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  1. nrgrms

    Arabian Adventures

    Princess of the Nile is in line for release on DVD. It is just so hokey. It features a constantly wet Debra Paget, Although in the scene with her fencing with a simatar, while clad in a scant chain mail slave girl costume, she is dry.
  2. nrgrms

    MST-3000 movies

    Has anyone tried out Friff-Trax? The Boys from the Satellite of Love get around copyright problems by recording a podcast that can be synced up to movies.
  3. nrgrms

    Favourite Swashbuckler?

    The best duel? Toughy. At this moment, either Neeson vs. Roth at the end of Rob Roy or Malkovich vs. Reeves (believe it or not, Keanu) at the end of Dangerous Liaisons. Or any of a number of clashes Carradine vs Keitel in Ridley Scott's first film, The Duelists.
  4. nrgrms

    Arabian Adventures

    This is a thread for any Arabian Nights-ish movies, from the non-fantastical non-musical Kismet to the fantastical Golden Voyage of Sinbad. I am also interested in any information on Universal's "sand and cleavage" 'Easaterners' .
  5. nrgrms

    Missing Sci Fi

    I may start a Thread in here for "Arabian Adventures".
  6. nrgrms

    The Best Giant Monster Movies of the 1970s

    No love for The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)?| Or The People that Time that Time Forgot? Dana Gillespie gives Raquel Welch a run for her money for the title "best fur bikini of all time".
  7. nrgrms

    Favourite Swashbuckler?

    With deference to Flynn and the classic swashbucklers I vote for William Hobbs, a fight arranger with a truckload of masterful fights to his credit. The Lester Musketeers - Hobbs has a cameo as a 'drunk' who challenged Porthos to a duel. The Duelist The final duel from Dangerous Liaisons - a personal favorite. The final duel from Rob Roy - another favorite. Robin and Marian etc.... Edited by: nrgrms on Jul 5, 2010 3:18 PM

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