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  1. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    Just saw Don Murray (Bus Stop, Advise and Consent, etc.) with film historian Foster Hirsch at a screening of A Hatful of Rain at AFI Silver in Maryland. He did a great job discussing his experiences working with Marilyn Monroe and directors like Fred Zinnemann. He's now 88. Need to snag him for the next festival !!!
  2. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    While we're looking back to 1968, a tribute to Sergio Leone might be in order.
  3. Female Voiceover for TCM News Headlines

    Unless I'm mistaken Brooke Alexander did the TCM monthly news for a long time. She was also in a long running "Energy for Tomorrow" advertisement.
  4. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    Left out Oliver !- another classic musical from 1968. Definitely should be in the running for opening night !
  5. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    Correction: The mustang driven by McQueen was a 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390. Movie came out in 68 and McQueen had that year's model mustang for the chase scene. Sorry for the error. CinecrazyDC
  6. There is a series of books that has come out within the last 5 years each of which covers one of the major studios. These are thick, well-illustrated, coffee table type books. I have the one on Warner Brothers and I have seen others, including one on RKO ! Unfortunately, my books have been packed away in preparation for a move, so I cannot give you the authors and publisher at this time. Let me try to get back to you once I've unpacked. Good Luck !
  7. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    Thinking that it's never too early, there are lots of opportunities for anniversary screenings from 1938, 48, 58, 68, and even 78. Herewith are my suggestions for next year’s (2018) festival. Naturally, I don’t expect all – or even most -- of these things due to star availability and program budgets, but I would like to see some of them. Key recommendation for 2018: return to the opening night musical. **Recommended noir films in bold and italics Possible Festival theme: Action – Adventure ! From 1938: Adventures of Robin Hood, Angels with Dirty Faces. Other possible candidates for 1938: Boys Town, Test Pilot, You Can’t Take It With You, Dawn Patrol (war film, Alex Trebek intro ?) From 1948: The Red Shoes (good art film; doesn't fit precisely with the theme, but it is an important anniversary film), Red River – breakout role for Montgomery Clift; possible noirs: Key Largo; Sorry, Wrong Number From 1958: Possible Opening Night: South Pacific. Anniversary screening with Mitzi Gaynor at Grauman's (yes, I know it was done earlier at the Roosevelt pool), Or, Gigi (possible return of Leslie Caron ?). The Young Lions, excellent 1958 war film starring Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and Dean Martin (introduced by Alex Trebek?). Leonard Maltin gave this film ***1/2 stars in his book. From 1968: a major year in film that can’t be overlooked and needs to be recognized at the TCM on this major anniversary of the following films: Possible Opening Night: Funny Girl – if TCM can get Streisand and do a special retrospective for her. Alternate: Camelot (1967) -be nice to have Vanessa Redgrave in attendance and perhaps do a film tribute/retrospective on the Redgrave family. Other major anniversary features: ***Bullitt – with Jacqueline Bisset and Chad McQueen in attendance. [And Yes !! -- a bottle green 1967 Ford mustang similar to the one driven by McQueen MUST be parked near the venue for passers-by to admire]. Bisset possible candidate for hand/footprint. Once Upon a Time in the West – with Claudia Cardinale in attendance. Good for Friday or Saturday night presentation. Perhaps Peter Fonda could return to the festival again for commentary on his dad. Cardinale possible candidate for hand/footprint. The Producers – since everyone is talking about Adolf you-know-who these days (Mel Brooks in attendance) 2001 A Space Odyssey – Yes I know it’s been shown before at the TCM festival, but this year (2018) merits a showing with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in attendance. Since TCM jumped the gun on Planet of the Apes (showing it this year rather than its anniversary (1968/2018), perhaps they can get Genevieve Boujold to into Anne of the Thousand Days (prefer 2019 anniversary, but will take 2018 if she's available). 1978: Possible Opening Night: Grease (John Travolta and/or Olivia Newton-John in attendance ?) The Deer Hunter (Christopher Walken in attendance ?), Heaven Can Wait (possible Warren Beatty return?)
  8. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    I will miss Robert terribly …. But it’s funny, I don’t feel “sad” in the usual understanding of the word – in fact, the classic movie song that most captures -- at least for me -- how I feel about Robert is this gem from Judy Garland in “Summerstock.” I can almost hear Judy in the background serenading Robert – and I think that’s how Robert would most like to be remembered --
  9. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    "And remember, my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." The Wizard of Oz's advice to the Tin Man I can honestly say that TCM has been responsible for my taking a keen interest not only in movies generally but in how the industry developed and the factors that made it what it is today. Had it not been for TCM I likely would have remained ignorant of the rich history of Hollywood and how the moguls of the early years built an empire that has influenced and entertained countless millions around the globe. Robert Osborne was a big part of that education. His manner and in-depth knowledge combined with an entertaining style made the movies and the film industry come alive. I had the honor to attend all but one of the festivals (I went on the cruse that year !) and I cannot say enough about this beloved TCM host. Heaven will have a special place for Robert, and the constellation of cinema icons that have gone before. God bless and God speed, Robert. You gave us all a heck of a ride !!! Cinecrazy DC
  10. In the News

    Carl Laemmle and his role in founding Hollywood.
  11. In the News

    Embassy fears protests at showing of The Quiet Man
  12. Just wanted to say thanks again for another great course ! I completed the Film Noir course and was very impressed by the content and format. The Slapstick course was equally good and I learned a lot of things that I didn't know much about. I am looking forward to future on-line courses on different genres as they become available. Thanks to Dr. Edwards, Ball State, Canvas and TCM for another successful film experience. CinecrazyDC
  13. 1. The clip meets some of the definitions but not all, in my opinion. I see exaggerated gestures, repetition (e.g., especially in the gin-dispensing vending machine); the physicality is present, but more subdued that with Keaton or Lloyd. 2. Yes, Chase seems exasperated by almost every encounter – including the girl he is trying to avoid. 3. The music is reminiscent of another Roach staple, The Little Rascals. Light hearted but synchronized with the routine.
  14. In the News

    How Leni Riefenstahl Shaped the way we see the Olympics
  15. In the News

    Gloria de Haven, star of 40s and 50s musicals, dies at 91

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