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  1. Please don't appear as clueless about the science as the OP. It is sea temps (which can lead to changes in on land weather). But I do agree that at this forum the only the people that believe excessive man-created carbon into the earth's atmosphere is NOT a concern, are posting about single events as proof of such.
  2. The only thing I wonder here is: WHO is WE????
  3. Uh, if Winehouse is a 'has been', it is because she is DEAD!!! I.e. if it wasn't for her addictions and subsequent death, my guess is that she would still be relevant. E.g. she is one of a handful of singers from her generation that us jazz musicians on the Jazz Guitar forum respect. That says a lot because of course us jazz musicians are the smartest cats on the block. (and don't put any stock into this last line!). PS: it does appear Sgt knows who Spears and Winehouse are, and in that I'm shocked!).
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    GOP madness Unbound...

    Yes, politicians are generally hypocrites. I just said the same thing about breaking campaign fiancee laws. It isn't 'so bad' unless it is being done by someone from the other party! E.g. CA Dems just got rid of the head of the CA Dem party since he was sexually harassing people. It was known from many party members that he was doing this but only after it became too public did the CA Dems act. At least some were honest about why they didn't act before; he is gay and was the most powerful gay Dem in CA and so they didn't wish to diminish him.
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    Judy Garland, Ideally

    Audience had to ignore 'these things' IF they wished to see Astaire dance, and that is what most people wanted. There were few female dancers around the same age as Astaire that could appeal to audiences to the necessary degree (e.g.box office take). Also for actresses younger was just preferred. So if one wanted to see Astaire instead of say, Dennis Morgan, that meant the actress he was paired with would be much younger.
  6. I agree; other than spending time with my wife, I get the most enjoyment out of life from spending time in nature and playing music. Both very inexpensive ways to get a good feeling.
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    How will TCM survive the “sensitivity” movement?

    Well now the PC activist are going at one of Dargo's favorites!!! Here in LA LA land there is a mural of Ava Gardner; Korean groups have complained because the mural features sun rays that look like the Japaneses imperial battle flag, and since we all know what those evil Japanese did to those helpless Koreans during the 40s, that mural of Gardner needs to go. So the LA School district is painting over it. Sad that school officials are such wimps they gave in to the demands of the activist. AND they are not going to put up a mural of Ava from The Killers in it's place! THAT is a real travesty of justice!
  8. Wow, too bad this was fake, since it was better advise then worshiping silly myths. I took the term 'Satan' as meaning capitalism and associated selfishness. Note this theme is mentioned in the Howard\Davis film The Petrified Forest; that to achieve one's dream as an artist one has to be selfish and a heal. Of well, all fake so the kiddies are safe.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Either way, I don't believe most DC politicians (from either party), consider campaign fiance violations a serious enough offensive to be removed from office. This is clearly the case here in CA, where 90% of the politicians are Dems and they don't call for removal of fellow Dems for campaign fiance violations. So I don't see this leading to the removal of Trump; not even close since GOP Senators would never convict for only this (and either would Dem Senators if the President was a Dem).
  10. The 'issue' is NOT about "global warming" as it relates to the temperature of the air; it was the warming of the oceans. This results in climate change E.g. unusual weather patterns. Of course there are nutbags on both sides; e.g. people for reducing carbon admissions that use a single weather event in a given area and state the sky is falling.
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    Macron's Popularity Collapses

    Macron needs to resign. Either he is totally incompetent or a coward, and either one is a reason he should resign. He is totally incompetent if he didn't intend to put in the changes he has now said will now be cancelled OR He is a coward for cancelling changes he believe are necessary because he is too afraid to deal with violence protesters. AND now that protesters know that violence 'works', France can expect more violence protest. Either way, a complete lack of leadership.
  12. I assume the actual question in the top post is rhetorical since we have no way to know what 'people of their time' felt with regards to the looks of these two fine actresses. I find both women attractive, especially in the early stages of their career (see the pictures above), but as some have noted, being presented as "attractive" wasn't important to these actors; acting was! I.e. they took on roles that were not glamours (and with Lansbury, she often played women characters that were older than she was). Either way, their looks didn't appear to impact their careers. Actors where their looks are the main draw are the ones that have their careers impacted as time marches on.
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    The movie is Sunset, released in 1988.
  14. jamesjazzguitar

    How will TCM survive the “sensitivity” movement?

    What has been 'growing by leaps and bounds in recent years?: The number of people that are overly-sensitive to content OR The number of companies that are reacting to the those that are overly-sensitive? My guess is mostly just the latter due to social media. Your historical post (great BTW), illustrates this; the station received PHONE CALLS: Well no one other than the caller and the station were aware of these complaints. So we don't know what other films caused PHONE CALLS (or letters), when a station decides NOT to take action. With social media ONE single person can gather attention and cause a 'wave' of like complaints and\or related 'push-back'. Either way what is mostly much-ado-about-nothing becomes a media event.
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    Most of the time I find TCM's 'genre' classifications to be lame. I could site many examples, but the film after Out of the Past is Young Man with a Horn and that is listed as 'romance'. Clearly there was no romance between the young man and the Bacall character (one reason being that she was a lesbian), and while the Day character loved the young man, the young man hardly noticed and a romance never developed on film. OR did the TCM programmers mean romance between the young man AND his horn????? Note that TCM doesn't use the term 'noir'; that was wise, because look at all the drama that creates around here!!! (ha ha).
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Many felt the payments John Edwards made where illegal; A jury found otherwise. I suspect the same thing would occur here.
  17. jamesjazzguitar

    How will TCM survive the “sensitivity” movement?

    The type of PC "censorship" you mention is being done by private, for-profit companies. All these companies are doing is responding to what they believe are the 'needs' of their customers. I assume the majority of TCM's customers wouldn't support TCM not showing certain films (e.g. Gone with the Wind), because of pressure from PC activist and TCM management knows this. Therefore I find this thread silly and driven by misguided paranoia. There are NO 'bullies' here, just people with opinions (just like all of us), and again, private, for-profit companies that decide which opinions to 'follow' based on the impact to their bottom line. This is the very nature of capitalism. Note that I'm 100% against private, for-profit companies bending over to accommodate PC activist. But each of us has the power to do something about it; don't 'support' media outlets that do this. I.e. boycott media companies that do this. Again, the very nature of capitalism. As for 'will it ever end': NO, of course not, since censorship has always been around; typically it was pushed by religious \ conservative folks (e.g. the Production Code). What we are seeing now is just censorship from a different perspective.
  18. Also the irony that she had retained Wallace bringing him along with her when she went from CA Attorney General to US Senator when she knew he had a history of sexual harassment.
  19. I forgot to mention that the article called for ranked voting. Thanks for pointing that out.
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    Cartoon Network Bans Speedy Gonzalez

    I think it is great that these 'old' threads are revised since there are many 'newbies' like yourself that have joined since the last post was made in these threads. To me the topic of private company censorship of media is always a good one, especially in this age of 'let's boycott, before getting all the relevant facts'. As for "Baby, It's Cold Outside: well there was some good that came out of this ban; many of my local news stations have been playing the clip of Williams and Montalban and the song. So my guess is this ban by this one radio station resulted in MORE exposure for the song. I.e. MORE people have now heard it and know its origin. Remember that boycott of Married with Children by a uptight woman in Michigan; that show was about to be canceled due to low ratings until this woman made the show must-watch-TV!
  21. I read an article related to the Dem selection of a Presidential candidate if many members of the party throw their hat into the ring, that made the point that due to the primary process the Dems could end up with their 'Trump' celebrity type, 'not ready for prime-time', candidate. Overall the 'solid' candidates end up splitting up the votes of the serious \ informed members of the party while the celebrity types have a loyal core set of followers. Celebrity type does well in early primaries, many 'solid' candidates do poorly (i.e. only a few of these end up in the top 3 or 4). So the ones that do poorly end up dropping out and after a few more primaries like this, the celebrity type candidate rises to the top. Note there will be one major difference in 2020: CA has moved their primary up to March. Therefore we will no longer just be a rubber-stamp of the leading candidate with a June primary. The winner of the CA primary will have a lot of momentum. CA didn't change this to help Harris, but clearly it will, since she has a lot of positive recognition in her native state.
  22. Oh, I understand that. No one that didn't closely follow CA politics would have, but if Harris decided to run for President you would have heard of the name Wallace, and this is why Harris compelled Wallace to resign. Note that Harris said she would declare if she as running or NOT, after the holidays. Well to me this story about Wallace indicates she will run, and she is just cleaning out some skeletons before saying so.
  23. Obama got in trouble for making a very similar comment about Harris when he was President (I believe during his first term). Either way, those like myself that have followed Harris and her career here in CA know that one concern is that she has been loyal to creeps. In fact it was my understanding that she cut ties with Wallace before running for Senate. So I was surprised that she didn't and keep him on once she became a US Senator.
  24. Well Today's L.A. Times has an article on a senior aide to Kamala Harris (Larry Wallace) having to resign due to the state having to pay 400K for a sexual harassment settlement. The antics of Wallace have been well known for years now in CA (which is why my initial post here related to Harris said; "E.g. keeping corrupt people on board that were loyal to her". To me this latest resignation reeks; Harris is planning on running for President so she told this clown that he had to resign. Even the liberal Times notes the irony of Harris's brutal attacks on Judge Kavanaugh during the hearings. But of course Harris is just another enabler of sexual harassment, since she was unwilling to fire this clown years ago.
  25. jamesjazzguitar

    Detective Story

    I understand that (but I wouldn't go to 2018, since there were many films during the 60s where doctors performing such services were portrayed as being helpful (i.e. providing a services a women 'needed'). I need to go back and look at how the doctor is portrayed separate from the tainted views of the detective. E.g. was the doctor's primary interest offering an illegal service because the pay was very good (e.g. like a mob doctor), or because he was offering what he believe was a necessary service (but yea, given the times most likely the latter).

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