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    Jazz music and jazz guitar playing, hiking, and studio-era movies (of course!).

    So you hold politicians to a lower moral standard than non-politicians. Interesting. That explains why you love Trump so much.
  2. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    Sharon Tate's sister doesn't want peace. She just was on the radio making the case for why NO one convicted for the killings should ever get parole.
  3. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I agree. Steyer appears to be as self absorbed as Trump. If he really wants to push NON-Trump policies he should use his money backing progressive Dem candidates (especially now that Citizen United allows for unlimited spending if one does it right).
  4. Flake "Muelling" Presidential Bid

    I assumed Princess was saying that Flake would run as an independent since she mentions independents and those in the Dem party (who can't vote in the GOP primary in most states). Either way, my prediction is that Trump will NOT run for a second term. He got his ego boost by winning (and that is the most important thing to Trump), and he wouldn't want to lose that winning feeling by losing in the general election. Like all Presidents he cares how history will portray him and I believe he wants that to be 'the guy the media overwhelmingly said would lose, that won' instead of the President that couldn't win a second term since Jimmy Carter.
  5. Flake "Muelling" Presidential Bid

    If Flake would run as an independent the likely winner would be the Dem candidate. (I would say the Dems would win for sure but they could run a really flawed candidate that doesn't know how to win an election similar to Hillary Clinton).
  6. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Odds Against Tomorrow is a good noir film. Some say it is the last noir from the classic noir period. It has noir icons Robert Ryan and Gloria Grahame, and Harry Belafonte, who gets to sing a song (the entire jazz score to the film is great). Oh, and I'm a fan of Teresa, a very touching film.
  7. Dumb Democrats

    The majority of Dems are Christian. Yea, less of a percentage then members of the GOP, but still a majority. So it isn't that Dems are barking up the wrong tree but that they believe in the same nonsense as the GOP.

    Of course it is but it is Trump that put the focus on those accusations by those immature tweets related to Al Franken. In addition, you always like to claim that your Christian values are superior to secular values. Well, does what Trump say on that Access Hollywood tape 'fit' your Christian values?

    Those 12 women already made their accusations. Are you saying more women are going to make additional accusations? Also, you mentioned a court of law but as you know the statute of limitations has expired. So are you saying some of these women are going to file civil charges against Trump?

    Uh, you want women to be heard. Well for them to be heard they have to come forward.
  11. why the media is trying so hard to scuttle roy moore

    And what Bill Cosby did is part of what???? Oh, and how about what the Japanese soldiers did to Korean women during WWII? Or all of the rapes by black men in Africa against women of another tribe? Sorry you're all wet yet again. This is about MALE privilege. Not everything in life can be explained by racism.
  12. why the media is trying so hard to scuttle roy moore

    I see what you're getting at and you could be correct. But I believe GOP leaders learned something from the last few elections and some of those wacko Tea-Party nuts. E.g. that GOP politician running for office (Senate if I recall), that said a women couldn't get pregnant from being rapped. The GOP was slow in distancing themselves from that clown. But with Moore many GOP leaders in Congress were quick to say he should step down, as well as the GOP Majority Leader saying there would be an investigation if Moore was to win, and that this could lead to him being removed. Hey, they are doing this to protect the party and to limit any future election impact outside of Alabama and not because it is the right thing to do. But all the same, if they fame kicking Moore out of the Senate as saying 'see, we care about women and their issues, we know what the right thing to do is' they could get some mileage from that spin.
  13. The Presidential HATE of trump

    Clearly there is a pattern here with Trump but with regards to Lavar Ball, Trump and him are very similar. Both are racist and sexist. In addition both try to exploit consumers. Ball is trying to sell a $400 basketball shoe with his targeted consumer young black men of limited income.
  14. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I agree. What is odd (really insane), is that both the far left and far right are paranoid about a 1984 USA.
  15. Trump's Tax Cuts for the Wealthy & Corporations

    The reason for this is because of people like YOU that don't wish to require everyone to pay into the system. Hospitals must charge these insane amounts to make up for what they are NOT paid by people that use the ER as their physician and don't pay a dime to the hospital. In addition the best way to get rid of this is to have medical fee schedules like they do in 'closed' systems like a single payer system or the Swiss only NOT-for-profit insurance carriers system.

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