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  1. JR33928

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

  2. It's just ridiculous how whenever the subject turns to MJ legalization the prophets of doom and gloom,these prohibitionist dinosaurs come popping out of the woodwork like roaches with their dire predictions of catastrophe...and now we even have a wild prediction of a communist revolution no less.Geez MJ will cause that??..a commie revolution??.That's just plain stupid and it's fear mongering.The world's gonna fall apart just cuz lil ol'MJ is legal..ROFLMAO Oh well,you prohibitionists have run your race,your day is about to come to a close.Slip slip slipping away are the lies,Damn lies and propaganda foisted on us,an unsuspecting public beginning in the 1930's and updated for our times,by a lying gov't,in cahoots with racist bigots like William Randolph Hearst,Harry Anslinger(who made his career lying about MJ)and others. People are beginning to wake up to the truth that MJ isn't the weed with roots in hell,nor is it the cause of licentiousness,or low or corrupt morals,sexual promiscuity or any of the other lies told to us.Those bad traits are common to alcohol use.Now we begin to find out about some of the health benefits of MJ...answer this if you can all you prohibitionists...Q:why do we humans have an endocannabinoid system as part of our endocrine system,our immune system?? A:The endocannabinoid system has been recently recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of Brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. It appears to play a very important regulatory role in the secretion of hormones related to reproductive functions and response to stress. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17369778...and that's only a part of the story.Newer studies also indicate MJ may stop cancerous tumors from getting larger,cause apoptosis in existing tumor cells and may even stop tumors from ever even starting. The very fact that we even have an Endocannabinoid System is proof positive that we humans are meant to have cannabinoids in our system and THC is at the very top of the list of cannabinoids. The health benefits are readily available to anyone who uses MJ,even for recreational use. So all you prohibitionist dinosaurs pleez go back into your caves with your heads filled with all the lies,Damn lies and propaganda the gov't put there,plus a few idiotic beliefs you've made up for yourselves out of whole cloth.We don't need you.Your silly beliefs have more in common with old wives tales superstition and strange quasi-religious beliefs than with anything even remotely resembling truth.Go away you prohibitionist dinosaurs.After 81 years of lies,deceit and propaganda your day is Finally coming to a close.Hallelujah!!!
  3. JR33928

    Where's darkblue?

    Or maybe he just walked away for reasons of his own.
  4. JR33928

    ...a country without Freemasons...

    Here's two more salient videos for our time...and remember...propaganda was legalized for use against the American people by the Smith-Mundt modernization act of 2012 contained within the NDAA for fiscal 2013.
  5. Good lord how you go to the inth degree to cast aspersions on a person's integrity you know nothing about.You're grabbing at straws.You've completely nullified the opinions of the 65 women who's testimony far outweighs the accusation of the one.You want to convict by innuendo.
  6. Oh come on Bogie,this is only an accusation made by one miserable woman who's mental state may be in question,but you say it as though the accusation is a proven fact.It's not.You don't know what happened,if anything.I'd sure hate to be the guy who's jury you sat on...i'd be tried,convicted and hung out to dry before the trial ever began.
  7. Passing a lie detector test doesn't mean a damn thing,they can be beaten,that's why the tests aren't admissible in court,and BTW i don't remember condemning her.I just question the validity of the accusation and if reports are correct,her sanity too. BTW Doesn't the testimony of 65 women attesting to his good character mean anything to you...do their opinions carry no weight??...are their opinions not just as valid as the one lone woman??...do not their collective opinions tend to carry far more weight than the lone accuser??...i think they do.
  8. You got it exactly wrong,but no surprise there.It's a term for characterizing the political/social/moral views of a particular group of people.
  9. Yea,it's a British term.Not much used in the US,but is gaining in usage here.
  10. Yea,65 women sign a document attesting to Kavanaugh's good character and one,(count 1) woman makes a claim like this and what do the libtards do???...glom onto the one different claim which seems to be totally out of character with what the other 65 women attested to and try to say that the one totally different characterization is the real one....nevermind what the other 65 women said,their opinions aren't appreciated or wanted and do not count.Period!!.
  11. This slimy business of going back to Kavanaugh's high school days to investigate what he may or may not have done when he was just a teenager and a juvenile,is nuts. If we did that to everybody in gov't there wouldn't be one man or woman left in Congress,the Supreme court,FBI,DOJ or anywhere else in gov't.Just about every kid did stupid things they aren't proud of or would want known by the world when they were teenegers. I wonder what kind of bad behavior Diane Feinstein is guilty of when she was a teenager...maybe they should immediately start an investigation into her teenage years,i'd bet they'd come up with plenty of dirt on her. I think they should leave a persons history when they were a juvenile alone.Even the law discounts a persons juvenile history when they become adults.
  12. Sunday, 16 September 2018Turner Radio Show Wednesdays 9:00 -11:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time (GMT -0400) on High-Frequency (HF) International radio stations WBCQ 7.490 (AM) and WRMI 9.455 (AM) Heard Worldwide and Now on KYAH 540-AM Delta, UT Google+TwitterRSSYouTube Go! U.S. National News WikiLeaks: Indict Hillary Clinton by October 21 or WE will Reveal All her crimes publicly Category: U.S. National News Saturday, 15 September 2018 19:28 14 Comments President Donald Trump has one campaign promise yet to fulfill and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is vowing to see it fulfilled. In his words – “If Trump doesn’t take Clinton down, we will.” For almost two years, Clinton and the Deep State have been hell-bent on drumming up a ‘Trump/Russia’ collusion story that has yet to produce anything beyond made-up stories and ‘anonymous’ insiders. It seems Assange realizes time is running out for him in exile and he needs to do something that has evaded the President. In a WikiLeaks letter he wrote: Assange showed his determination to see Clinton indicted by setting an October 21 deadline – indict her yourself or I will release irrefutable proof that she has committed high treason.
  13. JR33928

    IF I WERE THE DEVIL by Paul Harvey 1965

    Paul Harvey was prescient when he wrote "If I Were The Devil".He saw way back in '65 what liberalism was going to do to America.He Saw it coming.The only thing he should'a done differently would be to change the title,substituting the word "liberal" for "devil".
  14. Paul hits so many nails on the head it's a prophetic reading of our times.
  15. JR33928

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Performed 'live' by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra,this is the best damn rendition of the Good,the Bad and the Ugly theme song i ever heard.Take time to watch/listen.These people did a fantastically great job.!!

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