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  1. 1968B2

    James Whale Friday

    What does everyone think of the James Whale Friday tonight? I'm liking it, and I think the schedule is a terrific build-up to THE INVISIBLE MAN and FRANKENSTEIN later. I mean, Colin Clive was a great lead actor from the theater, and then film got him, and it's a treasure to have him on film. I enjoy his acting. James Whale: He directs like a cat: he lets you warm up to him, but he's always ready to show you another side. You know?xoxo1968B2
  2. 1968B2


    For $200, she portrayed a debutante in England, yet all along she had a horrible problem w/anorexia. Or so said her husband, a big-name pop singer a la Paul Anka, all taking place in the '50s.
  3. 1968B2

    "The Girl" (2012)

    I loved it. Joe, this was bound to happen. Tippi Hedren has her case, let's not deny her that. The actor who played Hitchcock, see you at the Emmys! But at the end of the day, Hitchcock is beyond caricature. HBO's movie was quite a ride.
  4. 1968B2

    Constance Bennett Star of the Month

    Let's call 5pm Tuesdays in November Cocktail Hour, how's 'bout it? If I had bias satin, I'd wear it.
  5. I see Leslie Howard. In polo togs. Ok, now love polo. Did he play golf too?
  6. 1968B2

    Kay Francis day What a delight!

    AndyM108: Boy, do I agree! Who knew that movie STRANDED? It was so good, Kay and George Brent, and it's going along, and we're watching all the interplay, and the subplot w/her new roommate, and then it dawns on you as you're watching: Hey, aren't they building the Golden Gate Bridge behind all the action? And you look at the release year, and then you're really into it! How about that for background? I happen to live in Northern California, so I guess I couldn't help notice the history going on in the background there, but it weally was a wery good movie. Kay sure stood her ground!
  7. How Come My Message doesn't come on right away, after I post it to the thread? Is there a certain time period in which posted responses will view? Thanks.
  8. 1968B2

    Kay Francis day What a delight!

    I love our Miss Kay. What a treat, all day w/Kay. Yay! Well, here's the deal: no TROUBLE IN PARADISE, so I had to whip that out of my own taping and put that on during one of her slow ones; but it was ok. She looked best in Travis Banton at Paramount. Loved the one where George Brent is building the Golden Gate Bridge, and she has to stand up to him for her own career. Love you, Kay Francis!
  9. 1968B2

    Phyllis Diller has died

    Do you mean of "If You're Going To San Francisco?" fame, that Scott McKenzie? Why are they all dying, didn't they stay 18 somewhere, 'way back when? Gosh, I think I'll always like best about Phyllis Diller, her go-go boots. What a look she took on, right? That's show biz.
  10. 1968B2

    Little Women.... wonderful

    I completely agree w/you, Fred, and kudos your research! And how about that Douglas Montgomery? Remember last time you saw him was opposite Marion Davies in a really good comedy, whose title, of course, I've forgotten.
  11. 1968B2

    Phyllis Diller has died

    You know, she was a copywriter at an ad agency in San Francisco (where I'm from) during the early '60s, and there she began her stand-up. I'll never forget one of her funniest lines, to me, which I saw her perform during that time period, on Mike Douglas or somewhere, when I was twelve, and it went, "You know, yesterday, I separated my whites, and put in my white sheets, and they came out bleached yellow. Bleached yellow." I howled; I guess I knew from laundering then, coming from a big family and all. She was amazing, when you think on it. The hair, the get-up, the schtick. Nothing, no one like it. Remember later in the '60s, the go-go short boots, the pop-art tent dress, always w/the cigarette holder? God love her, right?
  12. 1968B2

    The Circle

    Does anyone know anything about tonight's silent, and would like to share knowledge? I'm too lazy to look it up, and love E. Boardman. Why is this one important, other than L'AVENTURRA follows it?
  13. 1968B2

    The Circle

    To Gagman, Well, thanks for the knowledge, and I'll try to buy those you mentioned. And, Movie Madness, looking forward to THE CIRCLE again in October. Love anything Talmadge; have so much info on those sisters and their, and Buster Keaton's, time in Lake Tahoe and Nevada, c.'20s.
  14. Can't agree -- Franklin Pangborn, always anticipated. Love him, and love when he shows up in movies as that character actor you can't live without.
  15. 1968B2

    The Great Eric Blore: Favorite Scenes

    Don't you sometimes watch a Fred and Ginger, and just hope that this is one w/Eric Blore in it? And then, as you get to know their films, which I adore, you switch them on, and just hope he's in it, or else it's just their dancing? Does anyone know what I mean? He's hilarious! I remember him in THE GOOD FAIRY, w/Margaret Sullivan, where he's playing some minister of the Austrian cabinet, and he's at a restaurant *** nightclub, and he goes to Frank Morgan, "Would you look, I've just come down a whole flock of them, and here's a whole lot of them more!", referring, as an inebriate, to the stairway on one side of the dance floor to the stairway opposite. I think it's his emphasis on syllables, and you find yourself, next day, imitating him, just to get your choppers going!
  16. I just finished a bio on Joan Blondell, and loved every page. She acted onstage following most of her movies, c.1940, through the rest of her life. What a trouper, what a life.
  17. 1968B2

    Leslie Howard as SOTM in July 2012

    Well, I sure hope everyone enjoyed TCM's LH month. I personally loved the night that began w/PYGMALION, where we got to see SMILIN' THROUGH, and the next two. He was genuine, and loved acting, feeding off the actors. His voice could rock you, and even tho' not 16 for ROMEO AND JULIET, did he deliver, or what? Love your spirit for LH; it was quite an enjoyable month of Tuesdays. No date could roust me.
  18. What's everyone doing Tuesdays? I'm hoping enjoying the Leslie Howard Star of the Month. Here's what you get, after 5pm, every Tuesday in July (this year): Leslie Howard, and a whole slew of his pictures, no commercials, and some never shown before on TCM! I may be alone in this, but somehow, I know I can't be: is there anyone else out there in Messageboard Heaven that adores the great LH as much as I? Tonight, as an added bonus, there's one of his, first performed on the boards, for us on film, and then, well, the night goes on! So, I suggest a shaken cocktail, pillows en carpet, and lots of willing enjoyment, as we go forth into the '30s and Leslie Howard Land. You won't be sorry.
  19. 1968B2

    Leslie Howard Star of the Month

    Well, how happy I am for you that you caught Leslie Howard fever. Wasn't it a great month? I must have taped about five movies I'd never seen before. Now, as far as I'm concerned, TCM has created a dirth of expectation, considering how well their LH month met the standard.
  20. 1968B2

    Bill Hader

    Love Bill Hader; we're lucky he's here. Miss him when he's not on SNL. Don't know how one person can be that damn funny.
  21. 1968B2

    The Circle

    Wow, I'm finally replying to your knowledge, which was good, by the way! All those movies sound good; how about Pickford in THE NEW YORK HAT? i'd love to see more Talmadge, but Robert Osborne said two weeks ago there aren't many of her films that have made it through the years.
  22. 1968B2


    I agree w/Lori 3.
  23. Bronxie, You need to adore LH in TSP. Need to! There's no temperance on cravatte quality, or the jabot! And you need mention his slant-of-eye as he slows momentum down to grasp his turn at turning the screw. Love the love for Leslie on this Messageboard Sink-Me tonight!
  24. Hey, you Silent Sunday lovers out there. What can you tell me about THE RACKET, and what should we know about it? Of course, I'll be watching from the get-go, but wondered which one of you he-men out there are gonna join me for a little Silent Sunday. Any goers, and, what can you tell me? Ok, thanks!xoxo1968B2
  25. 1968B2

    Pat Boone movies

    Forget Pat Boone. He's a moron. Just my opinion. He's not even an actor. Can he play Wimbledon? No.xoxo1968B2

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