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  1. I agree with your take here; My point still is that rarely should a politician say nothing was discussed. Nothing is a very low-bar. I.e. NOTHING. So instead my advice is for pols to add some spin, since if anything was discussed, regardless of how innocence it was, that isn't NOTHING. (but the best advise is just avoid any public events that could create the appearance of a conflict). As Cid loves to say; politics is mostly perception.
  2. jamesjazzguitar


    You know I believe I might 'get it' based on my being 30 miles from Hollywood and getting the L.A. Times on daily basis; 1) these have been the years-of-the-women and this has impacted Hollywood; #metoo, women not getting equal pay, women should be given more opportunities as directors, screenwriters, women being exploited etc... 2) Judy Garland is iconic and represents a women that Hollywood turned into a fragile women where many in the industry exploited her. 3) A movie is made called Judy. Hollywood (especially the L.A. Times), pushes the film big-time due to the above. Times pushes the project as one of the biggest events of year. As a must-see picture with a performance by a women that takes courage, strength, fortitude,,,, Thus the Hollywood media isn't just pushing a film due to their love for iconic Judy Garland put to make a political statement. NOTE: I have no clue if Hollywood is using Judy to push an agenda. All I'm saying is that the above could be the reason some folks are so wound up. Hey, I could also be all-wet.
  3. I don't see how one can say 'not correct at all'; the comment was "for decades now black people have hated Elvis"; so all it takes is more than one black person to have hated Elvis over the decades for that statement to be true. I.e. the comment was nonsensical and thus meaningless. As I keep saying one shouldn't try to state what the POV is of an entire group of people. Especially a group one isn't a member of. As for Elvis; it is my understanding that only relatives of Chuck Berry hate him. (now this is a joke, folks!).
  4. Often that is a good thing since folks with only some knowledge (e.g. surface level knowledge) are often the most dangerous.
  5. jamesjazzguitar


    For someone not interested in this film, you appear very obsessed with it.
  6. Not mine, but yea for many with TDS, yes.
  7. Deflection used once again. Hopefully this time if blows up on the clown's face!
  8. Sorry, the owner is an evangelical and said some not-so-nice things about gays. But overall I agree with the concept; let a private business have naming rights for tons of cash!
  9. Hey, I have a thing for Claire, sue me! I have to assume Walt was considered at the time. I know singing cowboy Gene Autry was.
  10. I view this differently as it relates to us at this forum: We are a very select group - lovers of American Studio-era movies. As been discussed many times at this forum, most people 'our age' (say over 55), are NOT part of this group. How many movies made before they were born have they seen? I know that the vast majority of folks I meet are NOT into 'old movies'. My point being the odds of me meeting someone that was into what I was (studio-era movies, jazz (especially swing and bop from the 50s) art (especially impressionism),,,, hiking, etc... are low. Instead the odds of meeting someone into 'pop' culture (current culture, things that have occurred after they were born), are very, very high (since my guess is that over 80% of folks fall into this category). Therefore one needs to meet someone willing to grow-with-you. This is more likely to happen for someone like me with someone focused on 'pop' culture than someone that is really focused (like me), on 'old stuff' (if their 'old stuff' is different than my 'old stuff',,, say opera). Of course I lucked out since my wife was Italian and having lived in the USA only a few years wanted to soak up all she could about American culture from ALL eras. I wanted to learn more about Europe and some of their artistic traditions \ ways. We both got what we wanted. So while that 'kid' would only get 5% of your cultural reference, I suspect the average person from your age group would only get about 25%, if that. That makes you unique and special.
  11. Don't you find it hard to believe that a father would go out with his son on a golf outing, with a former member of the board of the company your son works for, and NOTHING about the company and \ or your son's position was discussed? I'm not saying anything concerning was discussed, but to assume nothing was,,,,, well, like Maxwell Smart, he is asking 'would you believe',,, Either way, if this golf event was done while Joe was V.P. this is a conflict of interest and Joe should have played tennis instead.
  12. Well said! Yea, sadly the cancel-culture mindset offers one only a ridge binary choice; you're with them (and against who is being 'canceled') or you're NOT. Of course you're not 'justifying what he said' but sadly too many folks with that mindset will imply that you are. I have lived here for over 40 years. When the name was being considered I wanted it to be named after Claire Trevor. Like Wayne she also lived in Newport Beach CA, within 10 miles of the airport, and she was much more active in the community; e.g. her supports of the arts is legendary.
  13. I agree. There are many level of 'disagreeing' (as well as 'bad' behavior) and often with the cancel-culture all so called offenders are tossed into the same can.
  14. jamesjazzguitar

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    There is no work for the existing House Dem to do since McConnell is highly unlikely to move forward with anything. Dems have passed many go-nowhere bills but again, these are going nowhere due to McConnell. So everyone has time for these hearings!
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    We agree here; I'm NOT interested in the cover-up \ obstruction angle some Dems are applying to this. To me the text of the phone call, as supplied by the White House, is enough.
  16. It is fair to assume Wayne was homophobic. To me the better question is was he more homophobic than the average male American at the time; I say NO. That is one of the key follies of the cancel-culture movement; judging historical figures, based on where most of us and TODAY, based on comments made by said figures, decades ago.
  17. I also don't wish to get political but as you know the topic of the cancel-culture is often political. I only mentioned the President as an example of honoring someone. The point being that local authorities shouldn't rush such things. So in the case of a political figure, one should wait until they complete their term of office and that they left without disgrace.
  18. jamesjazzguitar

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    The whistleblower 'position' was created by Congress; this is necessary when there are concerns that the 'proper authorities' are involved in the potential impropriety. E.g. Attorney General is a 'proper authority' but since the President mentioned him, by name, in the potential impropriety, there was a need for a whisleblower to make their report to the head of the intelligence agency.
  19. I knew that but I recommend one try to refrain from making over-the-top points since that is the main driver behind the cancel-culture movement. E.g. this celebrity is SOOOOO EVIL that he needs to be removed from the culture. That is the type of nonsense some were making about Wayne. That is over-the-top nonsense. I have often found that it isn't wise to try to counter over-the-top nonsense with over-the-top nonsense.
  20. The point here spence is that it isn't only those the lean-left that wish to change the names of Airports. In addition, naming an airport after the current President COULD be a mistake. E.g. if said President is removed from office, would the town still want that name for their airport? (in the case of this town, the answer is likely YES, and they would likely double the size of the sign!).
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    The Jazz Music in PHANTOM LADY (1944)

    I've been sitting on the sidelines here and I have to say you're doing a bang-up job here! Instead of going down the rabbit hole of labeling (e.g. what type of jazz style is this), you're just providing names of artist that created similar works. THAT is wisdom! Note that the other forum I belong to is a jazz forum; We have threads just on the topic of "what is this" were musicians discuss the various forms of bop; be-bop, hard-bop, post-bop,,,,, I.e. not just a breakdown of what is cool-jazz, west-coast-swing, etc.. but the various forms within a form!!! These nerd discussions just go around in circles and often lose slight of the MUSIC. You instead keep the focus on the MUSIC and the ARTIST and for that I say thanks.
  22. I live in the O.C. and this remove got some traction as part of the cancel-culture movement but nothing moved forward, and I don't think anything will. But if it does what is the big deal. Nothing is being 'burned down' as Spence implies. That is just silly over-the-top fear mongering. It is a name change and name changes of airports, buildings, city centers, etc.. change all the time. While I don't agree with the overall scope of the cancel-culture (e.g. cancelling out Cosby, Allen, etc..) Wayne has a lot of negative baggage; E.g. avoided service during WWII by making bogus medical claims, racist comments, his attack on those that didn't wish to serve in Nam for reasons that were NOT selfish ones like Wayne's, etc... BUT once a decision is made to honor someone something very major things need to be discovered to remove the honor. In most cases I quote Paul; Let it Be!
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Racism in Trump's America

    Looks like the girl made the story up. Now that says more about racism in America today than if her story was true. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/30/us/virginia-girl-fake-story-about-cut-dreadlocks/index.html
  24. Looks like the girl made the story up. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/30/us/virginia-girl-fake-story-about-cut-dreadlocks/index.html PS: Sorry I posted this here, in this thread. I also posted it at the thread where this now-fake-story was being discussed.
  25. jamesjazzguitar

    on svengoolie tonite

    The film only covers less than 1% of his life. It was my understanding he liked to move a lot and had lived in England a few times before this latest move and had stayed there for decades (as well as France, Italy etc..). That makes sense to me since it would get boring living in the same place for so many centuries and rumor has it that English blood is like a fine French wine! Also, if only in England a month,,,, where did he learn to speak English? Oh, wait, must have been at a Hungarian/Romanian/Transylvanian night school!

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