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  1. kidsal

    How to insert an image?

    Thank you for your reply. Will give it a try.
  2. kidsal


    For years I have been trying to find a movie - romantic comedy? Probably made in 50s - black and white. The only scene I remember is on the stairs in the home of a man and wife. A young man is seated on the stairs along with the wife. The husband is aware that the young man has a terrible crush on his wife. There is comedic banter among them. Always thought the young man was Louis Jourdan but can't find it among his pictures.
  3. kidsal

    How to insert an image?

    1. How do I insert my picture on my profile? Where? 2. How do I insert a picture of a star where there is only the icon now? 3. Am I able to use Photobucket?
  4. kidsal


    The opening of this movie is unforgetable. A middle-age man is riding a bicyle through the English countryside. He stops along the road and looks into a field with grass barely hiding the broken asphalt. Then you being to see the grass waving in the prop wash of unseen airplanes. Then the sound of engines growing stronger. Finally you are taken into the WWII airfield with bombers starting their engines for takeoff to targets in Europe. I don't remember the year this was filmed, but that opening has remained with me!
  5. kidsal

    Alice Guy Blache

    I am posting some of the silent movies she directed on YouTube under: Alice Guy Blache - 1 Edited by: kidsal on Mar 10, 2010 5:03 AM Edited by: kidsal on Mar 10, 2010 5:03 AM

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