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  1. jamesjazzguitar

    some POSITIVE News...for a change

    I don't like the Kardasian clan either but my point was they are as relevant and interesting to me as the so called royal family. I don't hate them, I just don't care about them.
  2. jamesjazzguitar

    some POSITIVE News...for a change

    Uh, Trump was elected, these royal clowns have their power\money\fame based on what womb they came out of. People often complain about all the attention the Kardashian clan receives but unlike these royal clowns they earned it. I really don't understand why anyone would care about these folks, but to each their own.
  3. jamesjazzguitar

    Eight to ten dead in Texas high school shooting-sheriff

    Yes, it would be great to change the overall gun culture but that would require undoing the 2nd Amendment. Also during those 'days' when shooting like this were completely alien the USA had a gun culture. I.e. the USA has always had a gun culture. I just looked at some gun ownership stats and the percentage of gun owners is less today (22%) then it was in 1994 (25%). NOW guns per capita rates are way up but that is because 50% of US guns are owned by 3% of the population. I.e. that 3% have many, many guns! I know I often sound like a defeatist on this topic but I believe I'm just being realistic. In states like Texas the solution politicians will propose will be MORE guns. I'm glad I live in CA!
  4. jamesjazzguitar

    Eight to ten dead in Texas high school shooting-sheriff

    Mandating 'ID' checking guns (e.g. guns that have to be 'activated' using a fingerprint or entry of a code) is useful but many existing guns can't be converted and if a mandate only applied to new guns sold it wouldn't have much of an impact (so technology can make a major impact except for the fact there are already 100 of millions existing guns). Penalizing parents that allowed their children to gain access to a gun after a shooting, would only be a 'feel good' measure since I doubt many parents would say 'I'm selling my guns or locking up my home protection guns tightly,,, because,,, well, our little Johnny,,,, just might go off, and I don't wish to be libel!'. This is also the issue with many mental health protocols within the justice system; most parents don't wish for their children to be placed into the criminal justice system unless they are really 'out-there' (so reporting of borderline kids is rare). This is why in the O.C. the county just opened a mental health facility for those 3 - 18; the county is hoping that parents will be much more likely to check their child into such a facility then calling the police and having them 'booked' into the justice system.
  5. jamesjazzguitar

    Eight to ten dead in Texas high school shooting-sheriff

    This Texas school shooting was done with a shotgun and handgun and therefore not the type of guns typically being discussed related to additional gun-control. In addition the school did have two armed guards, and so far there were no warning signs provided to authorities that the subject might have 'issues (unlike Parkland where there were multiple warnings). The shooter did get the guns from his father (don't know how he got them). I point this out because that might be the only area legislation could address related to the circumstances in this case. But since the type of guns used are standard home protection weapons I don't think any state would require these type of guns be locked in a safe or NOT loaded (with bullets in another safe), since that would render the guns useless for home protection in an emergency.
  6. jamesjazzguitar

    Eight to ten dead in Texas high school shooting-sheriff

    FYI folks; The above is from June 2016.
  7. jamesjazzguitar

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Yes, Pandora has many breathtakingly gorgeous shots to view and savour (and I'm not even talking about Ava, who looks like a goddess in this film especially in the on-the-boat scenes).
  8. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    Like I said the 'methods' used are 'sold' as legit and they are to some people of course. But no one tries to convince an audience that garlic actually will prevent a vampire from attacking. How I view the film today relates to my first experience with the film. 2 other 16 year old guys, my 15 year old brother and myself (also 16) went to a drive-in theater. This was one of the first times we did this, period (since one of us could now drive). My Catholic friends says we have to see this very chilling movie, The Exorcist. Ok we go see that film. Well the two Catholic guys are really disturbed by what is on the screen while my brother and I are laughing (of course the beer helped!). I do fine the internal conflict of the younger priest to be very moving and chilling.
  9. jamesjazzguitar

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    My wife saw Desire with Cooper and Dietrich and for the first time and made a comment about how handsome Cooper was. The film was released in 1937 and how the film was shot and the make-up and clothes the stars wore they were both at their 'peak' in this film.
  10. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    The film is more camp to me (really for me) because the films so called suspense is being 'sold' as legit. What camp is to me is the overselling of emotion and suspense as compared to the actual 'reality' of the situation. E.g. the lesbian feud in Johnny Guitar, women prison movies, and the scene in White Heat where Cagney is eating a chicken leg and shoots into the trunk to give the guy some air (I view that scene as being a lot more funny then suspenseful). Of course maybe the actual reason I can't stop laughing is the use of green pea soup. (ha ha).
  11. jamesjazzguitar


    I agree with this 100%. Goes to show how loony those that believe this stuff are.
  12. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    Interesting; I consider all horror films to be camp to some degree, but for me The Exorcist is more camp then most. As you know I'm an atheist as well and that impact how I view the 'monster'. E.g. clearly most 'monsters' (vampires, Frankenstein's creature, wolfman, etc..) are fictional and 'sold' as such. But The Exorcist's 'monster' is the devil and many people actually believe such a creature exist. I remember talking to a few of my Catholic friends and the film really brought to light actually feelings and fears when those other 'monsters' of course didn't since they were clearly 'fake'. PS: Clearly Lorna and I are going to end up in the same place. You will only end up in purgatory.
  13. For comedy team it would be The Marx Bros, Abbott and Costello and then The Three Stooges. For actresses that I find to be great at comedy it would be Jean Arthur, Carol Lombard and then Rosalind Russell. For actors it would be Chaplin and Keaton.
  14. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump vs. Mueller investigation?

    I still don't understand why Trump Jr. hasn't been charged. He isn't going to 'flip' on his pa, so charge him already!
  15. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    Yea, a camp classic!
  16. jamesjazzguitar

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    Wow, I'm glad I don't know those people. Because only a total coward would abandoned long held personal views because of how others would view and \ or label them.
  17. jamesjazzguitar

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Wow this Denizcan James is really childish. Is he 10 years old? The other day he took the 'animals' comment out of context by implying it was about all immigrants. Today, his tweet implies he now understands the 'animals' comment was only related to the gang MS-13 and that he would be A-OK with Trump calling people that as long as he called white folks 'animals'. Does the guy do comedy for a living?
  18. jamesjazzguitar


    There is no such concept as 'your threads'. This is a community, and you should feel free to post at any thread you wish.
  19. This is what I have been saying all along; that from a political POV it was wise of evangelical leaders to support Trump. Hopefully doing so will come back to bite them but in the short term it has been a win-win.
  20. jamesjazzguitar

    Eight to ten dead in Texas high school shooting-sheriff

    Today my newspaper's front page had an article on a 'coalition of organizations and communities working toward comprehensive mental health treatment in the county'. Much of the focus of this county initiative is on teens. E.g. a 13.2 million facility for those from 3 to 18. Since here in CA we already have the toughest gun control laws, this appears to be the best direction my county can take. Of course that doesn't mean that additional gun control laws wouldn't be helpful as well.
  21. jamesjazzguitar

    Who has yet ever visited HOLLYWOOD?

    Living in Orange County CA, I would go to Hollywood Boulevard about twice a year to check out Larry Edmunds Cinema Bookshop. I believe this was the largest 'classic' movie bookstore in the USA. I would purchase books on actors and film eras (E.g. Movies of the 40s), and of course still photos. I even got some actual film promotional photos (the ones theaters would get to post in their lobbies); E.g. one of DeHavilland from The Strawberry Blonde that had at the bottom that this was the property of Warner Bros and could be used only for promotional purposes. These are very cool. Great place to hang out and spend hours and the staff didn't mind lookie-loos. We would go out and eat in the area. Once at Johnny Rockets I was sitting at the counter (this was a 50s styled type hamburger joint) and a women came in and sat at the counter next to me and my date, to eat. She looked just like any other women but I did notice she ordered using a combination of hand signals. She eats her burger and leaves. The service guy behind the counter then says 'well there is our star for the day'. DUH!!! It wasn't until she was gone that I realize this was Marlee Matlin and that a few months before she had won the best actress Oscar for Children of a Lesser God! Both of us had seen the film together but I just didn't make the connection since Matlin looked so 'everyday' and not like the bogus "movie star" image I had in my silly brain.
  22. jamesjazzguitar

    I Just Watched...

    Yea, not one of my mom's favorite films! Interesting poster with that 'not suitable for general exhibition'. So was the film only shown at some select theaters or only, for example, after 8:00 PM? I assume not and that was said only to create additional interest in the film which didn't work since the general public mostly stayed away.
  23. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I recommend you re-read what Larry posted. There isn't just ONE phenomenon going on here; there are two; one is that there are more troubled teens (E.g. suicide rates for teens is on the increase). The second is how a troubled teen acts out. The easy access to guns is highly likely to be responsible for use of guns by a troubled teen and the NRA and the GOP have a lot to do with that (E.g. the NRA suing Florida for their ban on gun sales to those <21). But as Ham and Larry pointed out that doesn't explain what is triggering the increase in troubled teen.
  24. jamesjazzguitar

    Eight to ten dead in Texas high school shooting-sheriff

    Well he also posted "It's time to take away gun rights from the stupid kids.", something the vast majority of conservatives and the NRA are against. My point being that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter why a wingnut would be pushing for additional gun control laws. (of course maybe he doesn't even know that he went there!).
  25. jamesjazzguitar

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Please see my other reply; Anyhow, I don't see where this says that "the NRA, the gun industry and the Republicans" are more responsible then violent video games.

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