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  1. THEMovieman

    Describe A Movie Based On Poetry

    That is correct. Your thread.
  2. THEMovieman

    Describe A Movie Based On Poetry

    Here's one: They said the sun never set on the British empire, And it can also be said that "good old Nick" would have been a fair umpire. This rule-abiding WWII veteran would probably memorize and know well every rule of the game bridge, Just as he'd most certainly build a big bridge. He'd think of the Geneva Code as quite groovy, Can you name the movie?
  3. Western- Red River, True Grit Drama- A Man For All Seasons, On The Waterfront Suspense- Rear Window, Wait Until Dark, The Wrong Man, Shadow of a Doubt Musicals- The Sound of Music, The Band Wagon, Singin' In The Rain, West Side Story War- The Bridge On The River Kwai Romantic Comedy/ Screwball Comedy- Roman Holiday, The Awful Truth, Harvey Action Adventure- The Adventures of Robin Hood
  4. THEMovieman

    name the movie

    That is correct. I've always tried to notice the engravings whenever I watch the movie, but I can never see them. Your thread.
  5. THEMovieman

    name the movie

    In Raiders of the Lost Ark, what sci-fi characters are supposedly engraved on the walls of the snake pit when Indiana Jones and Sallah are carrying the Ark of the Covenant?
  6. THEMovieman

    Favorite film soundtracks or film songs

    I think that Jurassic Park & Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom have beautiful and underrated soundtracks. The "Main Themes" from Jurassic Park are wonderful. As for Temple of Doom, "Short Round's Theme," "Slave Children's Crusade," and "Return to the Village" stand out. In my opinion, John Williams is the greatest movie composer in movie history.
  7. THEMovieman

    Name the pre-1970 film

    That is correct.
  8. THEMovieman


    That is correct.
  9. THEMovieman

    Name the pre-1970 film

    Okay. A guy helps some other guys carry out a murder when he thinks he is just helping them push someone around, and he gets some moral and spiritual help afterwards from a young lady and a Catholic priest. Edited by: THEMovieman on Jan 27, 2013 7:54 PM
  10. THEMovieman

    Name the pre-1970 film

    That is correct; I think it's a terrific movie.
  11. THEMovieman

    Name the pre-1970 film

    A king wants an annulment, and he demands the help and eventually the head of a certain holy and intelligent man.
  12. THEMovieman


    This movie also starred Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria.
  13. In this new game, whoever controls the thread must write a short rhyming poem that describes a particular movie. Everyone else can then guess from the poetry what that movie is. Here is the first poem; can you name the movie? A movie actor walks alone by himself, Discovering that his career has been put back on a shelf. He then meets up with two of his perky friends, And soon becomes a part of many song and dance numbers that only musicals can amend. He meets a tall guy who is rather tough, But who'd probably rather watch "Faust" than act rough. Oh, these actors talk and dance both in the sun and in the dark, But they discover that the only place to use the darkness for music is in a certain New York park. Edited by: THEMovieman on Jan 25, 2013 10:08 PM
  14. THEMovieman


    What recent movie had to do with the persecution of Catholics in Mexico and contained a few scenes with the classic actor, Peter O'Toole?
  15. THEMovieman

    Theme Songs

    Could it be "Get Happy" from 1930?

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