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    Jazz music and jazz guitar playing, hiking, and studio-era movies (of course!).

    No one said Elvis was ONLY for the money, but that money was what he cared about the most. To me this is clear based on the quality of the material he released after 1964 or so. I.e. he had poor judgement because he had dollars signs covering his eyes.

    Calling Elvis a "child in an adult's body", is one of the biggest insults of a person I can think of (unless they truly have diagnostic development issues). I assume you said this as a defense of his poor judgment but it doesn't wash with me. He could read, right?
  3. GOP madness Unbound...

    Sorry but your mission (which I support) will fail since they have decided to take on the Robert Mitchum attitude.
  4. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    The cartoon should feature Reagan since he is the silly fool that grant amnesty; one of the worst decisions by a President in the last 50 years (with the invasion of Iraq being #1).
  5. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Of course there are different opinions and that is why the only reasonable public policy option is pro-choice. But on so many social issues (e.g. same sex marriage), you demand that YOUR opinion is the ONLY policy option. The government is NOT going to force a women to have an abortion. The government isn't going to force people to marry someone of the same sex. But you want a nanny state government that would use force to ensure people do NOT do something that causes NO harm to you. That is being a fascist.

    Elvis was an adult. Elvis was an American with rights. Olivia DeHavilland fought Jack Warner to ensure artists would no longer to be contract-slaves. Elvis continued to sign contract after contract retaining the Colonel as his manager \ agent. Elvis was most interested in money and not his art. Note that Elvis's music didn't develop, and his live shows mostly a circus act. One can't blame how his vast talent was underutilized on the Colonel. That is on Elvis.
  7. Go ahead, cry me a river.

    Both songs are consider jazz standard but these two solid versions by 'pop' artist, done decades after the songs were written, are now the definitive (most popular), version. Just goes to show that a well written song can continue to be popular, generation after generation, with 'new' adaptations standing on their own.
  8. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Correct. I wonder if Bill Clinton wished that Monica had blackmailed him instead of talking to Linda Tripp.
  9. Does Donald Trump Have Mental Health Problems?

    The criteria for the 25th is: "President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office". This 'unable' is vague but to me it means physically or mentally unable. So it doesn't relate to 'something specific he might DO', unless that 'something' is proof that the President is mentally unable. The bottom line is that with the 25th Congress is the one that finally decides if the President is removed or NOT, and it takes a 2\3 vote of both houses. But I still get the feeling you want the Trump removed by means that are Unconstitutional (e.g. forget the loopholes,,,, uh, no that would be unconstitutional). (PS: I'm hoping for the 'physically unable' as in,,,, 6 feet under).
  10. Does Donald Trump Have Mental Health Problems?

    If one is talking impeachment, Congress needs to follow the Constitution, right? I.e. that 'something so bad' needs to be something that is “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” As bad as Trump is I assume you don't wish for a US President to be removed like leaders are in 3rd world nations.

    I agree. Trump is a racist and clearly made racist comments but one shouldn't link Trump and his comments to actual policy. Now removing ALL chain-migration could be viewed as racist but limiting chain-migration (say to the level of parents and their children only), as well as lowering the priority of chain-migration as one of the merit criteria is just sound public policy. PS: Sadly Trump made a nonsense tweet that immigration reform is dead because of the Dems. Hopefully GOP members in Congress ignore Trump and continue to work with Dems on a compromise bill. I just don't see Trump vetoing such a bill but anything is possible with this loon.
  12. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Looks like the program is much more effective then anticipated. (but something tells me that isn't the point he is trying to make here).

    That is so true. This is why I said above that Elvis was the most talented individuals musically that didn't develop. I have to think that he just didn't take development of his talent, seriously. This occurs sometimes with individuals that start out with so much 'god given' talent.
  14. The Overplayed and the Underplayed

    They????? Uh, statues can be removed by city or county officials since they are owned by them or because they are on public property. Films are not owned by government officials so they can't be 'removed' by them. Of course the party that owns the copyright could decide to withhold them but this is very rare.
  15. I Just Watched...

    Did you post this because Baldwin and his guest (who was involved with filming this scene) discussed this after Bullitt was shown last night? If not you're really in tune with the universe! Either way, thanks for posting it since after seeing that discussion I was going to search for this today to refresh my memory.

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