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  1. MaryGH

    Your Choice For 1939 Best Director Oscar

    I'd go with John Ford and "Stagecoach" myself. OK maybe I am being a little biased here. :) After "Stagecoach", Tom Tyler remained in Ford's stock company, appearing later in "Red River" and "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon". So even though "Stagecoach" was a John Wayne vehicle, Tom received the acting accolades for a very good reason. I can almost picture John Ford telling Tom, "Why can't I get this kind of performance from Wayne?" I have tried many times to watch "Gone with the Wind" but historical romance just isn't my thing.
  2. MaryGH

    David Hedison (1927-2019)

    Losing a lot of personal favorites this year in the film and music fields - and David Hedison unfortunately is one of them. I also remember him in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "The Fly", "Murder She Wrote", many a "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" appearance. RIP
  3. Same here with "A Clockwork Orange" so it's good to know I'm not the only one who has no interest in seeing it again. "The Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland - loved it as a kid, but as an adult, not so much. Then there's "Gone with the Wind". I have tried to watch it many times but could not get into it. I'd always change the channel for a movie with more action/adventure, sci-fi, or horror.
  4. MaryGH

    Roger Corman and those Edgar Allan Poe stories

    For "The Haunted Palace" it was the Lovecraft element plus the sets, for "The Masque of the Red Death", the sets, story, and the distinct use of candle color. Watched "The Tomb of Ligeia" last night on Youtube and noticed the candle colors were used in the same manner. While on the topic of Vincent Price movies, after Ligeia I watched "Diary of a Madman" which I saw a very long time ago - long before I actually read Guy de Maupassant. I have a book which is a collection of his stories called "The Dark Side", and of course "The Horla" is in it. So its fair to say I enjoy both Poe and de Maupassant.
  5. MaryGH

    Horror movies that traumatize children

    "Jaws" did but maybe because my parents dragged me to Florida every summer for one week before school started for the semester.
  6. MaryGH

    Roger Corman and those Edgar Allan Poe stories

    I've seen all of them, but my favorites are "The Haunted Palace" and "The Masque of the Red Death" as I have both on DVD.
  7. MaryGH

    Question about silent film makeup

    You mean like this?: As you can see, Mr. Tyler's brown eyes stand out enough to not need the dark makeup although he is wearing mascara. Not how the lip rouge does not fully cover his lower lip but instead forms a small "bow". This photo is dated 1927. The silver/light gray on his eyelids is noticeable, and standard throughout his remaining silent films made in the 1930's. Now, if you were to watch a movie like "Deadwood Pass" 1933, you might note that he is wearing the lip rouge during the opening scene where is in the stagecoach with Alice Dahl. At some point in the mid-1930's the lip rouge is gone though, in his movies.
  8. MaryGH

    Stars who often appear as themselves

    Better yet - how about non-comedy silent film stars who played themselves? Tom Tyler played Tom Tyler in "Terror Mountain", 1928.
  9. MaryGH

    National Film Registry: Having One's Say for Next Year

    I always send in selections every year but none have yet been chosen for the Registry. Maybe this time??
  10. MaryGH

    Kick in the crotch

    John Hurt got nailed in the groin by Veronica Carlson in "The Ghoul" (1975). Poor John looked like he was really in pain, too.
  11. Actually, the most racist film ever made was "The Good the Bad and the Ugly".
  12. MaryGH

    Predicting the future: films in the 2020s

    The "Shazam!" sequel is in the works for next year. Didn't anyone hear the good news? DC comics just renewed copyright for Fawcett comics. More original Captain Marvel stories for the movies, and I cannot wait. 45 years a fan and counting. Shazam!
  13. I am very hopeful. I have written to Universal about "Jungle Mystery" and since its restoration four years know, this was considered a "lost film" for many years even though rumors were that prints existed in other countries. Regardless, it is time this was on DVD. And this serial was shown at Cinecon 52 in 2016 in Los Angeles. That should count for something.
  14. MaryGH

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    Speaking of comic strip artist, Richard played one in an episode of "Mayberry RFD", episode title "The New Couple in Town". He certainly had a nice long career, and a nice long life to match. Very enjoyable actor. RIP
  15. I will keep this as brief as possible. Basically this is a petition to Universal to finally (four years after its restoration in 2015) release "Jungle Mystery" on DVD this year, 2019. A huge thank you to everyone who signs, and please share this!“jungle-mystery”-on-dvd/

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