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    My ancestors had those helmets. They served a dual purpose as a wok.
  2. jamesjazzguitar


    The film Indiscreet, stars Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. It was released in 1958. A very charming film since the two stars have good chemistry.
  3. I don't see where anyone HERE has downplayed what has happened. Tom made a silly comment about Monday Morning Quarterbacking but even that didn't downplay what happened. Of course if you were expecting users here that see racism in-all-things, when it often doesn't exist, to comment; come on that isn't going to happen (any more then one can expect Trump supporters here to acknowledge all of his many, many lies).
  4. What, did Ricki lose that number?
  5. Is that a serious statement? But what about the name of structure; Like I said every day in CA there is another "controversy" and these are eating up public resources for what I view as mostly much-ado-about-nothing. When a name change is approve it cost even more dollars to make the change; e.g. that school district named Dixie; this is a very small one with a limited budget. Dollars are better used for teachers and books instead of changing a name that has existed for around 100 years.
  6. Thanks for explaining your POV here. So it looks to me that Cid and you have a similar view; that civic structures shouldn't be named after people since they are a 'quality-of-life' issue and there isn't a person in the world that wouldn't offend someone's quality-of-life. (in order to avoid endless controversy). Note that CA has about 100 lawsuits and other actions being taken with regards to names. E.g. a school in a town in Northern CA with the name of Dixie. To me these debates are a waste of public resources.
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    Intriguing Low Life Characters

    A classic low life character but one with style and charm is Alonzo Emmerich from The Asphalt Jungle. Of course there are other low life characters in the film, e.g. "Doc" Erwin Riedenschneider, but I don't find them as developed as that of Emmerich. Louis Calhern plays Emmerich perfectly; one can't help but have some sympathy for the guy regardless of the fact we all know what a snake he is.
  8. The name of an airport is a quality-of-life issue??? Uh, if you really believe that, then you have the same POV as the people who wish to change the name. I.e. they wish to change the name because they are snowflakes who view the name as some type of 'quality of life' issue.
  9. No, but I do call it Camelot.
  10. Just saw that one the other day, so yea it is one of the episodes I have seen since I started watching 'old' western TV shows on ME-TV. I felt this was really well done and balanced; E.g. the white people are not going to get over their racism overnight (especially William Tallman, known as the D.A. in Perry Mason). So it was real when he said at the end it would take a lot of talk, understanding and time,,, but that it can be done (different people accepting each other in a diverse community). I find most Wagon Train episodes to be well written with mature themes. But sadly too many of these themes are still relevant today. I.e. 50 years later, there are still too many that missed the lesson. PS: Always had a place in my heart for June Lockhart due to her role as the mom on Lassie, but she did a lot of other good work. E.g. I saw her playing a women doctor in Have Gun, Will Travel. Of course the theme in this one was 'a women doctor????', and many members of the town refusing to seek treatment from her. She was strong and also beautiful in that one.
  11. I live in the O.C. and I'll be joining the group pushing for this name change. As you know I have a lot of high-up relative in the county, so we should be able to prevail. (Ok, the last part is a joke but I just wanted a few around here to have heart failure). I never supported naming the airport after Wayne because he avoided the draft during WWII but called out as traitors those that did something similar during Vietnam. BUT that was decades ago; The airport has a name and I see no reason to change it. OH, and this type of editorial comes out every few years. It is just getting more focus because of Trump. I.e. every House GOP incumbents was defeated in the county (mine also), in 2018. So it isn't just that the demographics of the county have changed but the fact Trump is the face of the GOP. As I said before, I believe the GOP will regain a few of these seats once Trump is out. PS: Oh, and I agree it is 100% up to the locals; I don't care what Southerners do with their monuments, flag, etc.... I follow Don't Tread on Me!
  12. Related to the topic of mix-raced people in the USA: I've been seeing a lot of episodes from 50s and 60 westerns, like Gunsmoke, Wagon Train etc.. that cover this topic. E.g. Gunsmoke featured Burt Reynolds as a half-white \ Indian. Wagon Train had one where James Whitmore had a half Indian son, etc... There were some with a half Chinese individuals as well. In all of these both communities felt the mixed children were outcast, but especially the white community so the mixed raced person would end up living with an Indian tribe or in the Chinese sector. But a few also had the white community accepting that person; E.g. Burt was a blacksmith for the town of Dodge. Note that in every one of these shows the mixed raced person was told by enlighten folks that they have the best of both worlds; That being mixed was a cultural blessing; e.g. respect the land like an Indian but utilize growing crops like a white man etc..... So the change-agent was out there decades ago. But, sadly today,,,, well,
  13. I don't think it is as black and white as you're saying, especially with those under 50; i.e. younger folks are more sophisticated: yea, they are highly into personal identity, but understand color on one's skin is only a minor part of one's identity; e.g. they know there is a cultural difference with someone whose parents are from India verses Central Africa. You say she has no choice; well to me if she is a leader, so she needs to be a change agent. But I do understand that well known mixed-raced people like Tiger Woods tired to be a change-agent and that upset the African-American community (even though Woods is 1\4 African, and 1\2 Asian!). Obama didn't try very hard. So I'll give Harris a pass if she just plays-along. But if she becomes President I'm hoping she can be a change-agent.
  14. She was a serious prosecutor; this is why many in the black community in CA feel she wasn't being 'black enough' when she held that position; she put too many 'brothers' behind bars. This is what happens when one overplays the identity card.
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    Outre Noir

    Paul Henreid directed a movie in this teen-girl sub-genre; Live Fast, Die Young. The same year he also directed Girls on the Loose, but this wasn't about teen-girls but instead a gang of women criminals staring Mara Corday. But what a title;
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Since the main purpose of awards is PR, it makes zero sense to hold them 3 years later. Feeding off of hoopla and buzz, and generating more, in a self-fulling cycle, is what awards are all about.
  17. The Monday morning quarterback analogy is way off in this incidence. When the story (an alleged assault) was reported the 'game' was still in progress; but people with an agenda reacted to the story as if it the 'game' was completed; i.e. that it was a confirmed assault - and of course done by Trump loving creeps. People with an agenda need to wait to see how the story unfolds (e.g. an investigation is completed) but of course don't, since all they care about is pushing their agenda's message.
  18. I don't see the Democratic Socialist of America changing their name. Note that their logo is Red; that could also confuse folks:
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    Yesterday I got a survey from TCM; it asked what other networks I watch to view classic (1920 - 1970) films. Don't know why this survey had those dates, but there it is.
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    You're doing what you're complaining about; taking my comment far too seriously.
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Well at least those songs weren't along the lines of Blue Oyster Cults' Don't Fear the Reaper.
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    Bernie Sanders Joins the 2020 Presidential Race

    I answered 'where are they now'; remaining silent and on the sidelines since they don't wish to contribute to the narrative that the Dems are a fractured party. It looks like were we see things differently is that you believe by questioning the extremist Dems NOW, it helps undo the GOP narrative of 'creating a socialist nation etc.... My view is that if "moderate" Dems spoke up NOW it would cause Harris, Sander, Warren, etc... to fight back and that would just seal-the-deal that these politicians are indeed far-left and that the Dem party is indeed fractured. I agree with your last paragraph: Like I said before the way the Dems changed the primary (no super delegates, CA moved up to March, proportional allocation of delegates), increases the odds an 'extremist' Dem will win the nomination and that Trump pulls off another close contest (losing the popular vote by an even wider margin). Note that CNN has run a few articles about Klobuchar; Most imply that while she is the most likely to beat Trump (by being moderate, mid-westerner etc...) she doesn't represent the majority of Dem voters and therefore is a sellout candidate.
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I guess you don't believe in "First time in decades" when it comes to a Senate seat. (I got some hope when you pointed out that Dem win, but that was a House seat, so never mind!).
  24. jamesjazzguitar

    Bernie Sanders Joins the 2020 Presidential Race

    Come on Cid, you really don't know the answer to your own question????? What good (or value), would it be for a Dem in Congress to call-out Warren, Harris, etc.. TODAY, as being too radical? The main goal for all members of the Dem party is to defeat Trump. Throwing a Dem candidate under the bus, that might end up being the Dem nominee, only assist Trump and the GOP (as well as supporting the narrative that the Dems have moved too far to the left).
  25. jamesjazzguitar

    2020 Election

    I assume these 'actors' are just American members of the GOP. I question how much funding they are getting from foreign governments. There should be enough funding from GOP donors and corporations. Also, I don't see anything illegal by using social-media, for one party to try to throw division within the other party.

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