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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    2020 Election

    The last 40 years or so the CA governor has been the 'moderate' moving policy to the center, especially the budget and associated debt\deficit, regardless of who has controlled the state house. In this regard Arnie did fine and so did Jerry Brown. Arnie didn't provide much leadership but he would veto over-left-leaning fiscal policies that would have been really hurt the fiscal stability of the state (IMO). The new CA governor has promised to do the same, already disappointing the Dem, over 2\3 majority, state house but I need to see is this is just empty talk or not.
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    Future of Democratic Party?

    Pelosi is just following the orders of her corporate backers (ha ha). Anyhow, yea, as a 'moderate' I like her stance here. What will be interesting is how the new members of Congress, especially those socialist Dems and those where the majority of their funding didn't come from corporations or the rich (e.g. politicians where the majority of the contribution dollars were by small donors), view Pelosi's stance here, as well as possible Dem Presidential candidates like Warren and Sanders. My gut tells me they are NOT happy, at all, but when they will speak out and push-back is up in the air.
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    2020 Election

    For me the largest overall problem by far is the two party system. As for the millions who do not bother to vote at all; would the political system really improve by having millions of uninformed voters vote? I'm not looking forward to a vote-by-tweet type system where people make a snap judgement based on a very limited amount of information (or none at all), just to be trending in a way that is popular. That leads to celebrity political candidates that once in office are unable to perform with any degree of competence (e.g. Trump).
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    Screen Legends, according to Starz

    Since I don't know how Starz determined what actors were "legendary movie stars" I don't know how much this specific list tells us about 'modern audiences'. E.g. did Starz conduct a poll? If yea, that would tell us something, but maybe Starz used other info\data to come up with such a list (e.g. box office take and DVD sales).
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    Screen Legends, according to Starz

    Its just a marketing tool.
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Thanks for that info on Keeper of the Flame (which I saw for the first time this week) because I found the cinematography 'cool' (yea, that is the technical term I'm going to use!), and I couldn't figure out why. E.g. the shot of the burned down house (with Tracy in the foreground and the large logs etc.. in the background. At first glance it looked somewhat phony but at the same time surreal, and I ended up finding such shots appealing.
  7. What you say is especially true when discussing ones relative's or friend's children.
  8. jamesjazzguitar

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    I'm very familiar of the concept of 'fair use' since it applies to my job, but thanks for posting this since it will help others understand the concept. Sometimes I think people believe 'fair use' (really as you note with public figures 'fair game' especially here in CA with the additional law put in place decades ago by the film studios), only applies to public figures they like! E.g. people that supported the DeHavilland lawsuit against the producers of Feud that wouldn't support one by Trump against SLN.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    I have followed her career for decades. Part of the reason is that my bro-in law was the DA of my county (4 six year terms that just ended because he was finally defeated), and he was often interested in some of the same political positions as Harris (but he is a republican and therefor couldn't win a state office). I wasn't a fan of my bro-in-law and I liked the fact that when Harris was Attorney General of CA she slapped him down a few times for misconduct. (the state AG is the default 'boss' of all county DAs). Oh, and our nephew got married last Saturday. I see him at the event and say hi (I didn't even tease him about being retired now!), and we chat. Well by the time the wedding starts I notice that he is gone. I find out later he left because his sister showed up! (yea, I know there was tension there). Talk about a lack of class and making the event ALL about HIM instead of our nephew and his wonderful spouse. Now next time I see him and if I've had a few, I will call him out on that!!!!
  10. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    The big story is that CA will no longer allow NDA for sexual assault or harassment cases. I.e. A women can NOT agree to accept a payoff to remain silent (and therefore an employer \ perpetrator can't agree to give a women money to keep her silent). I'm all for this but I'm surprised progressive in CA did this since it forces the women to come forward in 'real time' and make a public charge against the accused. Victim lawyer Gloria Allred isn't happy about this bill, since she believes it will lead to less settlements and since these cases are hard to prove, likely NO compensation for the victim. I.e. the bill was passed NOT to assist victims but instead to ensure the public's right to know.
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    As I stated before Harris was supported by Willie Brown, a black CA politician, that was one of the most powerful in the state for over 25 years. They dated and Brown really helped advance her career. CA hasn't had a white male dominated political scene for many years now (e.g. our US Senators have all been women for over 2 decades). So no, Harris didn't have to face much sexism or racism to advance in CA, but she will if she runs for President especially in those battleground states Trump barely won.
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    Screen Legends, according to Starz

    I know you have a solid understanding of context. These are the screen legends for the generation (demographic) Starz is marketing too. So with that being said I'm very surprised Kirk Douglas is listed (I'm really thinking they made a type-o mistake and it should be his son!). As for Audrey; this has been covered before; She is iconic mainly because of fashion (e.g. the black dress) and her style. My wife's cousin is staying with us from Italy and she is a 26 year old fashion stylish and sometime model. The only 'old Hollywood' people she knows are Audrey and Monroe. We were watching Sabrina and she said she had never seen a Audrey film. She was aware of most of the gowns in the film (as well as the men's suits) since she learned that in fashion school (but from photos and NOT by seeing the film). PS: where is Brad Pitt? I guess his star has fallen but his buddy Matt Damon is one the list.
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    mary poppins returns

    Yea, the film is doing very well at the box office, better then I expected. I would love to see a demographic breakdown of who is paying to see the film. E.g. is it grandparents who are talking their grandchildren to see the film (due to their fondness for the original)? My initial POV was such a film would attract only a very narrow demographic, but if that is the case, a high percentage in that demographic must be going to see it. Note that UCLA just fired their basketball coach. They plan to hire one-of-the-best based on the legacy of John Wooden, but he won all those championships in the 60s and 70s. Many are saying UCLA can no longer use that 'too old' legacy as a draw. See the parallel.
  14. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    I enjoyed the Carroll \ Grant film Hot Saturday (also by Paramount), and it was a welcomed surprised when TCM showed this early film from that studio, but it looks like The Women Accused isn't in the same league. But I do love a good wiping scene.
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    The Thin Man movies

    Song of the Thin Man is my second favorite (after the initial film), for all the reasons you give. But hey, I'm a jazz cat and that film is all about jazz (the daddy-o slang is a hoot). Add in noir actors like Grahame and Windsor (and yea, even Janye Meadows,,, e.g. Murder My Sweet), and of course Nick and Nora, and what's not to love!
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    We have very similar views on the 3 Mitchum films mentioned. As for His Kind of Woman and Charles McGraw; this is my favorite 'bad-guy' role of his. He is so nonchalant; a man just doing his job. OK, sometimes that job calls for murder, but hey, there is no need to ask questions! (the exchange between Mitchum and McGraw about their different 'roles' (as they relate to Burr) is classic noir dialog and to me a primary noir theme).
  17. jamesjazzguitar

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    So Trump should be allowed to sue SLN or films like Vice can't be made? How about Feud, and what multiple courts have found with the Olivia DeHavilland lawsuit? (that she didn't have such rights as a public person). I can't see were the rights of DEAD people should be more than those granted the living. (but I could see it the other way around).
  18. jamesjazzguitar

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    So my initial question was valid; this change in when a film becomes part of the public domain does NOT impact those films held ONLY by Universal (or other studios) that are now 'PD'. I.e. Universal can continue to withhold them from the public, destroy them, or sell them and therefor only those films now in the PD that are held by private parties can be made available to the general public.
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    But can the public force a studio (say Universal), to turn over all the films released before 1923 so they can be converted to a digital format and therefor preserved?
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    And Your Favourite Hitchcock Film Is . . . ?

    Bergman's drunk scene is one of the best; at the moment I can't think of a better one by an actress. My favorite one by an actor is by John Garfield in The Breaking Point.
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    How the Mitchum character gets lured and trapped in the situation with the Burr character is very noir. E.g. the scene where hoods are waiting in his apartment and he puts on his cigarette in the palm of one of them. Really most of the film before he gets on a plane to Mexico. I'm also interested in what Eddie has to say about the film. I'm a big fan of the film. Of course Price is way over the top but to a degree that is counter balance to the sadistic violence.
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    What Are You Listening To?

    My mom made me take violin lessons; Once a week I would go to L.A. and my teacher was a member of the NBC orchestra (e.g. he recorded the Bonanza theme song). The teacher was nice but my mom wasn't and it caused a lot of stress on me. Since the violin is a fret less instrument, one has to have really good pitch. For playing blues and rock guitar reading music wasn't very useful (there is the old joke of; how to get a guitar player to turn-down, put music in front of him!), but it was for playing jazz standards.
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    Can women represent men? Can people of color represent whites? OR are your so called truths only one directional? Anyhow, as a half-breed, male, atheist, very few politicians can represent me (if I was to buy into identity politics).
  24. jamesjazzguitar

    What Are You Listening To?

    I grew up playing violin in my middle school orchestra (I had an Asian tiger-mom that required I do so) but gave it up because it was 'uncool'. I took up guitar a few years later and the formal training has paid off. Yea, I really looked up to Grappelli as someone with all the necessary formal training and background but could really swing (and we all know what doesn't mean a thing). Yea, violin-centric blues is a nice change of pace from standard blues which is mostly guitar based. Check out Joe Venuti for some straight ahead jazz fiddle playing. (or Jean Luc Ponty for a more modern sound).
  25. Pure Jim Thorpe should have never lost his medals in the first place! Of course today, Lancaster wouldn't be able to play the character but I think he did a good job. PS: Thorne is the guy with the big rear that claims to love Ruth, but only if she tows the line.

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