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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    What happened to patience?
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    The majority of voters in the USA are women. Why can't they get more accomplished as it relates to gun control.
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    While I have always felt that character in a politician is overrated (I.e. I care way more about their stance on policy issues), in the case of Trump his character issues are so 'out-there' and his mental health so questionable that I couldn't vote for him, period. But others that are not racist, far right, religious nut jobs here see things differently. It appears fear of socialist democrats is much strong medicine, kemosahbee.
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    Why do some classic movie fans bash newer films?

    That is one way of looking at it. Another way is; it (the movie making industry) was never about making art but always about making money, and if some great art was created as a byproduct, that is great. As for the individuals in the 'arts', I have found that for most it is about: making enough money so one can focus on making art.
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    Highly Unlikely Pairings!

    This-TV features The Saint with Moore every Saturday night from 8 - 12 and we have been watching this unless we are out on the town. I find Moore to be a creditable actor, full of charm in this series. (but I do enjoy the B&W episode more than the color ones,,,, due to the overall atmosphere).
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Well even someone that isn't a Trump supporter, like Cid, has said he would vote for Trump over what he views as far-left \ socialist Dems, if one of these wins the Dems nomination. The point being that Dems still need to offer what is viewed as a legit \ non extreme candidate so that folks like Cid (can't stand Trump but is fiscally to the right, older white guy), doesn't vote for Trump as the lesser-evil. Campaign collusion isn't enough to move folks like Cid to the anyone-but-Trump camp (the camp I'm in).
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    As you know collusion isn't a crime, and while it clearly isn't OK, I believe Dems pushing the 'ok, not crimes,,, but still NOT OK' angle will cost them more politically then they gain (e.g. GOP gains back House and Senate seats in 2020). As for conspiracy and campaign violations; I'm very interested in why Mueller didn't indite anyone for that Trump Tower meeting. The meeting was clearly set up so that the Trump campaign could get info on Clinton from a foreign power. Just because there isn't evidence that any 'goods' were actually shared, doesn't mean there wasn't a conspiracy to get illegal info. On possible obstruction by A President: I clearly see why Mueller stayed out of drawing a conclusion since there are Constitutional questions related to Presidential powers.
  8. jamesjazzguitar


    The poster implies a different type of Francis film; that post-war vibe.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Well surprise \ surprise; we have the same view of 'this'. But as it relates to patience: to me you need to practice some also. If Mueller and Rosenstein are by-the-book employees of DOJ, I trust that they will eventually speak-out if Barr continues to be successful in his attempt to suppress info Mueller and Rosenstein believe should be released. I.e. we all need to be patience to see how this plays out.
  10. jamesjazzguitar


    Colbert was SOTM in March 2005 so it has been a while. She has been featured in SUTS a few times. Yes, one of the reasons TCM doesn't feature Colbert more often is that she in the 30s and 40s she made films mostly for Paramount and not many for the studios that fall under the so called Turner library of films (WB, RKO and MGM). Sadly this is true for many actors.
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    *Spielberg now remaking *"West side story"

    He hasn't called you yet? Well the call is coming. He told me that he was going to hire you to be in charge of PR for the movie since you love the source material so much!
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    It appears you believe there is very damaging info to Trump or Trump officials in the full report that Barr is trying to suppress. Let's assume that is true. Is Mueller and Rosenstein part of the 'fix'? Rosenstein said he was saying on until the job was done. Mueller has a reputation for being above board; Was all of 'that' just part of a pre-planned cover-up? I.e. Mueller and Rosenstein just appeared to be doing their duty, but their intent all along was to keep finding from going public (or even to members of Congress?). If Mueller and Rosenstein know there is 'juice' in the report that Barr is trying to suppress, why haven't they come forward?
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    What Are You Listening To?

    Yea, I have never understood what audiences at the time saw in Jolson that would make him so popular. To me he isn't a good dancer, singer, or entertainer. I wonder if it was a generational thing; I.e. I just don't like the 'style' of entertainers from that era. So who were the other entertainers that audience at the time liked as much as Jolson?
  14. jamesjazzguitar


    Congratulations to the Baylor Women's Basketball team for their victory over Notre Dame on Sunday. Good close game that came down to the final seconds.
  15. They are advocating raising the contributions for Medicare and Social Security; E.g. the Medicare contribution would be raised big-time and one would pay this instead of premiums to a private held insurance company (like today), and they have talked about raising the SS 'cap' for a long time.
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    Bernie Sanders!

    Are there any actual Social Democrats that have joined the contest other than Sanders? Anyhow, I wasn't referring specificity to an official SD, but instead to candidates like Harris that have adopted many of Sanders' 2016 ideas like free-college, Medicare-for-all, etc... But yea, if O'Rourke or Biden are the leading candidates Sanders will stay on.
  17. jamesjazzguitar

    Even Mormon crazies bow to indulgences

    You guys are doing such a great job, I don't have anything to contribute!
  18. jamesjazzguitar

    What s up with Anderson Cooper ????

    Yea, Gerald, like Princess says, keep up the good work, in no time you will be playing like Oscar Peterson. (ok, maybe that is a stretch,,,,, so how about his mostly unknown younger brother???).
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    Bernie Sanders!

    If Sanders isn't one of the leading 2 candidates after super-Tuesday, I believe he will drop out IF one of the leading two candidates is running mostly on his 2016 platform (and of course back that candidate).
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    The Appointments - Trump's Swamp

    Trump is going to appoint Joe Arpaio to the post. He didn't pardon Joe so he could just retire.
  21. AOC hasn't advocated any tax policies that would require the doubling of 'the tax rate on everyone'. (if by 'tax rate' you mean the Federal income tax rate). What she did advocate was raising the fed tax rate for the top 2 or so brackets. Hey, if I'm mistaken, let me know. (of course AOC's overall policies, e.g. Medicare-for-all, would raise tax rates but these would be either new taxes or raising tax rates like the Medicare-rate or the Social Security rate etc...).
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    2020 Election

    Can an idea that has zero chance of being implemented be called 'great'? I say NO.
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Clark Gable tribute month?

    Gable was SOTM in 1995 and 2004. My reading of the OP was that they were asking if there is a Gable tribute going on now, in the month of April (because they saw a lot of Gable films on the schedule?), and not that they were saying TCM should have Gable as SOTM. Anyhow it has been 15 years and as noted TCM has 'easy' access to most of his films.
  24. jamesjazzguitar

    What s up with Anderson Cooper ????

    The bottom line here is that consumers that dislike something TCM does have little they can do about it since TCM doesn't run any commercials. As we have seen social media pressure on companies that advertise on a station can have a major impact on the actions of the stations (E.g. a host is suspended). Of course upset consumers can stop watching TCM, but since TCM doesn't have ratings (ratings are mostly used to price commercials), that type of boycott would have little to no impact. But we did see how ratings impacted the actions of the NFL related to employee conduct.
  25. jamesjazzguitar


    Ham must be laughing; the above reply matches what the cartoon was trying to communicate to a T. PS: Hey, Arturo: what to you think about Mueller and Rosenstein? E.g. are they both in collusion with Barr to hide these more damaging findings? If NOT, then if either of them believes the Barr summary is grossly misleading, why haven't either of them said something? Rosenstein said he stayed on because he wanted to ensure Mueller could complete the investigation. Why would he stay on just to assist in a cover-up of Mueller's findings?

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