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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    Sexy Noir Gals

    Well in the book Film Noir by Silver Ward she is only listed in Angel Face. Of course what is a noir is somewhat gray. What other noir movies did Simmons make?
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    In Beat The Devil the focus of the movie is more around the actions of Jennifer Jones than anyone else. She is key to most of the plot lines (e.g. her lies are what get her husband and Bogie in hot water). I still don't agree at all with your POV with regards to what would make a director sexist. I'm not saying Huston wasn't (I assume like most men of the era he was sexist if judged by today's standards), but the example of Beat the Devil isn't a good one and either is the point about having to make every movie that shows the POV of the other sex, even when it would be forced and illogical. PS: Everyone's work is slanted. They are human beings.
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    Randolph Scott

    Yes, I go to Twin Lakes and Bridgeport every year to fish (the place where Out of The Past is set), and thus I go to Lone Pine a lot. I have hiked in those hills and it looks about the same as it did when Gunga Din was made. If one goes in April (i.e. before it gets too hot), it is great with the interesting rocks in the foothills and the largest mountain range in the continential USA in the background. I stop and eat at this place in Lone Pine that has a bunch of signed pictures by the stars who made movies there. It is neat.
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    I'm not going to critize Huston for his focus on male bonding and 'manly' issues in many of his movies, anymore than I would Cukor for his focus on women issues in his movies. As we all know Cukor was great with actresses (e.g. He directed many of the women only scenes in Gone With The Wind). What do you find sexist about a movie like The African Queen? Both leads where 'backwards' when it comes to love and the Kate character was indeed a strong women and when Bogie wanted to fight the germans alone, Kate insisted she come along. That doesn't sound sexist to me.
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    Lubitsch pre-codes in LA!

    I'm a member so thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that out. Nothing like seeing a movie in that type of forum.
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    I'm not saying that a good screen writer or director cannot successfully include the other gender in a plot that centers around one gender, but that often this gender mixing is forced on those artists by studio heads not in the interest of making a better picture but only to ensure a better box office. Most of the time this cheapens the work.
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    Man you are a hoot! Love how you placed Paulette Goddard (right?), in with Bogie and Holt. Thanks for the info. Of course I have seen 3 on a Match since Bette and Bogie are some of my favorite. Very good short movie and Ann Dvorak (underrated) and Joan Blondell also shine.
  8. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    Wow, great point! Since today we buy a ticket for a single show (when did that become the norm??), I didn't think about how the pairing of movies and the entire concept of 'A' and 'B' pictures, had such an impact to the movie experience, but of course it did. Do you know who decided the movie pairings? Was it the theaters or did the studios have a hand in it? e.g. would a theater show 2 movies from different studios (of course after the law that prevented studios from owning theaters)? Man, now you got me thinking about something I never considered before.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    Golden Girls as a Film

    The new show, Hot In Cleveland is basiscally a remake of Golden Girls with gals in their late 40s and 50s and one very old gal (the great Bette White). TV shows take awhile to develop their characters and by the time they do we are so into the actors playing them that remakes don't cut it. Get Smart is one of my favorite comedies and it was remade but I didn't care for it at all. It is best to do a movie while most of the originial stars are still around; e.g. Sex In The City movies are big box office.
  10. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    Note that part of the plot of the The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was that it was very hard for the two younger guys to make it on the trip and the 'old man' was a lot stronger than them at the start (e.g. when going up the mountain). In a later scene the old man comments that the young guys are now strong (from all the hard work) and he wouldn't even attempt to mess with them now. Now I'm NOT saying a women couldn't be strong, but as you noted it would of looked very forced for a women (and of couse she would be a thin, good looking gal, this being Hollywood of the 40s), to 'tag along' on that type of trip. Now with The Women, there were a lot of logical parts men could of played (duh), but to me men would of messed with the entire theme of the movie; How women react to EACH OTHER, with regards to men and especially men that play around. All men would of done is taken from this focus on 'EACH OTHER' and to me that is what makes this movie work.
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    Sexy Noir Gals

    Simmons was also in a noir; Angel Face with Mitchum. Yes, she is very easy on the eyes.
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    I'm not going to try to speak for Miswonderly (she does great on her own!), but the point about a female is how it might of enhanced the box office appeal to more people. Often a studio will add a sexy female to a movie even when the source material doesn't call for one. So say there was a sexy women that was Bogie's gal went along with the 3 and it caused even more tension between Bogie and Holt because she flirts with Holt. i.e. his friend isn't just trying to steal all his gold but his women as well!!! Don't get me wrong; I'm NOT saying this would of improved the movie but it might of improved the box office take. Remember the movie was a major disapointment at the box office and since it was shot on location it wasn't that cheap to make. As I said before Huston had to fight Jack Warner hard to ensure Bogie died at the end. So my guess is that Jack wanted a women in the picture as well as a way to attract a larger fan base..
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    Funny you mention the fat man because I did notice that line and I don't remember noticing it before and I had seen the movie a few times. Windsor with those big eyes and dressed in black was something.
  14. jamesjazzguitar

    "Woman's Noir" Films

    When super stars like Joan or Bette (e.g. The Letter), did noir movies they are as you noted melodrama that have noir traits. Since the plot is based around the women she isn't your typically femme fatale. They don't just destroy the men in their lives but everything around them.
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    Off Topic: Favorite Classic TV Shows?

    The only reason I can see for them playing the AG song in a car commercial is to give the commercial that small town, good old days feel and maybe would equate that to quality and value. Many, many American car companies do that type of stunt using country music, the flag and other type of symbols. It all says 'buy American,,, get back home!'. I assume market research says that some people fall for that type of ploy.
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    The Narrow Margin is the best of what was shown yesterday. 71 minutes of fast action and noir grit. I like The Strip because the story revolves around jazz music but they could of cut some of the 'fluff' scenes (Demarest character is named Fluff) and added more grit and tention to it. Of well this is what one gets from an MGM noir.
  17. jamesjazzguitar

    "Woman's Noir" Films

    I would define A women noir as where the noir protagonist is a women. Nora Prentiss and The Damned Don't Cry are two examples. Here the women is the one destroyed by the men she loves that are around her. Another Crawford example would be Mildred Pierce and Sudden Fear.
  18. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    Bennet's widow had already written him a 'Dear John' letter since he had been gone so long, but she just didn't know where to sent it! To me the actions Holt said he do are just not believeable. They didn't kill him. I don't really feel that sorry for him since I felt he was being too greedy. Ok, I would of given him 5 - 10% but not a full 25% unless a new gold find site was found by the team.
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    Sexy Noir Gals

    Don't feel sorry about disagreeing since that is the nature of this forum. Note I listed a specific Rita scene. Rita in other movies and often in color didn't do it for me either. But hey I'm more of a classic beauty fan; Merle Oberon, Olivia De Havilland during the 30s, Ingrid Bergman, than bombshells types like Monroe. But a Lana in Postman Rings Twice is also something that is rings my bell, as well as Darnell and Tierney.
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    The part where Huston helps the indian boy drags on too long for me but other than that I enjoy this movie a lot. I agree that acting is first class and Huston did a great job of directing. I believe that people who say they don't enjoy this movie say so for the same reasons it didn't do well at the box office and the fears Jack Warner had about it; Bogie going insane and being a complete cad; Bogie was now one of America's movie heros and this wasn't a role that Bogie fans wanted to see him in. Bogie didn't crack wise (something we was very good at in prior roles) or show much heart (except at the start), instead he was angry a lot. The movie is about greed and thus the subject matter just doesn't have much appeal to fans especially with the ending (which was perfect in my view, but I can see others feeling that Holt Huston should of at least got something for all their trouble!).
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    Sexy Noir Gals

    To me Ava was the most sexy but only in black and white movies and only for a few years (46 - 48). I agree that her screen personality was 'so, so' but in a movie like The Killer - 1946 when she is standing by that Piano; No one every looked more sexy that that (with Rita in the Gilda hair flip scene a close second).
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    A Walk on the Noir Side

    The Locket is good and while Mitchum only has a small amount of screen time he makes an impact as an artist. Great noir line up today and I'll catch Born To Kill for sure since I haven't seen that one in a while and it is a classic RKO noir.
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Real-life twins & look-alikes

    Miley Cyrus is way to old for that part now. The direction she is going she is more likely to make a remake of the Last Tango in Paris!
  24. jamesjazzguitar

    Sexy Noir Gals

    Hey on this subject we agree 100%! Ava is ',,,the sexiest woman to ever grace the screen'. I have some early studio stills of her from 1946 and she just burns it up.
  25. jamesjazzguitar

    Movies Of 1954

    "live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse". Great line isn't it, from the Bogart film Knock on Any Door I believe with pretty boy John Derek, husband of Bo.

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