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  1. GOP madness Unbound...

    The GOP is doing fine right now. Most power in over 50s years and with a President that is so dumb he will sign anything just to get a 'win'. Now heading into 2018 especially in the General election if it appears Trump will cause the GOP to lose a majority in House (or even the Senate, but that is a long shot), then GOP politicians will speak up and throw Trump under the bus. As for my religion comment; I meant that it is phony as it relates to politics. I.e. politicians use it to get votes and the suckers eat it up like candy.
  2. Yea, and while the film does have it moments it isn't as good as one would expect given the acting chops of those two. But the outdoor lunch scene where Alexis Smith gets her claws out is one for the ages.
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    If that was the case then we agree. I just find comments like this "It is high time Trump's supporters woke up.." hilarious. It is like asking Boston Celtic fans to wake up and support the L.A. Lakers.
  4. Hard to tell how much of a contribution the Trump admin had or not, but the Obama admin did make some mistakes that the Trump admin didn't repeat. The biggest one being the support of the Syrian repels and stating that Assad had to go. The Trump admin was more focused on ISIS, and ISIS only. In addition the Obama Admin did leave Iraq too soon without a strategy for prevent ISIS to make such major gains in the country.
  5. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I don't agree with that at all. The NON Trump supporters here are very reasonable and I have learned from them and I assume vise versa. It is the Trump supporter that draws a hard line in the sand.
  6. The Whales of August, with Davis, Gish, and Price all dying fairly shortly after the film was released. Only Ann Sothern lived beyond a decade.
  7. I Just Watched...

    The Restless Gun, the John Payne western T.V. show. The guest star was Tor Johnson. Yea, must see T.V.!
  8. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Preaching yet again. You haven't been able to convince one Trump supporter at this site to wake up. Sorry, not going to happen. Instead they just double down and support him more.
  9. What's Wrong With Alabama

    I agree that the definition of 'poverty' is misleading. Most of those in poverty, have cars, smartphones, cable TV etc....and they would be middle class in any 3rd world country. That doesn't mean that wealth is being 'fairly' distributed, but in a capitalistic system there isn't really a concept of fairness and that is how most people want it.
  10. GOP madness Unbound...

    I assume Cruz and Rubio would disagree that they were not serious opposition. After Trump won the nomination of course members of the GOP and the GOP established supported THEIR candidate. Duh. Yes, they approved his nominees which is what always happens. In addition not bucking the President on his nominees helps ensure the President signed legislation (E.g. the tax bill). So I assume Mitch and other Senate leaders are doing so for that reason, which again, is politics 101. I'm surprised you have what I believe are unreasonable expectations as it relates to how a major political party in the USA would treat their own President.
  11. GOP madness Unbound...

    I don't see where the GOP establishment is being a 'yes' man to Trump. Yea, they have mostly remained silent, but again what is gained by WORDS (calling out Trump). It might make one feel good but it doesn't change what Trump will do or not do (in fact it likely has the opposite effect). Instead the GOP is passing legislation like the Tax Plan that has been something the GOP has been trying to do for over a decade. They need Trump to sign such legislation. This is the GOP view of 'think America'. As for Christianity; that is just another phony religion so I don't see how that applies to politics. What you want the GOP to impeach Trump because he isn't being a good Christian?
  12. GOP madness Unbound...

    The GOP establishment was clearly against Trump during the primary. Trump won anyway. As for what you call complacency; what is it you want GOP leaders do to? Send out Tweets? If your thinking of impeachment, that wouldn't be right since it isn't clear yet if Trump has committed any crimes. Now if the investigations reveals that Trump did commit crimes and the GOP is still complacent (I.e. the House doesn't vote to impeach), than I'll yell from the rooftops.
  13. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I don't want my tax dollars being on religious BS. Use your own money!
  14. Christmas movies you'd like (or dread) to see.

    Because us pagan rule!
  15. Who would you marry?

    All of Mickey Rooney's ex-wife's; Martha Vickers (Carmen in The Big Sleep), Ava Gardner and Betty Jane Baker.
  16. GOP madness Unbound...

    The open question is still this; Can Dems win elections?
  17. Trump's Tax Cuts for the Wealthy & Corporations

    Sounds like this program will cost more to administer than it will save in taxpayer spending. But I would like to see the use of food stamps limited to actual food; E.g. NO soda, no products with added sugar, no use at fast food places, etc... In addition people on government assistance should have an abortion before having a child but the government should provide birth control for free. PS: Oh I see this is satire. I assume it was done to show that it is mean to reduce the food stamp allocation or to limit it to actual food. Nonsense. Since such a high percentage of food stamps are used on total junk, this says to me the food stamp allocation is too high and that the program is more about corporate welfare (by giving dollars to corporations that sell junk) instead of ensure people get the nutrition they need.
  18. why the media is trying so hard to scuttle roy moore

    The Dems are at their lowest point in terms of holding political office at all levels of government in over 50 years. If what the Dems stand for is being on the right side of history, doesn't that indicate that the Dems are poorly run and mismanaged? This is why losers like Pelosi need to be replaced and Dems at the local and state level need to become better organized.
  19. Actors/Actresses who never acted on screen together

    Yea, that would have been a great cast. Many of these combinations didn't occur due to the studio system. Studios weren't going to put two above title actors under contract in the same picture very often. If an actor was under contract with another studio, why pay the loan-out fee to have that actor in a film with another major studio star. As one can see most of the time there is a pairing it is because one of the actors wasn't a major star yet (e.g. Bogie before 1940 was in a lot of films with Cagney and E.G. but Bogie was a supporting player in these films). Oh well, we can always dream. PS: MGM might be an exception since they had so many stars under contract. While WB had a lot of male stars under contact Jack was cheap so pairing was limited. Fox had a limited number of stars but it would have been interesting to see Power and Andrews in a film together.
  20. Favourite Christmas films

    I have a love \ hate relationship with The Night of the Hunter being included as a Christmas film.
  21. why the media is trying so hard to scuttle roy moore

    4 more years of 'new voters' (those that are under 18 today, that will turn over 18 by 2020), isn't going to make much of a difference. Instead, people that were over 18 back in 2016, just need to get out and vote. These folks were exposed to Trump (e.g. his racist and sexist views and his immaturity were covered by the media 24 \ 7, the GOP stance on gun-control, taxes, entitlements, invading other countries, etc...) were all out there for anyone that was interested (especially in this Internet age). The key to Dems making gains is for these folks to get out and vote.
  22. why the media is trying so hard to scuttle roy moore

    Hard to tell how much a Moore win impacts House and Senate elections in 2018. Voters that have typically voted GOP in purple and red states (the vast majority of states), would have to vote Dem. As we are seeing with Moore, regardless of how tainted a GOP candidate is, a majority of people don't wish to vote Dem, period. Those that were planning on voting Dem in 2018 were likely to feel this way before Moore was found to be a child molester. (and typically what goes on in other states does NOT impact local\state elections).
  23. Trump's Tax Cuts for the Wealthy & Corporations

    I was talking about Congress. But I guess many voters don't know that the President doesn't pass any legislation. So if they voted for Trump expecting a different type of GOP stance on taxes (or gun control or multiple other issues), they were fools. This GOP tax plan is what the GOP has been trying to do for over a decade. In addition when the GOP goes to cut entitlements no one should be surprised about that either. This is another thing they have openly discussed doing for decades.
  24. Trump's Tax Cuts for the Wealthy & Corporations

    The American people knew this before and they still vote overwhelmingly GOP (outside of CA and NY).
  25. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    TCM showed the film last year.

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