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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    Watched the first hour (but I have seen the film many times) before switching to The Saint. I also wonder about Grahame's character and how the character is 'defined' in the screenplay.
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    Police Force abuses?

    Did Obama ever make a comment related to his former Chief of Staff, Emanuel, and his involvement in this cover-up? E.g. Obama could have said, "hey Emanuel, that could have been my son!".
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    my november 6 prediction

    What does 'trusting' a poll even mean????? Trust implies depending on something for use; e.g. trusting one's car brakes will function. Polling results should never influence IF one votes (one should always vote IMO), OR how one votes. The only reason to 'trust' a poll would be if one is betting on an election.
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    SCOTUS battles

    And you're not part of a tribal faction?
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    To me that rant about 'too bad Collins can't be impeached or recalled' comes off as bitterness that citizens have voting rights and therefore the right to select their leaders, but since my party can't win elections, I wish there was another way to get rid of politicians I don't like. Note that my right-wing nutcase mom makes the same point about Pelosi. It is like these folks don't understand that these are politicians that have their position because they are able to win elections by convincing voters to vote for them. So one shouldn't wish a politician can be impeached, but instead that voters get informed and that one's team (political party), runs a candidate that is much better option then that of the other side.
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    Like I said, you're just bitter because your team can't win elections. Anyhow, there is another election coming up in a few weeks; Maybe the Dems can make gains this time.
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    So many Trump supporters don't understand the Constitutional rights granted the accused. DUH!!! Many conservatives have always been against rights for the accused (e.g. Miranda rights, need to get a search warrant, attacking defense lawyers for do their job, etc...). So there is no surprise there. What is a surprise is that some progressives are acting as reckless as conservatives when it comes to the rights of the accused.
  8. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    A core American value is that the rights of the accused are more important then those of the accusers. Read the Constitution; all the rights granted in this document relate to protecting the accused. There isn't one mention of victim rights. Looks like some progressives need to go back to school.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    So it appears Vanity Fair is a case where the production code adaptation, Becky Sharp with Hopkins, was a better film than a pre-code version (and where the plot was 'adult').
  10. jamesjazzguitar

    chowing it down for the kav

    So you're pleased with those RINO's you call scumbags, for doing what you define as the right thing????? You should be congratulating them and NOT Donny.
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    Thanks. Hey, Vanity Fair was a pre-code!; many of those are not suitable for children (wink). At least 'children not admitted' is clear, while "Not suitable for General Exhibition" isn't (but like I said in the prior post I have to assume they meant 'not suitable for non-adults'). If theaters really did prevent children from seeing these films, how did they know which films to apply that too (since there wasn't a rating system)?
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    My guess is that this is just a marketing \ PR stunt; i.e. imply the film is very 'adult' as a way to create interest. Now I'm very curious if other films during that era had something similar on their movie promo posters \ ads.
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    Not suitable for General Exhibition? Does anyone know what that means? If it means not suitable for kids (people under a certain age), I find it odd to apply that to this film. Maybe the producer meant not suitable for chauvinist? (even though the film isn't as feminist as many think)
  14. jamesjazzguitar

    SCOTUS battles

    Looks like the Dems need to move on and focus on the 2018 election. Take control of the House, and then launch a House investigation of Judge K (and one that is as comprehensives as Dems believe it should be). Then based on the results decide if impeachment is in order. Note that even if the Senate was to not vote to remove him, if the investigation results where 'solid', Dems can use that to make even more gains in 2020.
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    2018 Elections

    2018 voter turnout related to the Judge K's appointment was discussed on To The Contrary, a PBS show hosted by Bonnie Erbe with an all women panel (with an even balance of GOP and Dem talking heads): The Dem women stated that this 'event' would increase voter turnout but the conservative women and even the host, challenged that, because Trump has already increased likely Dem \ left leaning voter turnout and this latest event isn't going to provide an additional increase. But GOP voter turnout could be increased because 'what went down' has galvanized GOP leaning voters, big time. They weren't too fired up before (expect the most Trump loving GOPer), but they sure are now. PS: I highly recommend To The Contrary; it is a well done show, with each 'side' being respectful of the other (e.g. no yelling, talking over or snide remarks like the CNN shows). In addition it provides this male insight into the issues women care about and base their voting on.
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    Remakes, Sequels & Adaptations

    Note that Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland and co-writer film historian Jeffrey Vance, have released a book; A Star is Born: Judy Garland and the Film That Got Away. Vance puts "A Star is Born" in historical content, exploring its roots beginning with Cukor's pre-code 1932 film "What Price Hollywood" and of course all the other adaptations of the story. Of course most of the book is about the Garland film; e.g. how the film was edited and sections melted down for the silver. The book has been worked on for years and was initially planned for release with the 2012 Eastwood \ Beyonce film that never got made since "Queen Bee" left the production. But when the project was resurrected so was the book. Just goes to show that new adaptations don't 'harm' prior ones, but instead lead to more exposure for prior versions and the actors and directors that made them.
  17. jamesjazzguitar

    Greatest Cult Actress...I'm Right!

    Faith Domergue has a unique place in American Film and T.V. history. While I never viewed her as a cult actress, since she wasn't your typical Hollywood star, I can see that label applying. Few other actresses looked as vulnerable as Faith (Gail Russell comes to mind).
  18. jamesjazzguitar

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    Like you I'm posting a lot less in the Chit-Chat forum and should have followed my own advise. Thanks
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    Not sure I'm following you; Kavanaugh is well known as being an activist originalist judge, even more so than former Justice Scalia. I don't know who you're referring to with 'people officially charged with vetting him', but if you meant Dem Senators; well the vast majority of Dems in the Senate were already going to vote against him because he could end up being Scalia on steroids but what good would it do to be vocal about that since that is exactly why the majority of Republicans Senators, as well as Trump, wanted him. I.e it wouldn't convince a GOP Senator to flop. As for why these groups are coming out now with 'oh, my, he is an activist originalist judge, we can't support that' line: I don't know, but my guess is they believe, like me, any FBI finding will be inconclusive, but still wish to ditch him. And for the record I have been against K from the start due to the above, but I still feel the Dems are the ones that have abused the advise and consent process. Something tribalist can't get their head around.
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Note that I was talking about politicians and political parties, especially the Dems in 2018 and 2020. Kind of difficult to convince a white male independent that voted for Trump in 2016 (as well as mostly GOP candidates), NOT to vote that way again in 2020, by saying something like 'if you vote for this way, it must mean you're stupid at best, but mostly likely, just a deplorable, sexist, racist'. (but what you say above applies as well since those that vote mostly for GOP candidates are going to feel 'they just don't understand us').
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Ok, you stand by your comment. I assumed you did. That doesn't change what I stated; showing disdain for those you disagree with tends to make them double down.
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I agree with you. The major reason being is that most people confuse supporting him politically (which to me only means voting for him or NOT) with supporting him as a person \ human being. Most members of the GOP will vote for him, and so will many independents if the economy continues to be sound, solid trade deals get done (even if it is only tweaking NAFTA and not an overall as Trump claims), no major military conflicts, ISIS defeated and they believe many things are going in what they see as the right direction. (Even if the office of the President has little to do with influencing some of these). NOW if the question was 'will more Americans have less respect for him', the answer would be YES, but as we saw in the 2016 election how much respect voters have for him, doesn't equate to NOT voting for him (but it sure did for Hillary). If the Hollywood Access tape didn't prove that point, I don't no how else to get it across. PS: and comments like "Lemmings with no reasoning ability......" only increase support for Trump. See deporable comment for prove of that.
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Curious how you define 'living wage'. As you may know CA has raised the minimum wage to $15 and cities have threatened to pass bills requiring a 'living wage' or laws that require businesses to pay a local tax for the delta between the minimum wage and the "living wage" (which in these laws that delta is defined as working people requiring any state or local government aid to pay 'basic' living expenses).
  24. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    C. Aubrey Smith passed in 1948. Age of Innocence was released in 1993. So me think that is Michael Gough. PS: I guess you were joking. C. Aubrey just got back from playing cricket.
  25. I re-read the reply about Garner, and I admit I lost my bearing since my point was to focus on the original source material and the character as written of Norman Bates. I was trying to make a point related to the Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tifffany's point discussed before; actors that took on roles where the character as written didn't really 'match' the persona of the actor, but where the actor nails the role so well that actor 'becomes' the character in our minds. Perkins IS Norman Bates to me, and yea, in that vein, source material be dammed. (and yea, Garner wouldn't have 'worked' as written or as a replacement for Perkins).

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