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  1. cinecrazydc

    Actor Jan-Michael Vincent (1945-2019)

    I try to see if there is another similar thread before I post; must've missed it this time. Thanks
  2. cinecrazydc

    Actor Jan-Michael Vincent (1945-2019) Career was mostly in television but he did have a number of feature films, most notably with Charles Bronson. Tragic ending but understandable based on his life-style choices coupled with some very bad luck.
  3. I fondly remember Alex from when he substituted for Robert during the latter's illness, from the 2013 TCM Classic Cruise and from his introductions to a number of movies at the festival, including Apollo 13 and Zulu. He also introduced How Green Was My Valley on the cruise, which is the first time that I had seen it. He is an American icon (although born in Canada). I certainly hope he can beat this, although the odds are very much stacked against him. I'm sure we all wish him well.
  4. cinecrazydc

    Andre Previn Has Died

    Previn had many outstanding scores. One of my personal favorites was the track to Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, starring Glen Ford, Paul Lukas, Charles Boyer, Lee J. Cobb, and Paul Henreid. Previn's score elevated the film above what Leonard Maltin considered a mediocre plot. The love theme is particularly moving.
  5. My take-away from this was that the Oscars had done a poor job (certainly compared to TCM) in their “In Memoriam” segment. I happen to agree with that assessment. The writer was also apparently miffed that Lee Earmy was omitted from the Oscar’s tribute for – what the author alleges – are “political reasons.” I have no idea if this is true or not. Even TCM fans like ourselves will occasionally be asking the question: “Why was so-in-so not featured in an end-of-year tribute ?” It could be for any number of reasons. As for this coming from Brietbart, I only post stuff for informational purposes even – and sometimes especially – if it is controversial to let folks know what's out there. As for Wikipedia, I don't trust them either. I also choose my battles carefully. I don’t consider this a hill worth dying on.
  6. “Here is TCM’s annual In Memoriam tribute, which has never engaged in blacklisting. Naturally, Ermey receives his due: "P.S. Forget about the politics for a moment and just compare the Oscar tribute to the TCM tribute — look at the quality of the work, which one is the most moving and compelling. How is it that a cable network simply blows away the Motion Picture Academy every year? The Academy has access to the finest editors in the world, and their In Memoriam segment is bland, lifeless, hollow-eyed, and dull. Meanwhile, year after year after year, TCM wrenches our hearts. The Oscars are broken forever.”
  7. Frivolous indeed !! Guess I'll have to "work harder" so that I can be a "city frog" !!!
  8. @Sgt_Markoff - Agreed. Anything along these lines needs to be treated critically and, at least initially, with skepticism.
  9. A study purports to be the first "data-driven" analysis of racial and national stereotypes and tropes in Hollywood films from the 1940s to the 2000's. I have no comment regarding the validity of the "study" but provide the information for what it's worth -
  11. cinecrazydc

    Reclusive Ida Lupino
  14. cinecrazydc

    Baldwin's Behavior

    You apparently gave enough of a SH-- to comment !!

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