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  1. TheCid

    2020 Election

    Not sure what you mean by "The New Deal had like only a 70% privatization rate across the country." It did cause me to re-read my post though. I should have added that neither the New Deal nor the Great Society called for the massive changes that the "progressives" want. The New Deal was more acceptable because of the Great Depression and the far, far worse economic issues.
  2. TheCid

    2020 Election

    Read where Warren is in trouble in S.C. Dem primary, but has 14 months to pull it out. 2/3's of Dem primary voters are black and they mostly support Biden as the one who can actually defeat Trump. However, Warren is also very religious and a member of a Missionary Baptist Church in MA. So she may use that to appeal to S.C. blacks and then try to peel away the Evangelicals from Trump. With no S.C. GOP primary, many independents and GOPers may vote in Dem primary. It is an open primary. Appears that Buttigieg and Klobuchar may be battling over the moderate position since Biden is slipping. O'Rourke and his gun policies are going for the extreme left-wing anti-gun nut vote. Sanders gets endorsement from The Squad will help him with liberal, socialist voters. Then if he gets the nomination guarantee Dems lose big in 2020 election. Regardless The Squad will play big in GOP advertising at all levels in 2020 elections, from counties to White House. I think one thing that will resonate with the voters in Nov. is how the Dem candidate, whoever it may be, plans to pay for all the super expensive programs in the party platform. If I recall correctly, the only two really big social programs in 20th century were FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society. The Great Society pales in comparison to the New Deal and was seriously undercut by funding the war in Vietnam and the Cold War. The New Deal succeeded, or was accepted, because the country was in the worst crisis since 1776, if not greatest of all. Even then Congress and/or the Supreme Court voided parts of it.
  3. TheCid

    Democratic Debate

    CNN's version of winners and losers. Chris Cillizza picked - Winners: Buttigieg; Klobuchar, Yang and Sanders. Losers: Warren, Bidden, Harris, Steyer. Warren's problem was that the others attacked her as the front runner and she really could not adequately defend her far left, progressive, unfunded socialist plans. Interestingly, A-O-C's endorsement of Sanders during the debate supposedly helped him.
  4. While I occasionally read non-fiction books, 90% of what I read now is fiction. Mostly mysteries and related. Right now I am working my way through the Matt Helm series.
  5. TheCid

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    It is not a question of whether or not the US pulls out of Syria. It is a question of when the mission is completed (it has not) or when we say we quit (we haven't). Then you proceed in a very orderly fashion and take weeks, if not months to pull out. You insure the 10,000 ISIS fighters are secured and that the 70,000 or so radicalized ISIS supporters in camps be secured as well in a humane manner. Then you enable the Kurdish allies to either move to a safe location or decide on their own to stay and fight the Turks. Trump's plan is what it looks like, a hasty desertion of an ally before the mission is completed. Primarily to curry favor with yet another dictator. That is why all the military, foreign affairs and many Republicans disagree with it.
  6. TheCid

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    But he still supports Trump and will do nothing about Trump's actions. He is in the majority party in the Senate and should at least introduce a resolution to censor Trump.
  7. TheCid


    I recommend we cancel it as a holiday. We have too many already.
  8. TheCid

    2020 Election

    Bull..... The scenario is NO where near similar to what we face today. John Kerry was perceived by many as a MASSACHUSETTS LIBERAL. Because he was one. One reason why so many veterans and veteran organizations were so strongly opposed to him, even though he was a decorated Vietnam veteran. In addition to being the face of the anti-war movement in the late 60's and 70's. On the other hand, Howard Dean was perceived as being out of control and out of touch with reality. His rant was just the capstone to that. In a Bush-Dean match up, it would have been no contest for Bush to win re-election in a walk.
  9. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Doesn't matter, Trump will declare Victory anyway. And his supporters will believe him.
  10. TheCid


    Not sure, but I think it is the Catholic connection. Could be wrong though.
  11. Just finished Red War by Vince Flynn. Oops, he died in 2013. Actually it is by Kyle Mills, but that is in small print on the cover. Didn't realize that until I already had it home. Gave it a try. He is no Vince Flynn. I finished it, but it really goes way into too much detail. One two person fight scene took a page and a half if not more for example. I tend not to purchase books where the famous author "partners" with someone else or the famous author is actually deceased and new person just using the name to sell the books. The ones I have tried have been very mediocre at best. Only exception was when Vincent Lardo took over the McNally series for Lawrence Sanders when he died. Lardo was spot on in the books.
  12. This raises a question we are facing. What do you do with books that you do not wish to keep? Do not wish to use the book swapping businesses, but prefer not to sent them to a landfill or recycling.
  13. TheCid


    You mean Happy Irish and Italian Catholics Day. They created it to honor themselves. Columbus' main selling point for the "New World" was that it had many natives who could be enslaved. Unfortunately it actually resulted in most of them dying.
  14. TheCid

    The Appointments - Trump's Swamp

    She doesn't care because Trump will pardon her if she ever was actually convicted of anything. Who is going to enforce the court order - Bill Barr's FBI? Doubtful.
  15. TheCid

    Noir Alley

    I skipped it and did not bother to record. Tried to watch it several years ago and it was a boring romance movie to me.

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