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  1. grblover


    I know this is an old thread but these auctions get to me. Why would you want to sell all this precious stuff? And it is not like the money goes to charity, it goes back to the family! I think it's awful. I also wish Fenwick would of stayed in the Hepburn family. I hear an archit. friend bought Fenwick and won't take it down. He is just raising it and updating lots of things and he may sell it later, he isn't sure. Just is too sad to me.
  2. grblover


    You would love Old Dark House. I own it.
  3. grblover

    Is TCM going downhill?

    I will admit it isn't as good as it used to be. God help us tho if it takes the track that AMC has. I do agree TCM could stop rerunning so many movies and start showing some more silents and older precodes from Paramount. I wish they would acquire more of these movies.
  4. grblover

    who's your favorite movie star and why?

    My fav. movie stars are Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn and Bringing Up Baby is my fav. movie. I love Cary as he was so handsome and smooth and debonaire! Kate is my idol.
  5. grblover

    Youngest & oldest classic movie fans

    I love seeing young classic movie fans!
  6. grblover

    Edward G. Robinson

    I love Edward G. I wish TCM would play The Little Giant. That is my fav. movie of his.
  7. grblover

    October Schedule

    That is great news! Thanks.
  8. grblover

    October Schedule has the chapters of Judex. I wish TCM would show The Garden of Eden also.
  9. grblover

    October Schedule

    Great news huh? I can't wait to see this.
  10. grblover

    October Schedule

    I tried to find info about the chapters. Some were listed but none matched the names of these short silents that are being shown in place of Judex. Well I guess we will see. Judex looks wonderful. I will be so upset if it isn't shown.
  11. grblover

    Character Actors

    I would love to see a tribute to character actors. Hugh Herbet and many from the old Warner Brothers movies that were in hundreds of movies it seems. They are like old familiar faces.
  12. grblover

    October Schedule

    I notice in place of Judex are silents that I just cannot find info on on Do you think that maybe these are the chapters of Judex?
  13. grblover

    October Schedule

    I was looking forward to Judex also! I am almost ready to give up on TCM.
  14. grblover


    Warren Beatty?
  15. grblover

    Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra (1943)

    Now if only a channel would show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet I would be a happy camper. I love that show!

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