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    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    What can't be explained is why you and the other loony toons in this forum are so damned irrational that you keep clinging to a lying accusation and laughable conspiracy theory even after the hoax has been exposed.You libtards hold on to it like some kind of security blanket.Clinging to a discredited conspiracy theory shows just how much of a mental disorder liberalism actually is.Do we need more proof of your deteriorated state of mind,your irrational and illogical thunking faculties?...No,the proof is obvious.You libs need to see a psychiatrist.Clinging to a discredited conspiracy theory isn't a sign of rationality.Maybe you libs are just neurotic?? Just admit that you were duped,take off the tinfoil hat and move on to your next laughable conspiracy theory.You libs have no credibility at all.
  2. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    You just can't give up the delusion can you??.You still want to prance around in your tin foil hat....You libtards bought into the biggest hoax and most laughable conspiracy theory in modern history hook line and sinker and now you're stuck with it.You've been proven wrong and now you have nowhere to hide your disgrace.You're just another pathetic mind controlled dupe of a bunch of criminal globalist lackeys who tried to pull off a coup d'etat but failed.And you were all for it.You willingly supported an attempted coup d'etat to overthrow a Legally and duly elected sitting president of the USA and you still support it,doesn't make one bit of difference to you that the conspiracy theory was a treasonous lie,you still want to support it.But what none of you libtards want to talk about is Hillary's treasonous act called Uranium One...you know,the treasonous act of selling Uranium to who???...why the Russians of course!!(our supposed enemy)...so who's actually guilty of conspiring with the Russians...why it's Hillary of course!!Hopefully the scum you libtards support will be tried for treason by military tribunal,and being found guilty,will suffer the usual consequences for treason.
  3. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    House Intel Readies Criminal Referrals For Clinton Operatives Who "Perpetuated This Hoax" by Tyler Durden Sun, 03/24/2019 - 21:12 182 SHARES Just hours after President Trump proclaimed "It began illegally. And hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side. This was an illegal takedown that failed..." It seems the "other side" may just get what they deserved Source: GrrrGraphics Here is Nunes from Friday... Rep. Devin Nunes reportedly will make criminal referrals to Attorney General Bill Barr on FBI, DOJ officials who perpetrated this hoax. Nunes earlier tweeted: "The Russia investigation was based on false pretenses, false intel, and false media reports. House Intel found a yr ago there was no evidence of collusion, and Democrats who falsely claim to have such evidence have needlessly provoked a terrible, more than two-year-long crisis." And now Sperry is reporting that Nunes is preparing criminal referrals: "House Intel has evidence Clinton operatives & hi-level FBI & DOJ officials started Trump-Russia investigation in "late 2015/early 2016" &that House GOP will be making criminal referrals to AG" BREAKING:Rep. Devin Nunes says House Intel has evidence Clinton operatives & hi-level FBI & DOJ officials started Trump-Russia investigation in "late 2015/early 2016" &that House GOP will be making criminal referrals to AG Barr for officials who "perpetuated this hoax" for 3+ yrs The 'coup' comes full circle... Source: GatewayPundit How long before #LockThemUp starts trending?
  4. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Quick look behind your shoulder...he's sneaking up on you RIGHT NOW!!!...RUN BOGUS RUN OR HE'LL CATCH YOU!!
  5. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    I for one don't "embrace" his report.But you libtard losers had all your heart and soul and emotions totally invested in the report just hoping to find wrong doing.You libtards wanted him to be guilty of....SOMETHING...ANYTHING,....doesn't matter what it is even if it's all a made up lie because you hate him sooo much.Your Hate is what drives you,not morality,not love of humanity,country or truth or anything else that is called "Good".For your kind morality is nothing but a tool to beat ppl who won't agree with you over the head with,usually attempting to silence your critics or argument.Your morality is fake.You make lying accusations against Trump,you demonize him,you slander him and try to act morally superior to everybody and anybody who won't go along with your crazyness.But you libtards are the morally bankrupt,not the ppl who won't agree with you.You are the racists and bigots you accuse others of being.Oh and let's not forget the charges of misogyny...oh yea that one lolol...you can't prove any of it yet there are so many misandric comments in this forum you could choke a horse with them all,but you libtards never say one word nor call out any of your own about the hypocrisy of your own.Same with the racist comments in this forum...some of you libtards make racist comments against whites but again you will not call out your own for those comments showing that you really don't give a damn about racism except to use it as a tool against others who won't agree with you.But i guess that's all in line with the libtard attitude that it's OK to be racist as long as it's the 'right' race to be against,namely white ppl...what a bunch of F'ing hypocrites you all are.
  6. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Your first paragraph asking why Trump didn't take the word of the intel agencies shows just how gullible you are.Why should he when he already knew they were liars.It was those agencies that cooked up the hoax,the conspiracy theory you so stupidly fell for.IT WAS ALL A LIE by the globalists to falsely paint Trump as a traitor cuz they were angry that Hillary didn't win as expected,and you and every other liberal ignoramus fell for it...STUPID U!!. PS:Now i ask you...if someone told a lie about you,would you cop to it,admitting to what you knew to be a lie??...no of course not,not if you were in your right mind...and neither did Trump. As for the second paragraph...well...the Q is childish...you seem to believe Trump has some duty or obligation to criticize Putin.Why do you think Trump should criticize him??...on what grounds?...is it cuz you still cling to the lie of the Russian collusion delusion?? Are you still deluded? Do the intel agencies really have that hard and total control over your ahem "mind"??
  7. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Can't give up the ghost?...gonna keep clutching to your ridiculous conspiracy theory come hell or high water huh?
  8. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Trump's presidency isn't what protected him from indictment...his INNOCENCE of the false allegation which you so stupidly fell for, is what protected him,dummy...see how easy it was to lead you around,how easy it was to make you believe a lie??!!,didn't take much did it??...you'll believe practically Anything cuz you're a dummy.ROFLMAO
  9. JR33928

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Ok kiddies,"Mueller time" is over.The last drink has been drunk,the last song has been sung.It's time for all you liberal nut cases to finally admit that you all fell for the biggest hoax and most laughable conspiracy theory of our timeIt's time to take off your tin foil hats and admit you're all a bunch of blithering idiots.
  10. No need to scratch yer head over it.The answer is easy peazy.The leftist liberal commie professors love money more than they hate capitalism.
  11. JR33928

    Loretta Lynch Returning to the Headlines

    Nope...she is a singer.
  12. JR33928

    Loretta Lynch Returning to the Headlines

    I think that's Loretta Lynn DB...it sure looks like her.She's the one who sang "Stand By Your Man" sometime back in the 1980's.
  13. JR33928

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

  14. Weekend Reading by inezfrans - Dec 2, 2018 10:39 am France In Chaos; Macron Mulling State Of Emergency Amid "Yellow Vest" Protests; "All Options" Considered by Tyler Durden Sun, 12/02/2018 - 10:18 677 SHARES French President Emmanuel Macron will hold an emergency meeting of senior ministers on Sunday following the worst unrest Paris has seen in decades on Saturday. Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux told France's Europe 1 radio that a state of emergency may be imposed to prevent "serious outbursts of violence" after thousands of masked "Yellow Vest" protesters fought with police, and set fires to cars, houses and banks in the worst disturbances France's capital has seen since 1968, when Macron's wife was fifteen - the same age the French president was when they met. On Saturday riot police were overwhelmed as protesters embarked on their destructive crime spree. Macron, meanwhile, denied that a state of emergency had been discussed. A French presidential source said Macron would not speak to the nation on Sunday despite calls for him to offer immediate concessions to demonstrators, and said the idea of imposing a state of emergency had not been discussed. Instead, Macron ordered his interior minister on Sunday to hold talks with political leaders and demonstrators, according to Reuters. Griveaux said that around 1,000 and 1,500 protesters joined Saturday's demonstrations "only to fight with the police, to break and loot," and that the violent element "have nothing to do with the yellow vests" (aside from wearing yellow vests?). Demonstrators on Saturday were filmed destroing a police van and other vehicles, while other videos showed burning cars and police firing some 10,000 tear gas canisters as well as stun grenades to break up the protests. Macron says the fuel hikes are necessary to combat climate change - a move which has tappped into the deep dissatisfaction toward his many liberal reforms which many French voters feel favor big business and the wealthy. As Sliman notes, Macron can either cave to the protesters and face criticism by his opponents, or he can put down the dissent by force. "In the second scenario, Macron will still come out loser, because what everyone will remember is that he wrestled with the popular classes. He would be victorious, but at the cost of having crushed them," Sliman said. Macron was flanked by heavy security on Champs Elysees boulevard before heading into Sunday's meeting, as bystanders both cheered and jeered him - with many calling for his resignation. The reported size of the protest has varied between 36,000 and 75,000 yellow vests, while last week saw over 110,000 protesters at the Champs-Elysées in central Paris. Over 400 arrests were made and 113 injured in Saturday's unrest which began on November 17 over a hike in diesel taxes, but has grown to a general protest of Macron and his government. Macron's popularity rating has plummeted to just 26%, while opinion polls for the 2019 parliament elections predict that right-wing Marine Le Pen's National Rally party will be level - or far ahead - from Macron's La République En Marche. "The violence is increasing at an exponential rate," said Claude, a resident in the affluent 16th district according to Reuters. "The state is losing control, it is scary. They cannot let this happen. Maybe the army should intervene." Meanwhile, Paris burns...
  15. JR33928

    Nancy Pants's Plan to Become President

    Nancy Pants?!! ROFL
  16. JR33928


    I like the picture you painted of yourself....for some reason i find it amusing Yes. BTW...today here in the usually warm sunny S.Florida it almost feels like snow,brrrrrrrr it's cold.Temps.only going up to 68 degrees today and windy too,but Sunday is the day i'm really looking forward to.It's supposed to be a total washout...lotsa rain(maybe a coupla inches worth)and wind with temps only to 62 degrees...yippeee!!...i can imagine thick dark low hanging menacing clouds with rain pouring down everywhere.I like it cuz we hardly ever get any bad weather here,heck we barely get any weather at all.Usually just the same ol' thing every dang day that plays like a broken record.You may have a hard time believing this but sunny and hot Every Day gets real Boring after a while.I like the change.
  17. It's just now being reported on Fox News that special counsel's office says Buzzfeed report about Trump/Cohen is "Not Accurate".Disputes the report.
  18. JR33928

    yes, climate change is a fact

    Whether you call it "global warming" "climate change" or "climate chaos",you won't understand what's going on w/o reading this.Not fake news,not from an unvetted source,not alt right propaganda,this now declassified report might help to understand why we're seeing such dramatic weather chaos.Read it and think what you will. WEATHER AS A FORCE MULTIPLIER:OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025 First presented in June 1996,technologies that were partly theoretical then are for the most part reality now. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a333462.pd
  19. I think that tomorrow i'll have to look for them on YT,they're too good to pass over.
  20. I'm not as sophisticated as you when it comes to who wrote what or whose work is better.The only thing that matters to me is how the music makes me feel,don't care who wrote it...and when some tune or piece of music can make it seem as though i'm standing in a doorway peering into another dimension or other world and if i will take just one more step forward thru the doorway and i'll actually be in that other world,then That is Good music IMO.Those two albums,Sgt Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour are almost interdimensional at times and that's why i like them so much.
  21. I like those two albums the best because when they were new they struck me as being sooo spacey spooky other-worldly and psychedelic and i Really liked that. I could really get into that kind of music.When i hear most any of the tunes on either album i get to go right back to those times again(like you)and i still get chills hearing them.The spooky other-worldly-ness of some of the tunes still hits me hard and makes me feel like i'm standing at a window peering into another world or plane of existence...spooky and exciting!

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