay the extra money for "A Star is Born."
  6. [Ernest Borgnine reveals the secret of life|]
  7. Rockules


    Plus a third to-be-announced film with Danny Huston? Humm... I bet it is the new Robin Hood.
  8. Oh, please stop. No one cares about your rants. People are not perfect. Leave the old man alone and let us enjoy his films and the festival.
  9. Rockules


    I assume there will be memorabilia and souvenirs available for purchase. Is there any information about what will be available yet so I can pack accordingly?
  10. Rockules

    I'm Going and Not Complaining! Who Else?

    Yes, I got mine on Saturday. FedEx tried to deliver it on Thursday and Friday, but I wasn't home.
  11. How about Ester Williams?
  12. I'm glad Crimes and Misdemeanors is mentioned. The festival needs some Woody Allen. Perhaps "Play It Again, Sam" can be played after Casablanca?
  13. Rockules

    Houston fans

    Well, I am within driving distance to Huston...
  14. Rockules


    So, I spent all my fun money on tickets (flight, traffic, admission). Are others in this situation interested in sharing a room or camping in front of Grauman's?
  15. I hope he brings a copy of "The Day the Clown Cried." I'd also like him to reflect on working with Dino.

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