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  1. TheCid

    That's a nice car!

    Will defer to other answer on this. Wouldn't be surprised to see a Morgan or any foreign make sold at a Ford agency. In the 1950's and early 60's, Mercedes-Benz was sold and serviced at Studebaker dealerships. Very few foreign makes sold enough cars to justify stand alone dealerships. Back in 78 or so I purchased a Fiat from a Fiat/M-B/MG/Mazda dealership. Next door was the Triumph/AMC dealership.
  2. TheCid

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Actually, Trump does have an attorney general, but the United States and the citizens of the United States do not have an attorney general.
  3. TheCid


    One of the many lessons being learned in last few years is that the wind, storm surge, etc. from the hurricanes are often not nearly as bad as the rain and flooding that comes and stays. That is the problem facing NC and SC now. Also, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of earthen or weak dams that may fail in the future. Almost no regulation of them and very little inspection for compliance with the weak regulations that do exist. Add in the coal ash dumps that line many rivers in the Carolinas. Under Obama, they were going to be made more protected or moved. Trump eliminated those regulations, so now they still sit there.
  4. TheCid


    And the brief parts I watched he was clearly reading a script. And not very easily.
  5. TheCid

    SCOTUS battles

    Just that you seem to be awfully defensive about questioning Kavanaugh's history and its relevance to his serving on the Supreme Court.
  6. TheCid

    Seminal Noir

    Not sure what you meant, but the same advice applies to you.
  7. TheCid

    Seminal Noir

    I also had to look up seminal when I first came across this thread. Agree that the cinematography, night scenes, etc. might be noirish, but I don't think this influenced later noir, but then again what do I know. Couldn't you say the same thing about a lot of mystery and horro movies? It just did not seem to flow very well.
  8. TheCid

    Seminal Noir

    No. Ironically Out of the Past is not one of my favorites. Although it is very good and I can understand why so many think of it as the classic Noir movie.
  9. TheCid

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    Mine would be The Big Steal (1949) with Jane Greer and William Bendix. His Kind of Woman is probably second, but the ending fight sequence is a little too long for me. Farewell My Lovely ranks up there. Others: Thunder Road; El Dorado; Holiday Affair; Macao; Out of the Past; The Grass is Greener; Cape Fear; The Wonderful Country. The problem is that there are just too many roles that he did so well.
  10. TheCid

    Seminal Noir

    Just watched Strange on the Third Floor. Boring. Had to force myself to watch it. Not very well crafted and too many gimmicks. Not the least of which is the heroine finding Peter Lorre and then him confessing just as he dies. Not my idea of Noir.
  11. TheCid

    SCOTUS battles

    If it was a laugh, Kavanaugh, Trump, McConnell, Grassley and the entire Republican Party would not be so concerned about it. Who knows, with enough pressure Kavanaugh or his friend may confirm it. Beginning to suspect you may have something in your past.
  12. TheCid

    SCOTUS battles

    How do you know an investigation won't reveal anything? Appears that you want to rush to get Kavanaugh confirmed before due diligence occurs. Sounds like a Trump Republican to me. While it may indeed be difficult and it may never be decisively determined, it should be addressed by the Judiciary Committee. You don't sweep it under the rug in this situation.
  13. Before we get too far astray. I only suggested that in a "better government..." I never said we were going to get one. Regardless, as I noted the Senate can change the rules for how many senators must vote for approval of judiciary and many other things. It is not in the Constitution; it is in the Senate's rules. While it would be difficult to amend the Constitution, it has been done 27 times, including the Bill of Rights.
  14. You missed the point because of your inherent bias. I clearly stated in a better government. Are you saying the United States can never hope to have a better government? Incidentally, it would not take much for the Senate to permanently adapt the 60 and 66 vote rules. In fact, up until Harry Reid and then Mitch McConnell played politics, they did require 60 votes. Under Reid they still required 60 for Supreme Court. As I noted, Kavanaugh bragged about it. It is not about using alcohol or going to parties. It is about his attitude toward them as a 17 year old. While he may have been a teenager, at 17 he could join the military and decide whether or not to kill people. He was fully capable of knowing right from wrong. You seem to ignore that this is a 40+ year appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. The standards should be very, very high.
  15. TheCid

    SCOTUS battles

    The bottom line remains and always will be: Kavanaugh is being appointed to a 40+ year term to the United States Supreme Court. This is not a position with a re-election in the future. Everything he has ever done and said is relevant. If he made a mistake, did some wrong, etc.; own up to it. The fact that he bragged in his high school year book about abusing alcohol, partying, etc. lends credence to the allegations and suspicion as to his fitness for Supreme Court. In a better government, the confirmation would require 66 votes of for Supreme Court and 60 for all other judicial appointments.

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