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  1. I am very hopeful. I have written to Universal about "Jungle Mystery" and since its restoration four years know, this was considered a "lost film" for many years even though rumors were that prints existed in other countries. Regardless, it is time this was on DVD. And this serial was shown at Cinecon 52 in 2016 in Los Angeles. That should count for something.
  2. MaryGH

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    Speaking of comic strip artist, Richard played one in an episode of "Mayberry RFD", episode title "The New Couple in Town". He certainly had a nice long career, and a nice long life to match. Very enjoyable actor. RIP
  3. I will keep this as brief as possible. Basically this is a petition to Universal to finally (four years after its restoration in 2015) release "Jungle Mystery" on DVD this year, 2019. A huge thank you to everyone who signs, and please share this!“jungle-mystery”-on-dvd/
  4. MaryGH

    Greatest Cult Actress...I'm Right!

    I like Allison Hayes a lot, a beautiful brunette, very glamorous, died way too young (age 46) in a very tragic manner. Nowadays we take vitamin supplements for granted, but when she was prescribed calcium supplements, it was unknown to her that one of the ingredients was lead. By the time she went to a toxicologist with the calcium pills, it was a bit late, and her body went downhill quickly. But she became an activist, ill as she was (eventually developing leukemia which compounded the problem), campaigned for the FDA to ban the import or sale of the calcium supplement. This is something I admire and respect and to be totally honest, I do not put a lot of stock in celebrity activism on the whole; but as always there are exceptions, and this happens to be one of them. My favorite performances of hers are Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Crawling Hand, and The Undead.
  5. MaryGH

    First silent film crush

    Tom Tyler was my first silent film crush. Still going strong four years later. ❤️
  6. MaryGH

    "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949)

    Love "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", Tom Tyler turns in a compelling performance as Corporal Quayne, injured by a bullet, where he is in the covered wagon during the stormy night, surrounded by lightning and thunder (which was real!) while he is sedated with alcohol before undergoing surgery to remove the bullet. Then while in recovery he wants to get back on his horse but John Wayne tells him to get back inside the wagon and finish recovering. Tom was a member of the John Ford company and it seems like Ford enjoyed using him for roles like this - which dates back to "Stagecoach" (1939). Unfortunately Tom was in the progressive stages of a rare autoimmune disease in the late 1940's but he kept acting up until the end (1953).
  7. MaryGH

    Five most "underrated" Westerns ...

    Blood on the Moon (1948) Frontier Marshal (1939) Powdersmoke Range (1935) Return of the Badmen (1948) The Younger Brothers (1949)
  8. Bobby Nelson in "Two Fisted Justice" (1931) He was only 9 years old at the time, but he turned in a compelling performance as a twice-orphaned boy who witnesses a murder and gets caught up with a criminal gang. Very strong human interest story.
  9. MaryGH

    Your Favorite Films From Years Ending in 9

    1929 - The Man from Nevada 1939 - Stagecoach 1949 - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1959 - Rio Bravo 1969 - Midnight Cowboy 1979 - Alien 1989 - Batman 1999 - The Matrix 2009 - The Haunting in Connecticut
  10. Post WW2 actually placed women in strong roles as scientists in science fiction films, like "War of the Worlds" 1953, "Them!" 1954, "Gog" 1954, among others. There is a book on the subject, Women Scientists in Fifties Science Fiction Films by Bonnie Noonan
  11. Will have to go with Psycho. Can't beat Norman Bates.
  12. MaryGH

    New Year's Eve movie suggestions

    Enjoying "Cheyenne" (1947) on New Year's Eve:
  13. MaryGH

    The Mummy's Hand

    The Mummy’s Hand: Tom Tyler the movie monster
  14. MaryGH

    Tyrone Power

    I will also add, the first Tyrone Power, William Grattan Tyrone Power (1797 - 1841) died at age 44 too (what are the chances of that happening??). Many years ago I read a really interesting biography about the first Power, will have to look up the title, I knew who he was, as some forget there are 3 Tyrone Power actors in the family lineage, up to the present one spoken about. As for the Tyrone Power of the present subject, he was quite gorgeous, I think he had potential but was also underused. Personally I liked him in "Witness for the Prosecution" and "The Black Rose".

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