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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    I became addicted about 10 - 12 years ago when they were on T.V. at 10 PM (if I recall correctly), and I believe I have seen most of the B&W series. They are now on ME-TV at 11:30 PST, which is a little late for me to watch a one hour program, but if I haven't seen one OR there is one I really liked (e.g. Martha Vickers from The Big Sleep was in one last week), I'll stay up. I enjoy the show a lot but sometimes the endings are just a little to 'out-there' with Mason always being able to get the guilty one to admit they did the deed.
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    The Appointments - Trump's Swamp

    Of course you meant 2020. Don't know if Haley would help with women voters on a Trump ticket since, well Trump will find many additional ways to insult women by the election. I still say that Trump will be challenged in the GOP primary and that if the Mueller outcome shows that 'Russian-gate' wasn't a hoax, that the odds are around 50 \ 50 that he will lose and then run as an Independent. It would be interesting is Sander and Trump both run as Independents with both parties running more establishment type candidates. No one gets 270 and the Dem controlled House decides the outcome. (but yea, all of this is pure speculation if not wishful thinking).
  3. Yea, why the need to bring in a new character instead of just recasting since as the Smart joke goes 'they all look the same'!.
  4. jamesjazzguitar


    I agree; I should have stated that for the USA support of Saudi Arabia is now due mainly because of Israel and our misguided effort to cause a war between Shias (lead by Iran), and Sunnies (lead by the Saudi Arabia).
  5. It is bogus to claim that less abortions equates to women deciding that life is more important without additional data. E.g. it could be because of less unwanted pregnancies due to the good work of groups like Planned Parenthood, and despite conservatives efforts to limit access to birth control. Anyhow, I hope those having babies have the means to support them without government assistance. One of the last things I want my taxes spend on is assisting deadbeat parents.
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    Lock Them Up!

    Ah, that would be nice and something the I assume not part of the Mueller investigation (since it falls way outside of that). Nunes needs to be slapped down hard.
  7. I know and I was just joking. But really there are some folks at this forum that if the GOP had a similar struggle it would be famed as either racist or sexist (when it really is 'just politics'), since they tend to frame everything in that way. OF course Pelosi hints that since 14 of the 16 that oppose her are men their motive must be sexism. Is that really the case? Are incoming male Dem House members really that sexist? Sounds like a #anything-to-win accusation to me, and Dem identity politics run amok (and eating their own). Really do Pelosi and many other leading female Dem politicians believe that if a male voter doesn't vote for a women he is sexist by default????? A group like Emily's List is praised but if men tried to create such a group they would be labeled as sexist. Emily List is clearly a sexist movement.
  8. Note that as the Chan serial progressed Chan and his wife had more and more children and this became a continuing running-joke of the serial. E.g. one ended with Chan saying he had to rush out (after solving the murder of course!), because his wife was about to give birth. As for Victor Sen Yung; He has always been one of my favorite Asian movie actors of the 40s - 50 and later on, in many T.V. shows. He could play serious \ strong Asian characters for WB (e.g. The Letter with Davis, Across the Pacific with Bogie, Moontide with Gabin, The Breaking Point with Garfield etc,.) as well as the more silly type of son he played in the Chan serial. Being half-Asian, I never forget him in Get Smart playing Abe Fu Yung (like the food) in an episode called "I Am Curiously Yellow" (talk about being NON PC!); This is where the head bad guy is Chinese and they attempt to kidnap the white blonde daughter of a diplomat. They keep kidnapping the wrong gal and when asked by Smart why say something like; 'well they all look alike to us!'. Yung is a enemy agent and the front is a Chinese laundry; Smart confronts him and he says he is a spy that is great at disguises. Yung gets a line like 'I'm Japanese,,, but I can disguise myself as Chinese,, just like that' (as he snaps his fingers). Smart gives a great comic look that clearly says 'like any of use white folks could tell the difference!". Just some funny Buck Henry stuff.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    I have about 10 or so Mason books that I purchased at used-book sales over the decades. Yea, Mason and Drake are not so 'nice' and both have no problem with bending the law (and something out and out breaking it), when it suits their needs. I like that but I understand why for the T.V. show they 'clean them up'.
  10. jamesjazzguitar

    the new Grinch is millennial wuzzy

    Of course every new incarnation feels the need to elaborate on the work; to make it their own. This is called creativity. NOW, it might end up being a 'weak' incarnation (just like 'remakes' often are), but what is really silly is mimicking pre-exiting work.
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    & then there's the rest of the WORLD...

    Well if Chau did write that at least he was honest that he was trying to impose foreign myths on another culture and that the natives might not like that.
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    Lock Them Up!

    Yes, what Whitaker MAY do or NOT do, is concerning but I don't see how he can try to block things since all eyes are on him. Granted it is 99% likely that Trump appointed him for those reasons and even discussed this with him, but he know if he 'pulls the trigger' and impends the investigation and subsequent indictments, this will lead to the House impeaching the President. (Whitaker also knows that Trump will throw him to the wolfs IF it serves his purposes). Also, after the election rebuttal of all-thing-Trump, I don't see the GOP Senate supporting such a thing. Yea, Mitch has stuck with Trump so far, but if Trump and Whitaker go too far, I can see that changing like it did with Nixon. I.e. I just don't see GOP Senators being loyal to Trump if they know that it will cost them their Senate seat.
  13. MARCIA FUDGE backing down: Hey, isn't this a clear case of white supremacy?
  14. jamesjazzguitar


    If you really wonder why, you haven't been paying attention over the last 40 years or so. There is only ONE reason the West puts up with the Saudi government; OIL

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