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  1. French New Wave director Eric Rohmer dies

    Eric Rohmer directed and wrote two of my favorite French films- My Night at Maud's and Clair's Knee.
  2. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    I agree with the top 5 films you chose- plus Raintree County and The Taming of the shrew are right up there. For pure fun though-not critical acclaim, but very watchable-I'd list Elephant Walk The V.I.P.s, and The Sandpiper. Taylor was very good in all 3.
  3. Pat O' Brien was a rather fine actor-great with the wisecracks and snappy comebacks. Generally he was not an actor who could carry a film unless he starred with someone like James Cagney. Yes he did indeed make a lot of films, but for the most part many were quickly forgotten. I think, above all else, he was Irish and that comes thru loud and clear. I most recently saw him in Secret Command with Chester Morris.
  4. Men sharing a bed in classic films

    In the 1956 movie, Moby Dick, Richard Basehart, as Ishmael, has to share a bed with Queequeg ( a cannibal) at an Inn the night before going to sea. It's a scene right out of the great novel and it's rather amusing.
  5. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    Tthe high point of the Oscars ( for me anyhow) was Sam Rockwell winning Best Supporting Actor. Years ago i saw him in a film called Box of Moonlight (1996). I thought he'd be a big star, but it took him a rather long time to finally get critical recognition ( Oscar nomination).
  6. I just saw this film today on DVD from the Criterion Collection. this was the 2nd film that Louis Malle and Jeanne Moreau made together ( the 1st being Elevator to the Gallows). Back in 1958, The Lovers was apparently quite a shocking film.It was regarded as diabolical and obscene. One of the big surprises ( to me anyhow) was an actor name Jean-Marc Bory-who played one of Moreau's lovers. I had seen him in one other film with Brigitte Bardot ( Love on a Pillow). One scene had the lovers drifting slowly down a stream in the moonlight. Check it out!
  7. Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    I totally agree- even a full day of his films for Summer Under the Stars. Most likely, however, most of his films are not readily available. I know that I have had to go to great trouble to see some of his films ( like The Fixer and Providence).
  8. Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    I just recently saw The Singer Not the Song and found it to be rather amusing. Apparently Dirk Bogarde and the director (Roy Baker- better known for A Night to Remember) were both under contract to The Rank Organization and had to do this film in order to fulfill their contracts. They both disliked the script. So Dirk played his bandit character as if he had fallen in love with the priest ( John Mills). His costume is like totally far out. The title is explained - Dirk love the singer (john Mills as the priest, but Not the song ( religion). A vey campy film!
  9. Recently Watched Westerns

    Taggart (1964) Is an interesting B western from Universal . It stars Tony Young as a young man in search of the outlaws who killed his parents. He kills one of the outlaws a;nd then goes on the run. He is pursued by a hired killer ( Dan Duryea). Also in the cast is Dick Foran in one of his last roles and David Carradine in his first role Young and Duryea made another film together titled He Rides Tall (1964). Tony Young is handsome and has a rather deep voice. It's a shame he didn't go on to bigger roles.
  10. Your Choice For 1940 Best Actor Oscar

    The New York Film Critics prize for 1940 went to Charles Chaplin.
  11. This One is for the Unnominated!

    I always thought that Alan Ladd deserved a nomination for Shane--And Marilyn Monroe was like totally great in Some Like It Hot, but unfortunately never received a nomination.
  12. I thought Jackie Gleason was pretty amazing. I mean who can forget Minnesota Fats!
  13. Submarine Movies

    Submarine Command with William Holden is good film. Another film is Submarine with Jack Holt.
  14. TopBilled’s Essentials

    It's a real shame that Fred MacMurray was not nominated for an Oscar for this role. Apparently Paramount did not back him-instead backing Bing Crosby in Going My Way. Crosby was Paramount's biggest star and the film was a big hit. Barry Fitzgerald was up for both Best Actor and Best supporting Actor that yea/ He won in the supporting category. MacMurray should have had his slot
  15. John Gavin (1931 - 2018)

    John Gavin was a very handsome, romantic leading man-especially for Universal films in the late 50's and early 60's. Psycho and Spartacus are probably his most famous films. I liked him a lot in Imitation of Life and Four Girls in Town.

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