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  1. LonghornCutlass

    Jane Russell in "The French Line"

    Thanks for all the replies to my note. Since I don't have or plan to buy a blu-ray player anytime soon, I'm going to write Warner home theater and ask that they produce it to regular DVD. As suggested previously, if we all do this, maybe they'll agree to do so.
  2. LonghornCutlass

    Movie "Experiment in Terror"

    Dear TCM, please schedule a showing during primetime of the 1962 Lee Remick, Glenn Ford movie "Experiment in Terror". I have been waiting a long time to see this movie. Thank you, Michael
  3. Does anyone know if this 1961 Technicolor movie by producer Ross Hunter is out on DVD? I've never been able to find it. Nor can I remember the last time TCM showed it. Thanks, Michael
  4. Anyone seen this movie? I would love to since Natalie Wood is in it. I can't recall TCM ever showing it.
  5. LonghornCutlass

    Jules Dassin's Night and the City

    Anyone seen this movie? I haven't but would love to. I've requested TCM show it but they haven't so far.
  6. He made some great movies including Midnight Lace, Pillow Talk, Back Street, Madame X, The Chalk Garden, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Airport. I wish TCM would do a spotlight feature on three or four of his films they rarely show such as Back Street and The Chalk Garden.

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