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  1. TheCid

    Future of Democratic Party?

    I hope that your optimism is correct, but I doubt it. People knew what Trump was in 2016 and it did not matter. As for the investigations, the longer it goes on the less I believe they will find anything that will substantially affect Trump and his administration. Just as they found nothing that really hurt Bill Clinton - and he lied under oath.
  2. TheCid

    Is Criticizing Israel Anti-Semitic.?

    Putin was very happy to hear this. Now Trump has defacto recognized Russia's right to seize Crimea and part of Ukraine. Will be used by many nations as US "support" of seizing land for "defensive" measures. It does prove that Israel and its American supporters have an inordinate influence on American politics. Otherwise Trump would not have said it and he especially would not have said it primarily to get Netanyahu re-elected.
  3. However, ISIS or IS or whatever you want to call it has not been abolished. Those in the know, militarily and diplomatically, are stating that they will be back. Probably never as the Caliphate they once had, but as a threat to the world and especially the Middle East.
  4. TheCid

    Future of Democratic Party?

    Unfortunately, the RNC and Republicans in general will be making copies of every commercial and statement made by the Dem candidates. They will then use them against the ultimate winner. Unfortunately, the Dem candidates will feel compelled to adopt the Leftist/Progressive/Socialist agenda - or at least parts of it to win the nomination. Just as Republicans adopt the Rightest Extremist positions to win their party nominations. It will have an effect for the Dem candidate in the battleground states in Nov.
  5. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Created the most conservative Supreme Court and Federal judiciary in decades. Creating a scenario to essentially repeal Row v. Wade, voting rights, transparency in government and oversight of big business and big pharma. Eliminated most regulations on business, industry, development, oil & gas, education and many others. Increased the DOD budget so much they can't spend it all. Began process of reducing budgets of departments and agencies that actually protect and help people.
  6. TheCid

    2020 Election

    That sort of sums up most cable "news" shows now, except Fox which defends Trump. HLN is still the best for a broad range of news, but they only doing morning shows and then one at about 6 PM I think. One thing that irritates me is the HUGE amount of time MSNBC and CNN spend on the Mueller investigation. Why not just wait until the damn thing comes out and quit speculating endlessly about what it might, maybe, should, could show.
  7. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Sounds to me like he is representing the policies of Trump and the current U.S. government. Shameful as they are.
  8. TheCid


    The U.S. Air Force is going to increase the number of Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) personnel in the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard to 26%. AGR's are full-time in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, but not considered part of the Active Components. They receive all of the pay and benefits of active component personnel, but are stationed at Reserve and NG locations. Many can leverage their assignments into full-time careers without ever having to serve overseas. This means they can retire with full benefits after 20 years. Even those who revert to reserve status receive a huge bump in their retirement pay. They also occupy some of the choice career enhancing positions and deprive the real reservists of them. Not sure what the percentage is for the other services, but probably about the same or maybe a little lower.
  9. TheCid

    2020 Election

    I occasionally surf through Moanin' Joe, but seldom watch much of it. His "wide-ranging discussions" tend to be him pontificating, blustering and totally dominating the conversations. His wife (Mika) can't even hardly get a word in edgewise.
  10. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    While they made commendable showings, all three also lost. Not saying this is not encouraging, but in 2015 and 2016 people said Trump could never win. Even Trump thought he could not win. Trump's polling status is on the rise. While still in low 40's per AP, it is still rising. Just afraid a lot of people are going to get sucked into the media attention and a few wins and assume Trump and the Republicans are easily defeated. Exactly what Hillary Clinton, the DNC and most Dems. believed in 2016. Conned, used and abused - S.C. Republicans. Trump is cancelling the MOX program at the state's Savannah River Site - and leaving all the nuclear waste. Sens. Graham and Tim Scott, Gov. McMaster, Rep. Joe Wilson, Budget Director/Acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney, Nikki Haley, et. al. still are not saying anything bad about their good buddy Donnie Boy. Yet in S.C. just this week I have been invited to a "veterans" benefit where they will raffle off an AR-15 among other weapons and local TV is running ads for stores selling AR-15's and other military style weapons. Why? Jakeem: Would help if you posted more than just the headlines. Proves that his strategy of sucking up to Trump is paying dividends. However, Graham has always had low approval ratings among S.C. Republicans for 4 or 5 out of 6 years. Then he turns it around by turning himself inside out and wins the GOP nomination again. Last time he had six people running against him for the nomination, but he won it with well over 50% of the vote without a runoff.
  11. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Your state and my state still have Republican governors and legislatures, as well as US Congressional delegations. No Blue Wave here. While a few Dem Senators and Representatives got elected from Red states in 2018, that was a fluke that will not recur in 2020. Speaking of AL Senate and SC Congressional seat from Charleston area. The presidents party historically loses seats in Congress and mostly in the House in off year elections. While this one was larger than some, it was not that big. Remember 2010!!!!! Dems lost House and Senate until 2016. And if "Senate was never in the cards," then it could not have been a Blue Wave, could it. Hate to sound so pessimistic, but 2016 killed my optimism re: politics and elections in U.S.
  12. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Thanks, that helps. Just for arguments sake, wouldn't the Catholic Church be the "largest Christian charity" in U.S.?
  13. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    OK, you confused me. What are you talking about? While the Dems did win a lot of seats in the House, they lost seats in the Senate. Senate seats are state-wide (Electoral College type) votes. I was pleased to see the Dems take control of the House, but the GOPers still control the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the DOJ, the Federal courts, most state governments, etc. It was not the "Big Blue Wave" everyone thinks it was. Promising? Yes, but not proven yet.
  14. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    What Christian charity and what hate groups? Please do more than just cut and paste from some website.
  15. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Too much trouble to do the math (I'm lazy), but I believe you can win a majority of the EC without winning a majority of the states. As for your CA requirements, I believe that is pretty much a national standard until the Supreme Court decides to totally abolish it. They partially did by gutting the Voting Rights Act. In my county there is one predominately black/Democrat district on county council and Jim Clyburn's district in Congress is predominately black/Democrat. So every state has the same scenario.

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