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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    Why do you continue to spread such misinformation. Everyone knows Hoppy Serves a Writ was Bob's breakout performance! But serious, I find it a little over the top to say 'playing his greatest role'; Ok that is true when the film was made but that is only because 99% of the other films he was in were in the Hoppy type class. (with When Strangers Marry and Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore being the main exceptions).
  2. I guess you didn't read my entire post since I stated that I felt Audrey was NOT right for BAT. She wasn't since the type of gal Holly was required a more sleazy type screen persona.
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    SCOTUS battles

    I agree that Mitch was a rat and did an end-around the process but he had the power to do so; E.g. he was the Senate Majority leader. Today the Dems don't have that power. In addition Mitch's point about 'not during an election year' was a reference to only a Presidential election year (since the President does the appointing). But yea, GOP pulled a fast one. Dems have to win elections to get around them.
  4. Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and Sabrina. I just don't think anyone else could have been as charming, delicate and touching as she was in these two films. Of course when I told her she was miscast for Breakfast at Tiffany's she gave me this;
  5. Why thanks goodness that never happened? How can you judge that Penn would have been horrible playing the character Rick, until there is such a film?
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    Seminal Noir

    Just stick to 'what do I know' since it covers most situations.
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    SCOTUS battles

    Well actually I was molested at the age of 12 - 13 by my male guardian and I never disclosed this anyone until I got married 25 years later. To imply what you did; what a tool!
  8. The good news is that the #MeToo movement has made women more comfortable to contact the proper authorities in 'real time'. Of course trying to encourage to come forward is something American society has been pushing for decades (E.g. watch any cop \ crime based T.V. show since the 70s). Those that really want to ensure women are not victimized would encourage women to contact those authorities in 'real time'. The best way to prevent future incidences from a pert is to out them (even when there isn't evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to charge or convict them).
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    SCOTUS battles

    Come on an investigation involving teenager 36 years later???? Yea, that is going to revel the truth. Thanks for the best laugh of the week!
  10. jamesjazzguitar

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    My favorite Robert Mitchum film is His Kind of Women. I find this noir film to be 'fun' as well as dark. I.e. it is a very odd movie. E.g. Vincent Price plays a key character and since he is playing a ham actor he really hams it up. To me this 'works' in the film and Price ads some very humorous moments but to others it distracts from the plot and associated darkness. Oh, and there are very dark and brutal moments as well and these stand out because of how the film is edited. E.g. going from a very light silly scene with Price, his wife and girlfriend, to scenes where Raymond Burr as the heavy have his men beat Mitchum. There is also the romance between Mitchum and Jane Russell. I love their chemistry and banter, but all of that is secondary to the core plot of the film (which is between Mitchum and Burr).
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    SCOTUS battles

    The actual bottom line is that the President gets to submit an appointment and Senators vote on it and it only takes a majority. To me it is silly to view the question of 'did he do it' as binary. I.e. there is no way all these decades later to determine what occurred. A so called investigation isn't going to reveal anything of substance. Therefore the Senate should hold a vote ASAP with each Senator deciding how they wish to 'read' this. Future elections allow Citizens of a state to determine if they believe their Senator took the 'right' step.
  12. As for 'better government'; If you mean the overall system design being 'better' that is never going to happen because any changes would have to be approved by 2\3 of the states and the small states are never going to give up the excessive power they have as compared to the bigger states. This is why I support breaking CA into at least 3 states. The almost 40 million people in CA should have more Senators than the half-million in Wyoming.
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    I'm assume Backlot members are more sophisticated then your average bear as it relates to 'classic' (studio-era), movies and therefore they think about their selection based much more than just 'I favor A over B'. You mention a solid reason for doing so with 'frequent corstars' which also is linked to the movie studio the actor was under contract with (e.g. the supporting players used) and of course ease of access to films by TCM (which was mentioned by the other poster but related to TCM trying to promote films owned by their parent to increase 'exposure' and thus DVD sales, which I don't think TCM considers). Note that one of the primary reasons I wanted William was to get his Columbia Lone Wolf films to be shown on TCM. Hopefully in the future the Backlot members will have a choice of someone with films by Republic, United Artist and other studios, and this will 'push' TCM to lease more films from those studios.
  14. So many comics around here. An investigation 36 years after something allegedly occurred is NOT going to find out exactly what's going on. Attempted forcible rape is no joke. Victims need to treat it as something serious by reporting what happened to the proper authorities within hours after the occurrence. While I understand that can be difficult, not reporting it in 'real-time' allows perpetrators to get away with their crimes.
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    I would expect Backlot members to vote on actors that are obscure to them, since they wish to see films from that actor. To learn more about that actor. I.e. a primary criteria for a 'yes' vote should be to provide more exposure to said actor and the films they were in. So my POV is that the actor that 'deserves' the TCM SOTM tribute is the one that is least well known to studio-era movie lovers.
  16. Thanks for the reply. DB's reply also helped clear up my confusion.
  17. I'm either not following you or you're not making sense: For there to be DNA evidence that legal authorities have obtained (e.g. the police), that means the alleged victim had to quickly report the alleged assault to those legal authorities and these authorities can then determine if there was a crime committed or not (and therefore no need to extend the statute of limitations). (the goal here is to get alleged victims to report alleged crimes shortly after they occur so that evidence can be gathered and a longer statute of limitation does the opposite).
  18. More inquiry isn't going to expose what really happened. That is just the reality of these type of situations when the accuser comes forward decades later. As for statute of limitations: CA recently extended these due to the Cosby case. I believe that was a mistake and I would have shorten the time period since the best way to reduce sexual harassment and assault is to expose the perpetrator shortly after the incidence.
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    Host replaced?

    While I know my jazz, most jazz is NOT about bands but instead a group of musicians getting together for an album. Therefore it is useful info for the host to tell me who the side musicians are. But like I said if there is any talk it must be brief. Very brief.
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    These are great for swimming across the Rio Grande.
  21. I agree with you and clearly the DNC, with Clinton lover WASSERMAN SCHULTZ in charge, and sleazy Donna Brazile, helped ensure that Clinton won the nomination.
  22. Mr6666; Don't tell me you support this asinine stunt by Feinstein???? CA's junior Senator, Harris, was looking like a tough attack dog so the senior CA Senator had to up the ante and came up with this crap. In addition this situation isn't related to Moore. Not even close. In the case of Moore the accusers came forward. Note that I have voted for Feinstein since she first ran and will vote for her again in November, but that being said, it is clear what she is doing here. Face reality; unlike the lame Dems with Ginsberg, the GOP was able to convince a semi-conservative justice to retire so that a GOP President could appoint their replacement. I understand why Dems are bitter about the fact Trump is appointing another justice and what McConnell did by not allowing a vote on Garland during Obama's term on. But they need to grow-up and just admit they were outplayed. Big time. When Ginsberg croaks and Trump gets to appoint her replacement, what stunts will the Dems come up with to try to block an appointment? Oh, and they will likely have to come up with stunts since they will not have a majority in the Senate. Stop crying foul, grow up and learn how to win elections!!!
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Host replaced?

    No host, just music!!! (ha ha). With my local jazz station the host makes a big difference in what type (style) of jazz music is played. In addition the best host provide interesting info about the musician and \ or album, but are very brief.
  24. The uber corrupt WASSERMAN SCHULTZ needs to be defeated but since she is so corrupt that will be difficult. Canova running as an independent (since he knew the Dem primary was fixed just like it was in 2016), will only help the GOP candidate.
  25. jamesjazzguitar

    Gone with the Wind: My thoughts on the classic film

    Thanks for the reply. I see the point here; he was weak more for what he didn't do.

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