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  1. 2017 Christmas Schedule

    Don't watch them, but both Hallmark channels started doing Christmas movies 24/7 a few weeks ago. Of course, these are mostly their "romantic" type ones and not classics. I imagine the over the air channels that are also available on most cable systems will have lots of Christmas movies.
  2. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Occurred to me that a similar example is the Republicans in AL who are 100% in favor of Roy Moore, whether he is guilty or not.
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    This has been said many, many times before and will be again. Trump sees no "truth" but what he believes based on how it affects him personally. Everything is based on his ego and burnishing his image. His supporters see no "truth" that criticizes or challenges Trump and Trumpism. They are incapable of learning or accepting reality. There are some Republicans who "support" Trump in order to further their own special interests or political activities. While they may recognize the truth, they will never go public about it or challenge Trump.
  4. America's Gun Culture...

    Read your post and my reply. I was replying to your comment that it would "require a Constitutional amendment to overturn the 2nd" in order to confiscate guns. No it wouldn't; just a new interpretation of the 2nd Amendment and the necessary enabling laws by Congress. You said: "If a Dem in a red-state join the GOP so one can vote in their primary to try to elect a GOP member that would support some gun control etc....." Now that is a pipe dream. You are advocating that Dems abandon their own party so they can vote in the Republican primary? Actually in many states you can do that already without abandoning your party. Regardless, it would take a very large number of Dems to influence the Republican primaries in most red states, especially on gun regulation issues.
  5. America's Gun Culture...

    Depending on which source interprets the 2nd Amendment, the government can confiscate guns. In fact, it can in situations where the individual is not permitted to purchase or own guns. Rarely done though. Regardless, if Congress passed a confiscation law and the Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional, then it could do it. It was too many years ago that the SC came up with the current, much expanded interpretation of the 2nd Amend. The key has always been Congress and the court determining what a well regulated militia is.
  6. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    It is not blanked out as it exists on the vehicle. Every letter is there.
  7. America's Gun Culture...

    Ironically the CA shooter legally (even in CA) made his weapon at home. He had previously surrendered his store bought weapons under CA law due to previous legal entanglements. Apparently it is quite simple to make a gun in the comfort of your home at very low cost. The few necessary key parts are available on line.
  8. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    It was custom made by the vehicle's owners. But it will probably be available on the internet shortly. Personally, while I agree with the sentiments, I do think it is grossly inappropriate to place on a vehicle where the public will see it. Few weeks ago I had to replace my HVAC system. One of the local companies rep. was driving a company vehicle with a Trump sticker on it. That plus his $1,000 higher bid for same unit and $700 recommendation for unneeded services pretty well took him out.
  9. What's Missing From TCM

    Our Gang/Little Rascal Comedies, almost all afternoon Laurel & Hardy shorts, or Abbot and Costello or Three Stooges Films, then later in the day and into the evening you'd watch either a lot of peplums (Sword & Sandal Flicks) or Monster/Horror films or SiFi and Thrillers. These were on every week For me to be perfect TCM should approximate a bit more of the films that graced the early TV days, show a bit more Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, more comedy shorts of Buster Keaton, Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, etc., etc., some of the old peplums, not just Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts, and Clash of the Titans, there were a lot of Hercules and Machiste flicks, lol. These films were like slipping into old comfortable pair of shoes. I didn't watch the above then and don't watch them now so this would not appeal to me. As for channels, we had two when I was in elementary school with one being divided between ABC and NBC programming. By Jr. HS we had three.
  10. The question will be for Sens. like Rand Paul and the Freedom Caucus in the House. Will they trade their stance on debt reduction for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations? I think they will vote for the bill and then come up with lame excuses. The Senate is now going to try to repeal ACA via the Tax Cut bill. The bill will contain provisions to repeal the individual mandates. Without those, the ACA may be in a lot of trouble, if not totally doomed. The plus for the GOPers is that it gives them the cover of saying they are further reducing the deficit by not spending the subsidy money for ACA.
  11. Latest budget projections are for deficit to increase to $63.2 Billion for October, 37.9% higher than in Oct. 2016. One prediction is for a $675 Billion deficit for 2018 and one of $909 Billion for 2019 based on Trump administration expenditures and tax reductions.
  12. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Trump nominated a man from AL who has only practiced law for three years and never served in a judicial capacity to be a Federal judge in AL. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved him. He is politically extreme. The ABA rated him not qualified, but still GOPers are approving him. He is 36 years old and once approved (almost guaranteed), he will likely serve for 40-50 years. This is the real threat to American democracy and quality of life for the next 50 years. The people Trump and McConnell place in the judiciary.
  13. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    "Sessions twice has had a hard time going through the confirmation process." But, he did make it through. Betsy DeVos made it through. I hope the Republicans are smart enough to abandon Moore, but I don't have that much confidence in them.

    Understand your point exactly, but for benefit of others, the new tax bill has provisions to lower benefits.
  15. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    But he did win election to the SC after being booted off. Then he won the Republican primary and will probably win the Senate seat easily. The people of AL who vote like him! The Republican Party likes AL. Probably being overly pessimistic, but lived in the South too long to not expect the Republican Party to do the wrong thing. Also, the Senate has approved every one of Trump's nominations, except the very few who withdrew.

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