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  1. America's Gun Culture...

    As usual, a partially inaccurate post. Not defending NRA, but the US Army sponsors this JROTC program, including probably providing the instructors for the marksmanship teams. There are over 1,700 JROTC programs in the US. Every high school in my county has one. Most, if not all, such programs are under the direction of retired military officers and NCO's. The NRA provided a grant to the school and probably many, many more schools. The school administration determined how to use the money, who to use as instructors, who to train, etc. Also, if he was wearing his maroon [US Army] Junior ROTC tee-shirt when arrested, does that mean we should blame the US Army and the retired military that ran the school's program?
  2. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Not defending Trump, but please note everyone, including the patient, is smiling in this picture. Would Trump be attacked for not smiling. Perhaps the thumbs up was to give encouragement to the injured and the hospital staff? On the other hand, Obama's feelings were honest and true; whereas Trump's are probably faked.
  3. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I don't think the NRA makes "billions of dollars." However, the NRA has been co-opted by the gun manufacturers industry and the wholesale and retail businesses that sell guns and ammunition. It no longer represents gun owners, if it ever really did. While the NRA deserves much of the blame for the situation, the above mentioned deserve most of it.
  4. Trump's Appointments

    An extremely long article that could use some editing or a summary. There is a brief comment on the Isakson-Tester bill which would expand private care for veterans, but VA would manage the care. A counter bill from McCain and Moran, who represents the state where the **** brothers live, would permit veterans to outright choose private care over VA care whether VA liked it or not. The Isakson-Tester bill is supported by veterans groups, whereas the McCain-Moran bill is opposed. One comment of significance is on Selnick's "minor changes" to one bill. Selnick is a Trump appointed adviser that is pro-privatization of VA. I recall many years ago when a federal employee made a "minor tweak" to afederal program regulation affecting children. It was passed and an attorney seized on the language and billions of dollars in federal money over the past 20+ years has gone to benefit children (and their families), while benefits for comparable adults have been denied. The gist, as I understand it, is that the Trump administration and the people they have placed in the VA to "assist" Sec. Shulkin are actually opposed to Shulkin. More importantly, they are in favor of privatizing the VA, although they do not express that in so many words. Their plan is to get the camel's nose under the tent flap and then all the way in. Ultimately by privatizing the VA, they will be able to limit or deny medical care much more easily than is done now. They will also be able to establish co-pays, deductibles, etc. for veterans. In addtion, private physicians, facilities and health insurance companies will make billions off the US taxpayers. I can see all the controversy over Shulkin's travel will now give Trump the justification to fire him and place a less veteran friendly person in the position.
  5. America's Gun Culture...

    I meant NO Republican running for election and very few Democrats running for election. In S.C., it is 100% for GOPers and 95% for serious Dem candidates. It may be different in some "liberal" states, but there are too few of them to make a difference in Washington. Too many Dem senators and representatives cannot really come out in favor of effective gun restrictions or they will lose their elections.
  6. Future of Democratic Party?

    I am not opposed to the Affordable Care Act, but I wonder if it may be the biggest mistake politically that the Democrats have made this century or for decades. The net result to a great extent was to enable the Republicans to take over a majority of state governments, the US House, the US Senate, the White House and the US Supreme Court.
  7. WORST "Fashion" Trends

    If I don't wear some type of hat, the bare spots on my head will sunburn and lead to skin cancer. If going to be out for a while, it is a hat with a full brim. If not, just a "ball" cap. For historical context, my father worked in a paper mill. He wore a "ball" cap to and from and at work. Most men did. Otherwise he wore a "fedora" type hat. That was in the day when men wore hats when they were out in public.
  8. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Totally opposed no matter who pays for it. It is a terrible misuse of military personnel, equipment and time. As well as being Un-American. Spent 26 years in the Army and only had one parade and that was graduation from ROTC Summer Camp.
  9. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Re: the Emperor's Military Parade, the Reserve Officer's Assn. had a "resounding NO" to the idea of a parade. The Military Times had a poll and out of 98,000 respondents 88% said NO. You think Trump will get the message or even acknowledge it was a bad idea? It is time for the military leaders, including Gens. Kelly and Mattis to stand up to Trump and say NO. They are all eligible for retirement and Mattis has already retired.
  10. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    75% may say they want gun restrictions, but they do not vote that way. They continue to vote for politicians who are against any kind of gun control. The NRA is a big part of it, but still comes down to people do NOT for gun restriction candidate in the majority of states and districts. As last election proved, polling is often wrong. What people say and what they do is also different. Not sure we can "change the culture." We can change how easy it is to kill, especially in schools, public places and so forth.
  11. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    But the real question is how do we keep weapons out of schools to begin with? Especially firearms. We're not talking survival rates, but keeping all school children from being shot in the first place.
  12. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Unfortunately that will not be enough. Eliminating semi-automatic rifles (not just AR-15's) will help, especially with the massive casualty scenarios. But, one person with an automatic pistol can do a lot of damage. Not to mention long guns with multiple clips/magazines.
  13. America's Gun Culture...

    There is one difference. The first one is an automatic rifle, whereas the second is semi-automatic. Until you convert it to automatic or purchase a bump stock. I remember growing up around men who hunted. Most were war veterans as well. Their guns were either single shot or held up to five rounds. No magazines.
  14. America's Gun Culture...

    Actually I didn't say the above idea was nuts. If I did, I was nuts at the time. I have voted in the Republican primary every two years since I began to vote. For exactly the reason you state. I want the best possible candidate to win and in S.C., that means the "best" Republican where I live. Although there is seldom a moderate running now. The GOP in S.C. is trying to establish closed primaries requiring party registration in advance. So far, not successful because it would offend so many people who think of themselves as independents. The state also provides funding for the primaries, so that would be a state Constitutional issue. Unfortunately, NO Republican is ever going to be in favor of gun restrictions and very few Dems are. So no matter which primary you vote in, it won't matter. As for banning assault rifles. Won't happen. Even if Senate passed it, House never would and Trump would not sign it. Not making a suggestion here, but I don't think there would be any serious gun restrictions even if someone shot up Congress in chambers or the White House or Mar-a-Lago.
  15. GOP madness Unbound...

    "Republicans will never do anything on gun control," says former GOP Rep. David Jolly. "The idea of gun policy in the Republican party is to try to get a speaking slot at the NRA and prove to that constituency that you are further right" He us correct, but neither will Dems. who live in districts or states or counties where gun owners have significant influence.

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