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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    No Female Students in Blackboard Jungle High School?

    Here is Anita O'Day doing Old Devil Moon in 1957. I post this because the guitar solo by Herb Ellis; Herb must have listened to Rock Around the Clock (released 2 years before).
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    Lock Them Up!

    CA has decided to reduce the penalties for campaign finance violations for 'minor' offensive, mostly by getting rid of any jail time and instead only fining offenders. One group of politicians that will be treated less harshly are first time campaigners. These changes only apply to state \ local elections. I find the timing of these changes rather odd given the fact of what Trump and Cohen did with the model and porn star. (e.g. Trump was a first time candidate). CA politicians do have a lot of 'minor' campaign fiance violations and since the Dems control the states, these changes will allow those politicians to retain their positions and only have to pay a relatively small fine.
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    Chaplain in The Naked and the Dead

    Users can't. Sometimes the moderate will; You can 'report' your own post and in the 'comments' mention it is a duplicate and the mod might delete it for you.
  4. So not true; people in the media call Trump a liar, because Trump lies so often. My guess is that Trump's good friend, Sean Hannity has contracted Trump and asked why he lied to him. I.e. even Hannity now knows that Trump lied multiple times when discussing what Trump asked Cohen to do for him. Come on Nip; Please don't tell me you really believe Cohen acted on his own, and that Trump was unaware of what Cohen was doing on behalf of Trump.
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    How will TCM survive the “sensitivity” movement?

    Well there was another meeting and the LA School board made their final decision; the mural of Ava Gardner is coming down. Those that wish for the mural to come down openly admit that the 'sun rays' in the mural have nothing to do with Japan, but since they remind some of Japan,, well,,, the mural needs to come down! Insane. Oh, the Korean activist said they wish for the artist to paint another mural in the same location, but he has refused. He doesn't wish to work for the L.A. school district since they didn't defend his art work. Oh, and the Korean activist said that IF the board didn't take down the mural they were going to ask the DA to file hate crime charges against the school district and artist. These activist lack any credibility. What is most disappointing is the school board giving in to this insanity. They mentioned that the mural is similar to Confederate monuments' but that is total nonsense since the mural's 'sun rays' have nothing to do with Japan, while the monuments are clearly celebrating (honoring), those that fought to keep slavery legal. PS: Now that the activist have one this battle their next target is the Arizona State Flag; yea, that flag also reminds these over-sensitive idiots of the Japan Imperial battle flag!!!
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I don't agree with Cid that Pelosi is from the far left. Not at all; To me the far left members of the Dem party are those that are members of the Democratic Socialist of America (e.g. Ocasio-Cortez), and the Sanders wing of the party. Pelosi is clearly part of the Dem party establishment machine and thus by definition she can't be 'far' anything; I.e. she is a mainstream Dem. E.g. After Sanders was defeated by Clinton Of course like often happens Cid is from the Deep South (I'm from super blue CA), and from his perspective I can somewhat see why someone from that area would view Pelosi as 'far left'; but again, if Pelosi is far left what does that make new members like Ocasio-Cortez (or even Sanders)?
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    Bernie Sanders!

    Bernie sounds confused. This US Senate vote will NOT end the fighting. It it NOT end the killing. It just ends U.S. military support of the Saudi-led coalition. But the coalition will continue on.
  8. I believe there was an informal poll done at this forum a few years back and TGSOE 'won' as the oddest choice for Best Picture. While the film isn't a 'bad film' I tend to agree with sewhite that the film won mainly so DeMile would have one best Picture Oscar. Either way, would the TCM programmers really 'punk' an Oscar winning film?
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    Fallen Stars

    That has to be the best summary of Gail Russell I have ever read. Well done, and spot on! One of her more conventional performances is in the Paramount film Salty O'Rourke. This 1945 film stars Alan Ladd, Gail, William Demarest and Stanley Clements (bit player but someone I always found interesting). This being a Paramount film, it can be hard to find (e.g. I don't think TCM has shown it), but I highly recommend it as solid entertainment.
  10. Ok, now Curry says he was just joking; Sport talks has been covering this, but no one appears to be mentioning if they believe he was joking or not. But many have mentioned that the commissioner likely gave him a call and asked him to 'clean this up' since the second biggest star in the NBA (behind Lebon), and most loved (since there are far more Lebon haters than Curry ones).
  11. jamesjazzguitar

    Spotlight: Songs on Screen with Dave Karger and guest host Chris Issak

    This jazz lover and musician has a lot of respect for Chris Isaak; first he is 'real'. His music, while 'basic' is 'real' (real in that one can see it comes from HIM, and is what HE wishes to communicate). Back in the early 2000s I was in a rockabilly band (lead guitar) and the lead singer was an Isaak clone; we covered a lot of his material. Great stuff. Always watched his T.V. show. Yea, I wish some T.V. network would carry that show. Of course it was topical, but still I would like to see it again.
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    Noir Alley

    The Duryea character was a phony; he wasn't a real criminal (e.g. a career criminal) but only lucked into a situation where he came into illegal money. Yea, at the start he acts tough towards Jane but he can't continue that because it isn't part of his persona. E.g. he is socked when Jane wishes to poison her sister-in-law. He drinks the poison because he can't envision that a gal would do that to another person (verses a true tough guy that would be much more savvy) This theme is core to the entire film; i.e. that the women (a housewife no less) is the 'evil' one capable of anything while the man is just a patsy. That makes Jane one of THE top femme fatales of noir.
  13. jamesjazzguitar

    Spotlight: Songs on Screen with Dave Karger and guest host Chris Issak

    What do you mean by 'originally intended'? E.g. the screenplay is based on a novel by the same name, by Charles Webb; so the book is about a blond WASP-ish family? OR was that part of the original screenplay by Henry \ Willingham? OR did those sources NOT have a specific type of family in mind, and therefore the choice was decided by the producer \ director?
  14. I wonder how it could even be determined what the average English citizen though of the Queen back then; I mean People Magazine wasn't running their annual 'best looking' people issue at that time!
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    If she really is talking about the GOP candidate then she is even more clueless then I initially thought. I assume she is talking about the Dem she defeated in the Dem primary, Joe Crowley: Joseph Crowley (born March 16, 1962) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district since 2013. He represented the 7th district from 1999 to 2013 and has been Chair of the House Democratic Caucus since 2017. He also has been Chair of the Queens County Democratic Party since 2006. Crowley is the one with the big political machine behind him NOT the GOP candidate she defeated. As you can see Crowley has been a member of the House since 1999. The GOP has NO ''political machine' in this left-leaning area of NY. As for Ocasio-Cortez's "participation in some way will improve whatever has already been the status quo": I highly doubt it since first time House members are typically not allowed to make any impact. So I'm not knocking Ocasio-Cortez, since that is how party establishment always treat 'newcomers'. All that is really going on here is over the top media coverage.
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    Uh, the political machine Alexandria is talking about here is the Dem party establishment lead by Pelosi.
  18. They are only 'related' in their gross ignorance.
  19. jamesjazzguitar

    GOP madness Unbound...

    Yea, depends on the degree on the violation. Typically the punishment is just a fine and sitting politicians are fined for this very often and many times it isn't the politician that is fined but the campaign which ends up paying said fine (which is someone of a joke when funds obtained in a questionable manner are used to pay the fine, but that is the twisted world of politics!).
  20. First who is 'we' here? The Dem Socialist group? Note that they (member of the DS) just shut down a news conference given by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti (very much a liberal Dem), because of how they view his handling of the homeless issue in the city. Ocasio-Cortez is now the leading member (and clearly most famous), of the group.
  21. I have never heard of those frogs.
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    Pelosi is indeed correct but no seasoned leader trying to negotiate a compromise would personally attack their opponent. Yea, we all know that is what Trump does but Trump is an immature jerk. Therefore one can assume Pelosi doesn't really want to negotiate a compromise, on anything, but instead just wishes to stick it to Trump to help Dem election changes in 2020. Oh, well, I predicted that nothing will be accomplished in the next two years.
  23. They????? Man you really are paranoid about 'they'.
  24. Sorry, for the bogus assumption. Yea, I understand why she would be upset and I can also understand why she filed that first legal challenge. But like I posted there has already been two appeals at the state level. To expect the US Supreme Court to consider your case is hubris on steroids. If she was to win, shows like SLN couldn't exist.
  25. I agree. But many here, like yourself supported the lawsuit, right? I wonder if those that support Olivia with this lawsuit would support Dick Cheney in his lawsuit against the film Vice. Something tells me NOT.

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