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  1. Trump's Appointments

    It is very difficult to say if Trump is for or against anything. So I assume he got rid of the others because they disagreed with him and hired these two because in the private meetings they had with him, they agreed and kissed his behind. But like the vast majority of others, they will say or do something that Trump doesn't like and Trump will no longer favor them.
  2. Hubert de Givenchy has died

    My Japaneses mom was just confused by the performance. The reason being that Japaneses women were generally portrayed by Hollywood in mostly positive ways; The Teahouse of the Augest Moon, Sayonara (both with Brando) and even on T.V. with the Courtship of Eddie's Father; We grew up on that show and that Japaneses actress reminded us kids of our mom (except the women on the show was much nicer, ha ha). So she didn't understand why this film portrayed a Japanese man as a clownish type character. (but the buck teeth she understood since that was how Japanese men were portrayed on US WWII posters).
  3. how many movies did shirley booth star in?

    You should be complaining on the website of one of those home improvement T.V. shows and demanding that they show Hot Spell. (but I'm with Dargo on this one; it isn't the design of the Kitchen, but that you have something for Ms. Booth).
  4. I Just Watched...

    I'm also curious as to the 'why' behind the very negative views some around here have of Streep. She appears to be the Katherine Hepburn of her generation in that, generally, people either have very positive feelings towards her, or negative ones. I can understand that excessive hype gets under one's skin (e.g the greatest actress of all time or her generation chants), but I do find her to be one of the best actresses of her generation. She communicates to me the emotions of the character she is playing very well IMO. As it relates to politics; I don't mix how I feel about artist with politics.

    Like in Italy (which I follow since my wife and in-laws are from there), civil unions have gained too much power and I believe the benefits have been too generous for decades. This is just another classic struggle between civil workers that receive guaranteed benefits and those in the private sector that, as taxpayers, have to pay for those benefits. Here in CA, the pension funding system is clearly broken. By the next decades, many cities will be spending 30% or more of their annual budgets on pension payments. That means less services for everyone in the city. There has to be reform and some balancing.

    Some say much needed reforms while others say controversial reforms. Like Renzi in Italy, these golden boy saviors are often unable to reform the political and economic systems and end up being marginalized by both the left and right leaning political parties.
  7. Top favorite Westerns

    I also don't care about an actor's politics or what they do in their personal life as it relates to if I'll watch movies they are in and how much I enjoy those movies. But I wouldn't view 'the rest' as just malicious gossip; most is based on actual facts; E.g. Wayne didn't serve during WWII, and Fonda did go to Vietnam (these two examples were chosen for a reason, ha ha).
  8. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal-

    Highway: The issues isn't data mining. As a software engineer I have created data mining software. I define data mining as collecting data to profile users. To learn about their tendencies and habits. There is nothing inherently 'evil' about data mining. Now typically such data mining is used for marketing purposes, but in many ways political data mining is for marketing purposes, but instead of trying to convince someone to purchase a certain product, the goal is to convince them to vote for (or against), a political candidate. The ISSUE HERE is the possible involvement of a foreign government. The additional issue is that campaign law is far behind the technology of the Internet as it relates to what is an ad and what is campaign spending. Like with drones, the Feds can't keep up and many current laws are based what are soon to be outdated methods of campaigning.
  9. 2018 Elections

    Looks like a classic case of 'it's the economy, stupid'. E.g. here in CA GOP House incumbents are running ads saying 'see that extra revenue you have on your paycheck, that is all due to the tax cuts that XYZ voted for!'. This is a very simple political strategy; pass a bill that gives the 'little people' a few pennies and then run on that in the next election.
  10. All-Time favorite film genre's?

    My favorite genres would be noir\crime\mystery, romantic comedies, and adventure films (e.g. Robin Hood, Captain Blood). I don't dislike any genre but musicals would be my least favorite.
  11. Inside Putin's Russia...

    It is very questionable if these new weapons will function as advertised. But the US failed to sign the deal that restricted the development of so called anti-nuke defense devices and the US is far ahead of the rest of the world as it relates to these devices. The new Russian weapons can't be stopped by these anti-nuke defense devices; e.g. a cruise missile that travels over the South Pole to reach it's target or an underwater drone that can get to the coastline and then detonate a nuke. If the US is the only one with such anti-nuke defense devices this changes the traditional mutual-destruction 'pack' that, so far, as prevented the use of nukes by any country. The bottom line being that the arms race is back on full bore between Russia and the USA.
  12. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Yea, at least in a flashback scene.
  13. It's Sir Richard Starkey now...

    There are people that believe Elvis is still with us, and not just in spirit. Don't tell me you have never heard of that urban legend?
  14. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    "Anyone see a pattern here?" was a rhetorical question? Oh well, even if it was, I agree with it; there is clearly a pattern that serial bombings and most mass shootings are committed by angry white males. (and ones I assume are big fans of people like Sean Hannity). I can see one reason to bring up illegal immigrants as it relates to angry white males; instead of hiring more ICE agents, the Feds should hire more FBI agents. That is something the Feds should seriously consider. If states and cities cooperated with ICE, instead of releasing criminal illegal immigrants into the community (like the CA Sanctuary State law does), there might not be a reason for more ICE agents.
  15. The President And The Porn Star

    That wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm surprised another Donald Jr. by another mother, hasn't come forward based on all the women Trump has had sex with. But paying for abortion or having a child out of wedlock isn't a crime or immoral in my book. (but yea, it should be too all those religious nut cases that voted for the clown).

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