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  1. The Best Man - Fonda is Adlai Stevenson & Robertson is Richard Nixon Advise & Consent - Fonda - Another Stevenson type - Franchot Tone - FDR - Don Murray - Nixon & Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt ( Dem ) who committing suicide in 1954 after being harassed by GOP Senators Bridges ( NH ), Dirksen ( Il ), Nixon, and FBI director Hoover over Hunts son cruising Washington, DC for gay hook ups. Burgess Meredith - Whittaker Chambers - Charles Laughton is Richard Russell ( Dem - Georgia ) leader of the Senate " Southern Block ", and mentor of LBJ. George Gizzard is a combination of Senator Joe McCarthy & J. Edward Hoover, despite his characters ultra liberalism. Both McCarthy & Hoover were allegedly gay and blackmailed their opponents into silence. Grizzards charter is threathening with expulsion from the Senate or censure, while McCarthy was censured. The Senate hearings were IMHO a take off on the Alger Hiss - Whittaker Cambers US House hearing that lead to Richard Nixons climb up the political ladder. In the 1952 Presidential campaign Mr Nixon sometimes " slipped " and called Democratic Presidential candidate Stevenson " Alger "rather than Adlai. Mr Preminger must have enjoyed old time leftwinger Will Geer, who was blacklisted, as the Senate minority leader. Mr geer was made up to look like Seanator Robert taft ( R - Ohio ), " Mr Republican ", who was the leader of the conservatives forces in the Senate for almost 15 years.
  2. arlenemccarthy

    Actors/Actresses Who IRRITATE You!

    Debbie Reynolds, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jennifer Jones.
  3. arlenemccarthy

    Actors/Actresses Who IRRITATE You!

    Michael Douglas Roddy McDowell - As an adult Jim Carrey Sean Penn Jerry Lewis Jennifer Jones Danny Kaye - I can take him is small pieces Debbie Reynolds Zsa Zsa Warren Beatty Marlon Brando James Dean Dennis Hooper Veronica Lake Chevy Chase
  4. arlenemccarthy

    Incredible Dumbness of "The Godfather"

    In the opening scences of Godfather 2 where Roths man meets Michael, while the Wedding festivaties are going on outside, concerning the the take over of a Hotel - Casino where Meyer Klingman runs the show, the encounter is actually about the mured of Gus Greenbaum, of the Chicago Outfit and the manager of The Riveria, who the Chicago group wanted out because of this dope addict & possible taking for the mobs cut.
  5. arlenemccarthy


    My favorite TV shows, in no special order but they will be numbered: 1.Law & Order - The original 2.The Dick VanDyne Show 3 Perry Mason - The original 4.Alfred Hitchock Presents 5.The Phil Silvers Show 6.I Love Lucy 7.Car 54, Where are You ? 8.The Twilight Zone 9.The Beverly Hillbillies 10The Honeymooners - The 39 episode package 11Night Galery 12The Mary Tyler Moore Show The worst: 1.Gilligans Island 2.The Brady Bunch 3.The Adventures of Dobie Gillis 4.Grindle 5.Lost in Space 6.Hogans Heroes 7.McHale's Navy 8.Petticoat Junction 9.The Green Hornet 10.December Bride 11Pete and Gladys Comments - Dragnet both versions are bad in a very special way Batman - With Cesar Romero and /or Burgess Meredith were very funny - otherwise hit and miss Gunsmoke - Not a fan Wagon Train, Rawhide,Bonanza - Very uneven Route 66 - How did piece of junk get a good reputation ? Maude - Not funny The Golden Girls - The Betty White character was not funny, Bea Arthur was never funny
  6. arlenemccarthy

    A Walk on the Noir Side

    Love The Phantom Lady pics, especially those with Ella.
  7. arlenemccarthy

    Tim Holt

    Ronald Reagan as " Curtin " in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre " YIKES !
  8. arlenemccarthy

    Film noir runneth over on the schedule lately

    Any film that has Ella Raines in it will have my attention. Thank you for the reminder about Phantom Lady.
  9. arlenemccarthy

    Happy Birthday Kay

    I love Kay, thanks TCM.
  10. arlenemccarthy

    Jane Wyman 1.4.11

    I love Miracle in the Rain.
  11. I love the shot of Marlenes legs from the poster for No Highway in the Sky.
  12. arlenemccarthy

    Who else likes Lana?

    Maybe I'm just an old biddy but I certainly prefer Lana to todays so called female stars. But Lana is not one of my all time favorites.
  13. arlenemccarthy

    DVD Commentaries

    One film that I have the " expert " says that Ann Sheridan prayed " brassy blondes ". MsSheridan was a redhead.
  14. arlenemccarthy

    DVD Commentaries

    The commentator for the Cagney film G - Men called Magaret Lindsey, " Margaret Livingstone ", twice and the actor Davis Brian was called Brian David. Mr Brian did an introduction for a G - Men re - realease in the 1940s.
  15. arlenemccarthy

    *CANDIDS* 2

    mongo, Thanks for the lovely picture of Frances.

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